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Jade Cargill Explains Why She Hasn’t Wrestled For WWE Yet

December 4, 2023 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Jade Cargill WWE NXT Image Credit: WWE

In an interview with The Dallas Morning News, Jade Cargill spoke about her arrival in WWE and why she hasn’t made her in-ring debut yet. Cargill has appeared on TV and teased matches but has not wrestled. Here are highlights:

On her time in WWE so far: “When you have the monster behind you and backing you, the sky’s the limit. I’ve never been a part of a system like this, you know? The fan base, the talent, the front office — I’ve never been a part of something so professional. I don’t know how to describe it. Like, it’s just so gritty. It’s so gung ho. We’re gonna get it done, we’re gonna go there, we’re gonna kill it and make a name for ourself.”

On how close she is to an in-ring debut: “So, you want me to reveal what we have in the works it seems like. [Laughs] So, listen, I think the fan base should be patient. I think they need to understand we’re making a diamond. We’re creating something that’s gonna be a legacy. We’re creating something that’s going to create echoes and waves throughout not just the wrestling culture, but pop culture and beyond. They’re setting me up for success, you shouldn’t rush success. I’ve been on TV in front of thousands of people several times, one thing I know how to do is entertain a crowd. And no one — no one — can say different. I can do that. The WWE Universe knows exactly what they’re doing. I trust them. I believe in this system. And when they see me in that ring, understand, there’s no turning back. [WWE]’s believing in everything I’m doing, given me everything that I could fathom. And I’m going to be ready. I’m already ready. But again, it’s on my time, and everybody should be patient. And when I come, just understand I’m taking over.”

On who she will target first: “You’ll just have to see. Just know when I start there’s no stopping. There’s no breaks and everybody should be elated. So whomever wants to come get it, I got it. I’m just gonna give out work. Come apply.”

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