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JBL Blogs on His Next Seven Summits for Kids Mountain Climb

November 27, 2012 | Posted by Larry Csonka

– JBL posted the following blog entry today…

Less than 7 weeks out from Mt Aconcagua-nicknamed “Mt Death” some estimates are as high as 60% success rate but seems like closer to 30% is more accurate. Numbers are all over the place as records are not kept that well and some are embellished for marketing.

This is the highest mountain outside of Asia, by far my toughest test. Since it is only 80 miles from the Pacific Ocean wind chills can be deadly. I might need a little luck, however, if weather is OK I believe I have a great chance of making it.

Gonna do 60 miles this week road work. I weigh too much still, having a hard time losing weight as summers in Bermuda are hot and the heat burns off so many calories my diet got lax. I do plan on being below 230 pounds by January 11th when I leave for South America, haven’t been that low since my Freshman year at Abilene Christian!

Doing all of this to raise money for some great young folks in Bermuda I work with every week with Beyond Rugby Bermuda. In fact we have a game tonight and I am gutted to be on a plane and missing it. Our head Coach Patrick Calow is a terrific coach and mentor to these young people.

We are doing our best to make a difference. We tell them all the time you can achieve things if you believe and are willing to work hard, this is the old coach leading by example-or at least trying to.

So happy to be partners with WWE in the ‘Seven Summits for Kids’ I can’t think of a better partner. I believe WWE is the most charitable organization in the world from its work with soldiers, Make a Wish, breast cancer and so much more.

Got a LOT of work to do, I don’t plan on failing. I’m climbing for something greater than myself which is great but also added pressure. Next 7 weeks are going to be pure self induced hell, it’s not easy with a broken back and a couple of herniated discs-BUT no need to call a Waaahhhmbulance! Because everyone has problems, it’s what you do that matters!

No excuses, train hard and climb harder. Let’s go climb a mountain!

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