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Jeff Jarrett Discusses His Work as Ambassador For Salvation Army Campaign, Talks WrestleCade

November 22, 2018 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
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– Jeff Jarrett spoke with WrestleZone for a new interview discussing his serving as an ambassador for the Nashville area Salvation Army and more. Highlights and audio are below:

On his being an ambassador for the Red Kettle campaign: “We’ll talk all the wrestling you want, but this is a little bit of a different subject, and it’s something near and dear to my heart. I’ll double down on your corniness, yes, Salvation Army is a great ‘tag team partner’. What an organization they are, they’re a global organization, but I’m working with the chapter in Nashville and we’ve got a lot of big things going on. The Red Kettle Challenge—and for years and years I’d seen the Red Kettle—over the last twelve months I’d gotten connected with these guys in multiple ways, and I was officially named as the Ambassador for the Red Kettle Campaign this holiday season in the Nashville area. It’s something that I’m very, very excited about. I’ll steal your line now that we’ve partnered up—we’ve got a tag team partner in the Nashville Predators, we’ve got an event coming up—I’m good to chat about all of that, but I appreciate you giving me the time today so we can continue to spread the word. One thing led to another, and over the past twelve months I guess you could say not just my career, but my personal life has been documented, and it all started with the connection I had with some folks. They challenged me to get involved and when I sat back and looked—and I’ve done all kinds of fundraisers or that type of [work]—but I never really dove headfirst into [it].”

On the goal of the campaign: “And we’ve got a real mission here in Nashville, and the way I look at a kettle now and try and spread the word about it. In the Nashville area, one kettle represents $1000, and that’s the goal for each kettle to try and be raised. That $1000, it takes a person off of the streets for a month. So Salvation Army and their supportive housing program is a great thing, and our goal is to sell out every bed, every day of the year next year in 2019. We teamed up with the Nashville Predators, on Thursday, November the 29th we’re having the Red Kettle Kickoff Concert where we’ve got headliner acts coming in. Literally, the names keep coming in, it’s going to be pretty cool. It’s right before a Preds game, and all of the Preds games sell out, so we’re going to have a concert / watch party / fundraiser and it’s a really good time and a treat. The holiday season lasts up through Christmas Day here in Nashville, so I’m really, really excited about it.”

On the impact of the compaign: “When you look at a kettle—I will never look at it differently—a kettle can completely change a life for a month. That is something that I don’t think that I can overstate enough. It seems so understated when you’ve seen the red kettles for so long, but when you really look at a red kettle and know it could really help someone that’s out of the street and down on their luck. When you hear the stories of people that are experiencing homelessness, they are in a lot of ways everyday folks that have fallen on hard times. It goes without saying that when you’re out on the street it’s tough, and if I can do my small part in raising awareness and helping to raise funds, I’m certainly going to do it.”

On being part of this weekend’s WrestleCade event: “I’ve been a part of that as a talent and as a guest three or four times, five times. Tracy Myers and Brian Hawks and their crew, they are just incredible promoters. They’ve had this event, I think this is the eighth year, and this year we’re putting it on FITE. Thanksgiving weekend, if you’re a wrestling fan, you’ve got three days; you’ve got a show on Friday, a show on Saturday, [on Sunday] an ECW panel that I personally believe—coming off of the success of Starrcast, which was so groundbreaking—this is going to have a touch of that. There will be a panel discussion, 25 years and it’s a who’s who list, and they have ‘The Day After’ where [North Carolina based promotion] AML is putting on a show. It’s three days of wrestling and it’s not even $40, and it’s something that when you look at the matchups; there’s a girls’ street fight, there’s a casket match, but you have Johnny Impact in the main event, one of my personal favorites, Nick Aldis, is defending his title. Last month, what a huge month it was for NWA 70 in Nashville, but Nick is defending against Jake Hager. Top to bottom, that card is awesome.”