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Jacob Fatu Would Love to Go To WWE, Says He Leaves It In God’s Hands

September 26, 2023 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Jacob Fatu MLW Image Credit: MLW

Jacob Fatu would definitely go to WWE if he could, but he sees other possibilities too. The MLW star recently spoke with MuscleManMalcolm and during the interview, he was asked about the notion of joining his family in the Bloodline in WWE. He said he would absolutely go there if he had the chance, but noted that he has family and friends who are being very successful outside that company as well.

“I mean, to be on WWE, we gotta think about the history,” Fatu said (per Fightful). “All my family’s been there. If I ever had the chance to go there, absolutely, I would love to go there. But mind you, it’s more than just that. I’m responsible for seven mouths, and for eight. I’m responsible for eight people living and breathing, my wife and my kids. Like I said, I really function with everybody. You ain’t heard nobody say one bad thing about me backstage with the boys because I don’t get down like that. But I watch AEW, I got my boy, Will Hobbs, over there. Shoutout to Will Hobbs. Not only that. To see the other talent that I’ve been on the road with, for them to experience AEW feels good to me because I remember being at that age and not having a platform.”

He continued, “But any little thing I did, if it felt big to me, I would embrace it. So I’m happy for the boys, and I’m happy everybody’s getting money. I’m happy everybody’s tapping in. But being in WWE, man, my father, my uncle, look, my cousins are there. So absolutely, if I had the chance, I would go. But if it don’t work out, it don’t work out. Like my sis, Trin. Shout-out to Trin. She’s over there in Impact. Then what, Japan, Lance is in NOAH. Juicy’s always out there in AAA. It’s about just living live and with me having as many kids as I have, I kind of would like to be somewhere to where I can control my schedule. But I just leave it in god’s hands.”

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