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IWA Puerto Rico Results for 09.13.08

September 14, 2008 | Posted by Armando Rodriguez

IWA Puerto Rico Results for September 13th, 2008 from Bayamon, Puerto Rico

Clash of Champions:
Onix defeats Zaer Arafat by pinfall in a good opener. Onix is the IWA Cruiserweight Champion and Arafat is the Hardcore Champion, but neither title was on the line.

– “Mr. Pleasure” Raymond Zales (who is a joke character that mocks Rey Gonzales) comes out and explains that he cannot compete in the mixed tag team match tonight because of Barbie Boy and says that he is extremely homophobic. Therefore, Shaka the Trucker will replace him in the match.

Mixed Tag Team Match:
Shaka the Trucker & Black Rose defeat Barbie Boy & Genesis by pinfall. Raymond Zales interferes during the match to help the heels win. Black Rose then tells Genesis that she wants a shot at the Women’s Title.

– “The Heartbreaker” Romeo & Miguel Perez defeat Richard Rondon & “The Rebel” Chris Joel by pinfall when Romeo knocks out Joel with a set of brass knuckles.

IWA Puerto Rican Title:
Hardam Kadaffi defeats Vengador Boricua by pinfall to become the new IWA Puerto Rican Champion. Zaer Arafat interfered, causing a distraction that allowed Iman Ali (The Arabians manager) to sneak the flag into the ring and Kadaffi knocked out Vengador by hitting him with the flag pole. Heel beatdown follows, but El Bacano runs in to make the save….and then turns on Vengador and leaves him bloodied, until Onix runs in for the save. Bacano tells Onix that he is next. This gives credibility to the rumor that IWA will bring back the Dominican Revolution stable with Bacano, Bravo, Black Rose, Shaka the Trucker and if the rumors are correct, the long awaited debut of Bronco #1 in IWA as the leader of the group.

– KC James defeats Giant Mason by pinfall after the loaded boot. KC says he won’t stop until he gets revenge from Savio Vega. (When KC signed a WWE developmental deal some years back, IWA wrote him off the storylines by having Savio and his group turn on him and break his arm.)

IWA Tag Team Titles: 3-Way Dance
La Cruzz del Diablo (Cruzz & Diabolico) defeat The Faces of Fear (Spectro & Ramstein) & The Rodriguez Brothers (Noel Rodriguez & Dennis Rivera) by pinfall to become the new IWA Tag Team Champions. The finish has KC James running in and nailing Dennis with the loaded boot, which allows the babyfaces to get the pinfall win. It seems Dennis legitimately injured his wrist when he tried to block the boot from KC and paramedics where attending him after the match.

– “The Golden Latino” Joe Bravo defeats “The Illegal” Chicano by pinfall when he reverses a move and holds on to the tights to get the win. Chicano tells the referee what happened, but it was heel ref Frankie Berdecia and he ignored Chicano. Berdecia even shoves Chicano and so Chicano nails him with the Illegal Kick and leaves him down and out.

IWA World Title:
“The Rabid One” Blitz defeats “The Buffalo” Bison Smith by DQ. Joe Bravo interferes on behalf of Bison (in-spite of Bison being technically a face) until Chicano runs out and tries to nail Bravo with a chair. Bravo moves and Chicano takes out Blitz by mistake. Bravo leaves the ring area mocking what happened as the ref calls for the DQ. Bison looks none to pleased about Chicano’s interference and I suppose this builds heat for the expected Blitz/Chicano feud.

Credit: prwrestling.com

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