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Iron Sheik’s Twitter Account Goes Off on Hulk Hogan Biopic

February 21, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
The Iron Sheik Ring Riffs

– The Twitter account of the Iron Sheik is known for saying some fairly crazy things, and now it has a problem with Chris Hemsworth as Hulk Hogan. The official Sheik account issued a statement to Pro Wrestling Sheet going on a rant about the new film, which will star Chris Hemsworth as the Real American.

The statement read (edited to remove all caps in order to save your eyes):

“The Jabroni of the Jabroni movie for the Hollywood Blonde Jabroni need to have the most excellent leading heal to make the Iron Sheik look like the legend. Problem nobody heal enough to be the legend. This way only person that take the Chris Hemsworthless look like he the real babyface is the legend Iron Sheik. Otherwise this movie worse than The Notebook and worse then the jabroni Bette Midler Beaches…this movie never be the Iron Sheik movie https://itun.es/ca/t96zcb or the movie White Chicks.

Netflix you be smart you put me in like I am the real Denzel Washington, Joe Manganiello and Ryan Phillipe otherwise go f**k yourself.”

The account then posted to Twitter:

Of course, this likely isn’t the Iron Sheik. It has been common knowledge for years now that Sheik doesn’t write his own posts and his managers, Page Magen and Jian Magen, write the tweets instead.