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Jay Lethal Thinks Tony Khan Owning ROH Will Give It A Chance To Break Out

March 31, 2022 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Jay Lethal ROH TV 2018 roh glory Image Credit: ROH

In an interview with Busted Open Radio (via Fightful), Jay Lethal spoke about the news that Tony Khan is the new owner of ROH and how he thinks it will benefit the company. Khan’s first show in charge of ROH is Supercard of Honor tomorrow night.

Lethal said: “I was more shocked when it was going away, only because, financially, that was my bread and butter. It was more of a shock to me to find out, ‘now you don’t have a job.’ It was definitely unbelievable when I heard that Tony bought it. The coolest thing to me is, throughout all the years of Ring of Honor, it has always been and felt like this cult fighting club. if you didn’t know about it then you weren’t cool and you were an average wrestling fan. Only the cool and knowledgeable wrestling fans knew about it and they dictated who they thought was the best in the world. ‘You think this guy on television is great? You have to see this guy on Ring of Honor.’ That has really carried them throughout the years. Even though Ring of Honor has struggled and try to fight to become more than an underground promotion, we tried for years to overcome that, and sometimes we shouldn’t have rocked the boat and just stuck to that. Now that Tony Khan owns, it really, more than anytime ever, has a chance to break out of the underground feel and have more eyes on it and has a chance where stars can be made and developed, but they stay because its a destination and you can make a living there now. I was super excited when I heard Tony bought it. I was always excited, on another note, it was very tough for me to get over the fact that when they dropped that bombshell on us, not only did I not have a job at that particular time, but so did a lot of other guys. Hopefully, fingers crossed, it leads to some of my friends who are no longer employed, some fantastic wrestlers who need more experience and more eyes on them, hopefully it leads to guys who no longer have jobs, getting jobs. Fingers crossed.

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