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Janel Grant Spokesperson Criticizes Rock, John Cena For Staying in Touch With Vince McMahon

April 17, 2024 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Vince McMahon WWE Smackdown 7-16-21, Vicki Askew Image Credit: WWE/Twitter

A spokesperson for Janel Grant has issued a statement criticizing The Rock and John Cena following a report noting that they’ve been in contact with Vince McMahon. As previously reported, a report was published on Wednesday with details on McMahon’s life after he retired over allegations by Grant in a lawsuit accusing him of sexual assault, sex trafficking and more. The report noted that McMahon has been in contact Rock and Cena, as well as Donald Trump, since he resigned.

Grant’s spokesperson issued a statement as reported by Wrestlenomics’ Brandon Thurston that hit at Rock and Cena for speaking with McMahon, which read:

“It’s shameful that Mr. Johnson and Mr. Cena would associate themselves with an individual with decades of allegations just like Janel’s. Behind-the-scenes support is louder than any public statement ever could be.”

Neither Rock nor Cena have commented on the report at this time.