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Jeff Hardy Wants to Face Finn Balor Before He Retires

September 13, 2018 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
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– Jeff Hardy spoke with the In This Corner podcast talking about his WWE run, his face painting and more. Highlights are below, per WZ:

On the inspiration behind his ‘Juke’ dance: “I got it from Micahel Hayes, as you watch old footage of the [Fabulous] Freebirds and when Hayes made the tag, he would do his little Moonwalk. So I made a modified version of it.”

On the amount of time it takes to do his facepaint: “I’m comfortable with taking an hour, but I can get it done in 30-45 minutes. I do like taking my time with it, but with TV, for example, it’s so rough. You have to memorize stuff and remember going through matches while having the time to paint my face.”

On Sting’s influence on his facepaint: “Sting’s face paint was different every night when he used to have the blond hair and I always thought to myself, ‘How does he he these ideas?’ I’ll never forget the time I met him in Fayetville, NC and I touched him on the shoulder as the music was on. I always wanted to make someone else feel the way he made me feel when I was a kid and bring that to the new generation.”

On wanting to face Finn Balor before he retires: “I love his entrance music as it is so rocking and cool and love the face paint. We did a Table for 3 and I had this image in my head with me saying to him, ‘Before it’s all said and done, The Enigman vs. The Demon. It’s gotta happen’ He’ll have his face paint and I’ll have mine and it would be a great moment for the WWE Universe.”

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