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Jeremy’s AEW Dynamite Review 6.18.21

June 19, 2021 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
AEW Dynamite 6-18-21
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Jeremy’s AEW Dynamite Review 6.18.21  

Hey kids! It’s your favorite knucklehead from back in the day back for one more Friday night Dynamite show. Just so you all know, there is some pretty serious weather going on in Northern Kentucky tonight, so there’s a chance my power could go out and somebody else will need to tag in with coverage. Hope it’s not a thing, just keeping the people informed.

Well, turns out it was a thing, so it’s Jeremy tagging in. We have a busy show tonight so let’s get ready for it.

As a reminder, the GoFundMe for Larry’s daughters is still active and if you can make a donation, that would be awesome. Thank you so much to everyone who’s done so thus far.

Happy Pride Month!


Cage Fight
Jake Hager vs. Wardlow

Spears is out here with Wardlow, Jericho is out with Hager. Wardlow has his back to Hager as the intros are made. They circle and feel each other out, Hager taking some swings that Wardlow dodges. Kick attempt dodged and they Hager goes for a takedown, which Wardlow blocks and gets Hager up against the cage, which causes the break. Big jab by Hager connects and he walks off, leading to both men smiling wide. They’re back in feeling each other out and Hager with a low thigh kick. Another one and then he backs Hager into the cage for a double leg takedown, but Wardlow catches him and throws him off. Hager with a double leg takedown and he backs off, letting Wardlow get back up. Hager with jabs but Hager with another takedown, taking shots but Wardlow gets him off. Kick by Hager, a second gets caught and Wardlow with a big right! He presses the attack against the cage, picks Hager up and slams him to the mat with some punches to follow. Hager gets free of the mount attempt and looks pissed. They’re both swinging wildly now and Hager is in trouble, Wardlow leaps off the cage with a Superman punch and is battering Hager around the ring! Wardlow keeping it up and Hager is in big trouble but the round ends.

Round two and Wardlow goes for a big knee but Hager gets out of the way. He blocks a kick and gets a waistlock, Wardlow turns it into a wristlock takedown and is mounted as he punches Hager against the cage. Hager is covering up, Wardlow goes for the cross armbreaker and he nearly locks it in but Hager rolls through. Elbow shots to Wardlow and Hager goes for his own cross armbreaker, but Wardlow is blocking — Triangle by Hager! Wardlow picks Hager up and slams him down, breaking the hold. Punches by Wardlow as Hager covers up, Hager slips out into a standing ankle lock! Wardlow rolls out of it and gets a kick but Hager pushes him into the cage with a kick. Another kick but Wardlow blocks it and power bombs Hager into the cage, he goes for a mount but Hager reverses into a submission. Wardlow is up to his knees though, he breaks the hold and gets Hager on his shoulders. Hager elbows out, uranage by Hager into the submission. Wardlow is fading and it’s over!

Winner: Jake Hager by Round Two submission
Rating: ***
Thoughts: I am not an MMA guy so I can’t judge it that way, but it worked as a wrestling approximation of MMA.

Hager and Wardlow are about to give a show of respect, but Shawn Spears attacks Hager. Jericho comes in and is double teamed, but he fights off Spears and now it’s two on two again. MJF comes in and goes at Jericho, targeting the elbow. He locks in a submission and Jericho is tapping. MJF keeps it up and Dean Malenko pulls him off. MJF nearly attacks Malenko, stops but then decks him! “He hit a 60 year old man with Parkinson’s disease! Are you serious?,” says JR.

And here comes Guevara! He takes out Spears but is held back by refs as MJF and Wardlow escape.

* Kazarian, Kingston, and Penta are backstage. Kazarian quotes a Bible verse about not seeking vengeance, but doesn’t agree because vengeance is his tonight. He’s hungry for revenge and thirsty of retribution. Kingston tells them to pray to their gods and hope he takes their soul, because their asses are theirs.

* Up next: Darby vs. Page and Sky.

* Team Taz is backstage (minus Brian Cage). Taz says that Ricky Starks is vital to them but his thing with Cage needs to end soon. Hobbs tells Starks to cut the crap because he was left hanging. Taz agrees, and tells Hangman Page that next week Hobbs is challenging him one-on-one for Dynamite next week.

Darby Allin vs. Men of the Year

Page starting against Allin and he gets slapped to start. Page swings, Darby ducks, arm drags to Page and a springboard arm drag to top it off. Ethan begs off through the ropes and he tags in Sky, who runs into a drop-toe hold. Cover gets two. Allin whipped into the ropes, kicked by Page. He goes for a Coffin Drop but Page saves Sky and catches him, slamming him down. They try to whip Darby into the ropes but he makes them collide with each other and then hits a Coffin Drop off the ropes for two on Sky. Page tags in and runs over Darby, then showboats for a moment before picking Allin up and pulling him into a Gorilla Press, but Allin slides off into a sleeper. Page slams him into the corner to break it, Darby locks it in and they repeat. Page with a big elbow and he chucks Allin into the opposite turnbuckle. Allin trying to fight back but gets pulled to the hostile corner as we go into PIP break.

Sky double stomps Allin and picks him up, punches in the corner and then stomps. Allin fights back but gets decked and Page tags in as Sky holds Allin for a shot to the ribs. Knee lift and he picks Allin up for a Razor’s Edge, but Allin slides down into a sunset flip for two, Page kicks him right off the bat out of it. Sky tagged in, he mocks Allin and then kicks him down before stomping and boot choking him. Page tagged back in and he kicks Darby in the ribs, then goes for a backbreaker.

Back from PIP break, Page tags in Sky. Backbreaker by Sky and Page is in now. Another backbreaker for good measure, and Sky wants one more. He picks Allin up, big lift backbreaker. Page in now, Allin with an inside cradle that gets two but he gets hit with a kneelift. Page mocks the fact that Darby doesn’t have a partner, he goes for a backbreaker but Allin COUNTERS into a Scorpion Deathlock! Sky is in and looking cocky, but Allin “tags himself in” leapfrogs over Sky, takes out Page and hits the Code Red, but Page breaks it up and then throws Allin. The referees are arguing with the ref and Allin gets zip-ties around Page’s legs! He throws Ethan out and goes for a couple near-falls, then hits a leaping over the shoulder Stunner! Coffin Drop and he covers but Page is able to reach in and pull Darby out of the ring. He goes under for a toolbox and cuts himself free, then grabs Darby and throws him HARD into the ringpost. Jesus. Allin rolled into the ring and Ethan Page tags in, grabs Allin and hoists him to the top. Page goes on up, goes for a suplex but Darby blocks it and bites Page! Headbutt knocks Page off the top, Coffin Drop but Sky knocks him off the top. Ego’s Edge by Page finishes it.

Winner: Men of the Year (I had timer issues, sorry)
Rating: ** 3/4
Thoughts: A very sort of standard handicap match with these three guys’ particular quirks added in. Effective work and we didn’t get the Sting run-in against Darby’s wishes I think many expected.

* Before the match, the Wingmen are angry because Cassidy hasn’t replied to their offer to join the group and say they’ll make him pretty.

Orange Cassidy vs. Cezar Bononi

Bononi grabs Cassidy to start and throws him into the corner, then starts brutalizing him. The jean jacket is thrown off and Bononi gets Cassidy in the corner, forcing his hand in his pocket. Hoss Toss across the ring and Cassidy ends up on the outside where the Wingmen slather him in spray tanner and hair gel. He gets rolled back in and Orange rolls under but gets caught, pushed into the ropes and his hit with a big boot. Bononi throws Cassidy back out and he gets hairbrushed by the Wingmen and put into a Nemeth’s sparkly “Hunk” jacket. Bononi punches Cassidy in the gut and send him into the corner but he slips out, ducks under a clothesline and sends Bononi out. The Best Friends are in as Statlander distracts the ref and Cassidy is lifted into a leap onto the Wingmen! Diving DDT caught by Bononi, Slumdog Millionaire and then a DDT by Orange. Orange Punch to Nemeth, JD Drake in but gets eye poked by Kris into an Orange Punch, Cassidy hits another onto Bononi and it’s over.

Winner: Orange Cassidy (4:06)
Rating: **
Thoughts: I like Orange Cassidy a lot and he was entertaining here, but the Wingmen do absolutely nothing for me and this had too much of their antics to enjoy.

* Alex Marvez is waiting for Jungle Boy backstage and he shows up, but before he can say anything Kenny Omega shows up to interrupt with Callis by his side on a golf cart. Omega says he can’t tell of Jungle Boy is confused or starstruck, but he’s there without all his bling because last week Jungle Boy bumped his nose into Omega’s business and tarnished his image. So he’s going to give Jungle Boy a chance to prove his toughness. He’s packed a picnic for the two of them with a couple knuckle sandwiches for Jungle Boy. Jungle Boy would rather beat him next with for the title. Omega will sweeten the deal: first shot is free. “I’m gonna be all up in that ass, Jungle Boy.” Jungle Boy goes to get ready, and he gets attacked from behind. Omega and Jungle Boy brawl and Jungle Boy stars to get the better but the assistant pulls him away, but also is not let back onto the golf cart. Jungle Boy takes him out as Omega and Callis drive off.

* Back from break and Marvez is now with the HFO, and he asks Matt about his feud with Christian. Hardy says that Christian breached his contract which has repercussions. He says Christian was retired from injury for seven years and made his comeback, but if he keeps coming after him — and Christian is there to attack but gets pushed into an enclosed area and locked in by the HFO. Matt tells him to retire and gives him a check. Christian says to open the cage, and Matt says if he keeps coming after Hardy, he’ll end Christian’s career.

Cody Rhodes & Brock Anderson vs. QT Marshall and Aaron Solow

Brock starts off against Solow, and Solow ducks a swing but gets too close to the corner and Cody comes in for coaching. Solow with a wristlock, countered by Anderson. Solow manages to counter but Brock gets him to the mat and stomps him, Solow gets to the corner and tags in Marshall. Marshall tells Brock to tag in Cody, and Brock with a big punch to QT followed by a tag to Cody but Marshall escapes and tags out. Cody leaps onto the Factory but gets caught coming back in by Solow and double stomped on. Marshall in now, he gets a couple shots and trades quick tags with Solow. Cody sends Solow over the apron, goes over Marshall and tags in Brock who goes into repeated shoulder slams to QT’s cut. He picks QT up for a stalling back body drop and catches Solow for a gutwrench suplex. QT catches him and hits a spinebuster, then stares off with Arn before covering for two.

PIP break and Marshall is dominating Brock. Solow gets a kick in from the apron while the ref’s attention is elsewhere, and QT catapult hangs Brock against the bottom rope. Solow in and he hits a suplex, cover gets two. Knee to Anderson’s back and he gets him in the corner, Marshall in for a kick to the gut. Brock with a jawbreaker and he wants to go for the ropes but gets cut off. QT sends Brock into the ropes and hits an elbow, cover for two and then he’s right back up wrenching Anderson’s head. He gets Brock up and slams him backward into the mat, then hits a shot to the head. Punches in the corner, double underhook suplex gets two.

Back from PIP break in time for an overhead chop by QT, but Brock gets out of the way of a splash. Solow tries to prevent the tag but then gets sent outside, he interferes enough that the ref doesn’t see Cody make the tag. Back suplex by QT into a hanging neckbreaker by Solow, cover gets two. QT goes for Cross Rhodes but it’s countered into a DDT! Brock gets close, he makes the tag and Cody’s in hot. He takes Solow down, picks him up for a powerslam and then throws Marshall into the ring and chucks him, then hits a flying headscissor before throwing him to the outside. Cody locks in a Figure Four on Solow but he’s in the ropes so he has to break. Cody sets Solow on the top rope and decks him, he climbs up and QT catches him but a Canadian Destroy from Cody! Solow with a nearfall and he takes Cody down, Brock breaks up the pin. Anderson tags in now, he hopes Cody into leaping to the top, leap onto Marshall. Inside the ring, Anderson pins Solow for the win.

Winner: Brock Anderson & Cody Rhodes (9:19)
Rating: ** 1/2
Thoughts: Good, solid match that showed off Brock’s potential well. He’s off to a good start and this did a nice job putting him over.

* Lance Archer and Jake Roberts are elsewhere. Jake says he had to fight his way back and talks about the Forbidden Door, where all the prizes lie. Jake says Archer is out of patience, and Archer yells and walks off. Jake: “I gotta go!”

* JR interviews Andrade El Idolo, noting he’s a superstar and asking why he chose AEW. Andrade says many reasons. There are many talents and stars here, but he’s a superstar. JR mentions the two AEW titles and says he assumes that’s on Andrade’s radar. Andrade says he deserves an opportunity at the TNT Title and AEW World Title. “It’s my next step.” JR asks about Vickie presenting him, and he says she’s very smart. He says he’s a third-gen wrestler and they have a great connection. He says Vickie and he have a surprise coming, and that’s the interview.

* Back from break, Marvez asks Hangman about the challenge from Team Taz, and he says he accepts but right now he’s win his Dark Order friends and he’s there to relax. Marvez asks about the Omega vs. Jungle Boy match next week and what he as #2 contender thinks. Hangman response by putting over the Dark Order and toasts to Evil Uno in his effort to win the TNT Title last week. Uno gets put on the Dark Order’s shoulders and celebrated.

Penelope Ford vs. Julia Hart

Hart looks every bit the cheerleader she apparently used to be. Lockup and Ford takes over with a wristlock, Hart reverses and Ford turns it into a headlock and takes Hart down. Hart counters with a legscissors but Ford kippups out. Ford gets shot into the ropes and takes Hart down with a shoulder tackle, but she showboats and Hart gets a dropkick and crossbody. Ford to the outside and Hart goes to follow but gets tripped, spun and decked, and then Ford goes up to the top to leap off into a kneedrop on the apron.

PIP break and Ford still in control of Hart. Snapmare and spine kick, she gets Hart up and whips her into the corner, then hits a handstand elbow. Release German suplex, cover gets two. She argues with Aubry about the count while boot choking Hart, then mounts for repeated punches. And we’re out of PIP break and onto regular commercials, which is still as stupid a move this week as last week.

Back from break and Ford and Hart are trading shots, Hart with a series of clotheslines and whip into the corner, but Ford dodges and hits a back elbow. Hart rolls through a sunset flip and kicks Hart to the mat. Hart gets out of a front chancery and hits a couple kicks, but Ford blocks a third and hits an overhand chop. Fireman’s carry into a gutbuster, she’s going up top and goes for a moonsault but Hart rolls out of the way! Hart off the ropes, goes for a split legdrop but Ford moves! She locks in an Indian Deathlock and Hart taps.

Winner: Penelope Ford (6:58)
Rating: **
Thoughts: It had its moments, but also had more than one fairly awkward transition.

After the match, Miro comes out and asks where Kip is, pointing out she’s outnumbered three to one and that’s not fair. But he’s there, God’s Favorite Champion. He tells the Varsity Blondes that she’s been through a lot and then attacks Griff without warning, sending him to the outside. Brian Pillman Jr. attacks and the referees hold them both back from each other, but Miro breaks through and the brawl continues.

* Backstage, Tony is with Britt Baker and Rebel. Vickie shows up and says she smells rotten onions and stale cheese sauce and all Britt showed is she celebrates with cheeseburgers. Vickie says she wants the title around Nyla’s waist. Britt dismisses her and she says she brought Andrade El Idolo to Dynamite, and Tony Khan owes her a favor. So she’s making a match: Britt and Rebel vs. Nyla and Vickie. Vickie leans, Britt and Rebel burst into laughter and walk off. That match is set for June 30th, as is Miro vs. Pillman Jr. for the TNT Championship and MJF vs. Sammy Guevara. And next week is Omega vs. Jungle Boy for the AEW Title and Hangman Page vs. Powerhouse Hobbs.

* We then get a nice, solid look at FTR’s rivalry with Santana and Ortiz.

* Back from break, we get the hype for the company’s Dynamite Grand Slam in September in New York.

* Jade Cargill is with Mark Sterling, where Sterling announces a partnership with Toronto Four Seasons. Sterling says they’re accepting all brands, but Cargill says only the elite brands. They talk up Jade’s success in Dynamite as well.

Eddie Kingston, Frankie Kazarian, & Penta el Zero M vs. Good Brothers & Matt Jackson

Kazarian attacks Anderson at the bell like a wild man and whips him into the ropes, Anderson blocks an armdrag but Kazarian rolls him up for two. Big clothseline to Machine Gun, and Penta gets tagged in. Anderson rakes Penta’s eyes and Matt Jackson comes in — hat still on — for a double whip into the ropes but Penta kicks Matt’s hat off and hits Sling Blades on both. Tag to Kingston and whip into the ropes, drop-toe hold and Kingston holds him for Penta to kick him in the head. Headbutt by Kingston to Jackson and the he throws Matt headfirst into the corner. But chop to the chest, Irish whip but Matt somersaults through and tags in LG. Gallows with a shoulder tackle but Doc won’t go down, a second doesn’t either but a shoulder tackle off the rope does. Kingston ends up outside and it quickly devolves into chaos, all six men are fighting on the outside. Kingston with fists to Matt but Gallows with a shot to the through and Matt leaps off the stage onto him.

Back from break and Anderson is in control of Kingston, and he tags LG in who tags in Jackson. The Brothers lift Matt up for a carried dropkick to Kingston, cover gets two. The crowd chants “You, you suck! You you, you suck!” and Matt punches Kingston, but he hulks up and hits chops to Matt. Matt cuts him off with a rake to the eyes, but Kingston reverses a whip with a belly-to-belly suplex,. Kingston takes in Kazarian who takes out LG, whips out Anderson and knocks Matt off the ropes. Another shot to LG and a springboard legdrop for two. Anderson is fighting back, but Kazarian counters a spinebuster and locks in a crossface chickenwing until Gallows breaks it up. Kazarian with a big kick to Gallows but walks into a spinebuster from Karl. Both men going for the tag, Penta and Matt in. Diving crossbody by Penta, spinning backbreaker and he goes into the ropes, collides with Gallows and takes him down. Matt whips him into the ropes, he dodges and leaps onto the Good Brothers! DDT off the bottom rope gets a nearfall. Kingston tagged in, Matt whipped into the corner and everyone charges in to take him down. Fear Factor to Matt, Backdrop Driver, Angel’s Wings, cover but Gallows breaks it up. Gallows picks Matt up and carries him over for Karl to tag, but Karl runs afoul of Penta and eats a thrust kick to the jaw. Cover gets two. Penta goes for Fear Factor but Machine Gun counters with a neckbreaker. The Brothers take out Kingston and Kazarian, big avalanche by LG onto Penta, top-rope elbow by Matt, Gallows covers but Penta kicks out. Anderson tagged in, Magic Killer but Kazarian. Jackson superkicks Kaz, Kingston takes out Matt, Anderson takes out Kingston and Penta takes out Anderson. He goes up top but Nick Jackson blinds him with the spray. Super Cutter by Anderson finishes it.

Winner: The Elite (14:08)
Rating: *** 1/4
Thoughts: A very good main event here with lots of big action spots. It wasn’t perfect and it got very spot-heavy at times, but otherwise I’m very happy with it.

The Elite pose on the ramp and with that, we’re done for the night!

The final score: review Average
The 411
Solid if unremarkable show tonight, with nothing that was "must-see" and only a few things that are definitely better off left unseen. This was probably one of the more benignly forgettable episodes of Dynamite in recent memory, but when it comes down to it I'm not exactly mad at it either. Watch the opening match, the main event and the handicap match, and that's probably enough to get you by if you can't see the whole thing.

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