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Jake Roberts Addresses His Concerns for Buff Bagwell

September 28, 2022 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Buff Bagwell Image Credit: WWE

– On the latest edition of the DDP Snake Pit podcast, WWE Hall of Famer addressed former WCW wrestler Buff Bagwell’s recent struggles. As previously noted, Bagwell had reportedly moved into DDP’s Accountability Crib to get help with his issues with addiction. In an August update, DDP revealed that Bagwell had checked back into rehab. Roberts spoke about Buff Bagwell during the podcast, and you can read some highlights below (via WrestlingInc.com):

Jake Roberts on his concerns for BBagwell: “I know when Dallas [and I] would have our confrontations, I knew the bottom line. And the bottom line was ‘If I leave here, I’m dead.’ So I would argue points, but I wouldn’t push it so far to get [run] out of there. I wasn’t afraid to drop down on my knees and say please if I had to. That was how serious it was. And I hope Buff is taking this in the same way. Because this is your last chance … Marcus, if you don’t make it through this … you’ll be the next one we bury. I don’t want that for you or for anybody else.”

On the tough thing about mentoring people who are struggling: “I enjoy mentoring people … and helping people that are still struggling. I do a lot of that. The tough thing for that is not to get emotionally connected to that person, because their sickness will wind up hurting you. That’s something that I have to be careful of.”

As noted, Buff Bagwell is also being advertised for a WrestlePro Alaska event in Anchorage on Saturday, where he’s scheduled to work a tag team match. Diamond Dallas Page is also being advertised for the event.