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Jake Hager Discusses Having Heat With Josh Barnett, Whether He’d Work Bloodsport

November 30, 2021 | Posted by Blake Lovell
Jake Hager AEW Dynamite 7-7-21

Jake Hager recently appeared on Throwing Down w/Renee and Miesha, and the AEW star discussed a variety of topics, including having heat with Josh Barnett and whether he’d work Bloodsport.

When discussing the possibility of a Bloodsport fight, Hager noted that he’s “not working with that guy” in reference to Barnett (via Wrestling Inc.):

“I would definitely want to dabble into anything wrestling, especially without striking,” Hager said. “Getting punched just sucks, it just does. I would definitely want to dabble in that, but if you’re talking about a certain guy’s promotion, I’m not working with that guy. Desperation is a stinky cologne Renee, and everyone wants to be a pro wrestler.”

Hager then mentioned that he’s unsure of the reasoning behind the beef between the two:

“I don’t know. Some old man with a walking stick started coming at me on Twitter, and I kicked the stick out from underneath him and kept on walking.”

Hager and Barnett feuded on Twitter back in July.

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