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Jake Roberts on How Roddy Piper Always Made the Audience Believe in His Work

December 6, 2022 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Roddy Piper WWE Image Credit: WWE/Peacock

– On a recent edition of The Snake Pit reminisced on the late WWE Hall of Famer, Roddy Piper, and how AEW World Champion MJF brings a similar believability to his work. Below are some highlights (via WrestlingInc.com):

Roberts on how Piper never needed a belt: “He’s another one of those guys who didn’t need a belt. But had Vince seen the light and worked with Piper, I think it would have been just unbelievable because Viper was such a strong character.”

Jake Roberts on Roddy Piper: “We never went out in the ring and had a match where people didn’t believe it. And that’s what I loved about Roddy – we had that thing about us that just said, ‘Man, these guys are playing there for real.'”

Roberts on the MJF and William Regal segment on last week’s Dynamite: “Believe this: William Regal went down,” Roberts said. “He had to give him a good shot because William Regal is a friggin’ horse. The bad thing for MJF is if William comes back and wants him, there’s not a damn thing MJF will do – William Regal will tie him in knots and spank his ass.”