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Jeff Jarrett Recalls TNA Trying to Be Innovative With the Terror Dome

June 6, 2023 | Posted by Andrew Ravens
Jeff Jarrett TNA Image Credit: Impact Wrestling

On the latest episode of My World With Jeff Jarrett, the WWE Hall of Famer looked back on the Terror Dome concept that TNA Wrestling did. Most memorable was the match on the January 4, 2010, episode of Impact Wrestling that went head-to-head with WWE Monday Night Raw that was won by Homicide. Jarrett talked about this being where TNA was trying to be innovative.

On the Terror Dome concept: “For you folks just listening, you can go to YouTube and check out a picture of that terror dome, but at the very tip-top. The very tip-top. We had to have an official. A TNA official. That’s very special. Do you see that gentleman? Connie, Mr. Rudy Charle. And do you know? I got a little inside tip on why he is sitting tethered, I’ll say tethered like a rigger to the why he is up top at the terror dome because he’s the only freaking official that would climb the top of the stereo. All the others kind of bypassed, this good old Danny Boy Angler. He took it like a champ. But man, that terror dome was an impressive look. It is you know and it’s shades of — I saw a version of it.

“You know, you say ohh, you gotta have where? Where’d you come at? The movies? There was a couple of different things. But anyway, this goes back to Ultimate X. We wanted to be innovative, but Spike always loved big, big spectacles. But we weren’t gonna have a spectacle on TV. We used it on TV a couple of times, but it was a monstrosity of an apparatus. It’s a, it’s a How do you say that, Conrad? It’s a cage, but it’s a close cage with just about an 8-foot hole circumference at the very top of it. So to get out of it, you not only had to climb the cage, but you had to kind of kind of climb upside down. Monkey bar style. So you had to be in shape and the people knew it. The people knew that this is a challenge to work this. And so it was. Find out when Homicide got up there. So you’re not gonna do so well in the old Terror Dome.”

On trying to be innovative with it: “It’s trying to be innovative. The ultimate X match called on. Even with all of our screw up rigging in the polls bending on the very first one, it’s still the people were with it. We kind of knew we were hey that’s a ladder match without a ladder and they got to ship me out this. I’m going back to putting the talent over 15 guys. Or you just named 10 of them. That are still around. Yes, and 15, you know, rewind 15 guys these guys were in incredible shape and they made for God almighty all those guys were so highly entertaining that I really think that it was that hybrid air era when what was it up called in Delaware like the Super 8 but you know it’s people said oh that’s independent wrestling. Well OK then if you know in TNA, we call it exhibition wrestling but trying to put stories and. Like giving these guys a platform. You wouldn’t see the terror dome on an independent show, but these guys would make a story out of it, and Mike and Don would narrate that story. It was good action. I say all that to say, a great, great group of talent that we’re in this match.”

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