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Jeremy’s Impact Wrestling Review 6.23.20

June 23, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Impact Wrestling 6-23-20
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Jeremy’s Impact Wrestling Review 6.23.20  

Heya, folks. It’s time for some Impact Wrestling action! I’m Jeremy, and you all know how this works.

Listen, before we get started, I just want to say that this has been an extremely rough past week for the wrestling industry. And by that I mean the people within and without of the industry who have shared their harrowing stories — them most of all, obviously — those within who are finding out horrifying things about their friends and co-workers that may well have them questioning many or all of their friendships in wrestling, and we as journalists, writers, and fans who are getting an extremely vivid and difficult to watch picture that several people within the business are as bad or worse of people than we could have expected.

I know a lot of people have been even questioning their fandom and how they can support an industry where so many predators have been hidden. I don’t think fandom should ever be something we can hide behind when we don’t want to see just how bad someone or something is. But I also don’t think it’s something that those predators within the industry should be allowed to take from us. The wrestling industry is a deeply flawed system in a lot of ways; most relevant to now, the practice of kayfabe and the “us against the marks” mentality of old-school wrestling has created an environment of almost Mafia-like silence that can be impenetrable for a variety of reasons. But there’s a reason that we all love wrestling. I feel like in addition to our obvious role in supporting survivors, condemning the predators (sexual and otherwise) and demanding change from those who can affect it, one of the best things we can do if we want change is support those who stand for positive growth. For every Joey Ryan and Dave Crist, there are a host of Kylie Raes, Jordynne Graces, Ethan Pages, and so on. The more we support positive change, the less space that can be taken by abusers and assaulters in this industry that we all love.

Anyway, that was a tangent. Let’s dive in. Last week we got an announcement that Tessa Blanchard will defend the Impact World Title at Slammiversary against several challengers, Deonna Purrazzo went after Jordynne Grace again, EC3 was teased for a return and more. Let’s get into it!

As a reminder, the GoFundMe for Larry’s daughters is still active and if you can make a donation, that would be awesome. Thank you so much to everyone who’s done so thus far.

* Our opening video recaps Trey’s attack and The Rascalz’ attempt to discover who was behind it, as well as Deonna’s attack on Jordynne Grace two weeks in a row. Michael Elgin and Ace Austin deny their involvement and Eddie Edwards and Austin do battle in last week’s main event which leads to Austin’s win and Madman Fulton’s alliance with Ace, along with the supposition that Fulton attacked Rey.

Ladies and Gentlemen — YOUR ATTENTION PLEASE! (AKA Title Sequence)

Tasha Steelz vs. Nevaeh

Tasha talks some crap and eats a fist for it, which she responds. Nevaeh lays in the chops and snapmares Tasha, rolls through and hits a clothesline that sends Tasha outside the ring. Kiera gives some advice and Tasha gets back in, ducks a grapple and goes low. She whips Nevaeh into the ropes, Nevaeh gets distracted by the possibile of Kiera doing something and eats a high knee. Stomp to Nevaeh and Tasha bullies her a bit, then hits a snapmare and kick. Nevaeh peppered with jabs, spinning punch puts Nevaeh down for two. Tasha chokes her against the ropes and distracts the ref so Kiera can choke Nevaeh some more. Back elbow gets two again and a chinlock slows it down. Nevaeh powers to her feet but Tasha takes her back down. Nevaeh pushes Tasha off and gets up, shoves Tasha into the corner and starts to stomp on her. Kiera distracts Nevaeh and Steelz hits a big boot for another two. Tasha charges into the corner, hits an elbow, charges in for an uppercut then hits a neckbreaker for another two-count. Nevaeh goes into the corner but dodges a charging Tasha. Nevaeh with a knee strike, a clothesline and a charging diving dropkick. Hip throw sends Tasha down, she gets sent into the ropes and goes backward into a German suplex. Pinfall attempt gets two. Nevah goes to end it, Kiera gets up on the apron for the distraction and Havok is chasing Kiera. Steelz gets the roll-up and grabs the tights for three!

Winner: Tasha Steelz (6:07)
Rating: * 3/4
Thoughts: Not the best use of Nevaeh or Tasha for that matter. They didn’t click very well here and the match as laid out relied far too much on Kiera’s distractions. The result is fine, but I didn’t love the match.

* We get a recap of Deonna Purrazzo being on Busted Open Radio only to have Jordynne Grace interrupt and say that Purrazzo did things the wrong way and she gets what Deonna is trying to do, but in reality all she’s done is piss Grace off and the next time they wrestle, Jordynne will “literally f**king crush” Grace. Purrazzo says it’s disrespectful and Grace is classless and can’t see what she’s doing is wrong. Purrazzo says she’s the face of the Knockouts Division already and it drives Grace crazy. When they meet in the ring, Deonna says, she’ll take Grace’s championship. Grace offers her a title match at any time and Deonna exits.

* Deonna is backstage with Gia and says that of course Jordynne wants to get her hands on Deonna because of her temperament, but she didn’t come to brawl. She came to be a champion, and when Jordynne wants to put the title on the line they’ll talk. Alisha Edwards shows up and says that Deonna already made herself at home and has advice for her. Deonna doesn’t want her advice and it turns into a challenge to a match that is happening tonight. We also get a rundown of the rest of the card before break.

* The Slammiversary promo from last week promising a former World Champion’s return at the PPV.

* Johnny Swinger is backstage and excited when someone’s set to show up. It’s Rich Swann! He doesn’t seem excited to be there. Swinger says they’re both part of legendary tag teams and he has an opportunity: team with him and Chris Bey against the Deaners and Willie Mack. Swann says he’s still injured and Willie Mack is his boy. He’s always with Willie and he’s gonna go tell Willie what he tried to do. Swinger isn’t happy and goes to find his rolodex for another option.

* The Flashback Moment of the Week is from November 1st, 2012 and has Bully Ray call out D-Von. It’s actually a longer clip than we’ve seen in recent weeks I believe, which wasn’t really a match and led to Aces and 8s coming out to come into the ring against Bully in a group beatdown only to have the Impact Wrestling locer room come out as the whole thing turns into a big brawl and Bully Ray squaring off with D-Von until an Aces and 8s member saved D-Von. Joseph Parks then came in and got beat down, and fought back to unmask the man who turns out to be Luke Gallows. Joseph goes through the table.

* Backstage, The North are hanging out and Ethan Page’s mind is blown watching everyone drool over Ken Shamrock like he’s a legend. He says he doesn’t get the Shamrock hype and doesn’t get the money being thrown at him while they’re two of the greatest wrestlers in the company. He says they have no love and he could go on and on getting more and more mad as Shamrock walks up behind him. Shamrock calls Page a dumbass and says what he did isn’t easy, nor is coming here and competing. Josh says no more talking; if Ken wants to fight, he’s ready. Shamrock says he’s Josh’s Huckleberry and will be happy to squash Josh’s melon tonight.

* Moose is backstage, worried that no one is taking him seriously as champion. He says when he was in the NFL and got into the Pro Bowl, he’d be showered with gifts. He says everyone should be showering him with gifts because he’s world champion. That brings in Crazzy Steve, who calls him a fake world champion. He says if Moose is the real world champion, then Steve has a top 10 Billboard hit and sings. Moose says Steve earned a World Title opportunity next week and he’ll send Steve to the hospital. Yeah, that was definitely a thing that happened.

Deonna Purrazzo vs. Alisha Edwards

The two square off and chain wrestling ensues, which Purrazzo rolls out of only to eat a Thesz press. Deonna shakes it off, grabs Alisha with a side faceslam that she rolls into a legscissor submission but Alisha gets her feet on the ropes. Deonna picks Alisha up and starts working over Alisha’s arm with wristlocks into uppercuts. Snapmare and a legscissors armbar as she keeps working that same limb. Slam gets a two-count. Deonna picks Alisha up, Alisha fights back but gets sent to the mat. Deonna with a chop and shoulder slams in the corner. She sends Alisha across the ring and charges in but eats a boot. Alisha is fighting back, gets shoved and Purrazzo with a kick to the midsection, a side legsweep and the armbar for the submission.

Winner: Deonna Purrazzo (2:55)
Rating: N/A
Thoughts: This was exactly what it needed to be. Purrazzo looked dominant and she got the win in very short order while also getting to show off some of her technical skills.

After the match Jordynne Grace runs into the ring but Deonna escapes. She says it will happen in her time, not Jordynne’s.

* Backstage, Swinger is trying to talk Suicide into joining him and Bey in the six-man tag team match. Suicide isn’t buying it and he’s gone when Swinger looks away for a moment and then back. Swinger has another plan, because of course he does!

* Back from break, Swinger says he’s running out of time and needs a partner. It’s Hernandez. Yay. Hernandez says he’ll be Swinger’s partner if Swinger can beat him in an arm wrestling match. Swinger is hesitant because he’s not warmed up but Rick Rude said it’s all about technique, so he’s in. It goes about how you’d expect, Hernandez wins and Swinger’s arm is hurt. He says as a consolation prize, he has a Rhino Micro Brawler. These Micro Brawler ads during the show are getting overdone.

Swinger runs into Taya as he walks away and asks her how she’d like to make a quick buck by bunking up with Swinger and Bey against the Deaners and Mack. Swinger thinks it’s the first time a woman wrestles a man. Taya shushes him and says he wouldn’t partner with Swinger. She’s looking for Bravo and Swinger thinks she means Dino. Taya walks off.

Ken Shamrock vs. Josh Alexander

The North attack Shamrock during his entrance and beat him down on the outside. Shamrock powers out and attacks both men, but the numbers advantage is too much and Alexander hits the anklelock as Page stomps his head. They beat him down some more until officials come out. Page tells them to back off, tells Josh to hit another shot and then they leave as officials tend to Shamrock.

Winner: No Match.
Rating: N/A

* Back from break, we get a recap of the attack by the North to Ken Shamrock.

Taya Valkyrie vs. Susie

John E. Bravo is late for Taya’s entrance and gets berated. Taya mocks and pushes Taya, bullying her. Susie goes for a swing but misses and gets taken down. More jawing, and Susie hits an armdrag. She rolls Taya up for two then hits a headlock takedown, followed by another. Susie with a bulldog that gets another two-count and Taya is shocked. Susie charges at Taya in the corner but gets sent headfirst into the top turnbuckle, belly to back suplex gets two. Susie gets boot choked against the ropes, and John E. Bravo gets some licks in while Taya distracts the ref. Taya works Susie over, pulls her into the center of the ring and kicks at her leg a few times. Susie crawls to the turnbuckle and Taya puts both boots against her throat. She picks Susie up, hits a snapmare and a kick to the back. She yells at Susie, saying “Bad girls have more fun!,” then bites Susie’s hand and stomps her in the stomach. Valkyrie locks in a crossface submission and Susie barely gets to the ropes. Taya argues with the ref about calling for the break, then picks Susie up and slams her head first into the turnbuckle. Back elbow and she charges in, but eats a couple of elbows of Susie’s! Susie with a kick to the gut, Aracachnarana sends Taya head-first into the corner and gets a two-count. Susie starts laying in punches but eats a clothesline from Taya. She goes for a pin, gets two. She picks Susie up, hits a back kick to the stomach and a couple more kicks to take Susie down. Taya charges at a downed Susie in the corner, Susie dives away and hits some strikes followed by a Thesz press! Jacknife cover gets two. Taya screams at Bravo to do something. Susie runs in and hits a punch, whips Taya across the ring to the opposite corner and runs in but Taya dodges to the apron. She slides in under Susie, takes her down and curb stomps Susie for a near-fall! Road to Valhalla countered into a roll-up for two, Taya kicks Susie hard in the face and hits a messy Road to Valhalla for three.

Winner: Taya Valkyrie (8:06)
Rating: **
Thoughts: I like both Taya and Susie, but this had some real sloppy moments including that finish. Given the same amount of time but a little less screaming and rushed moves, they could really do something solid. This was barely in the “fine” category.

Afterward Taya mocks Susie and says no one is buying her Susie crap, and asks where her “little friend” is. Out comes Kylie Ray and she taps Taya on the shoulder, turns ducks a clothesline and superkicks the crap out of Taya! Bravo helps Taya as Kylie checks on Susie. Taya is livid and wants to get back in the ring but Bravo holds her back and they eventually leave.

* Jimmy Jacobs is outside Madman Fulton’s locker room and knocks. Fulton comes out, and Jimmy asks about his alliance with Austin. Austin then comes out and says that Jimmy has to talk to him, not Madman. Jimmy wants to know what Fulton thinks about the alliance, and Ace says it’s less about what he thinks and more about what he’ll do. He says Fulton wasn’t the weak link in oVe and has the most potential than (almost) everyone on the roster. It’s about Ace becoming Impact Champion.

* Another replay of the Slammiversary promo.

* Chris Bey is waiting backstage for Swinger, who shows up and says he’s delivered. It’s his “original pick” and it’s Rohit Raju. Bey is not impressed. Raju says it’s part of a deal where Swinger sold Raju a used car. Bey says he’s leaving.

Rohit Raju, Chris Bey, & Johnny Swinger vs. Willie Mack & The Deaners

Rohit starts off with Cody. They lock up, Rohit with a side headlock and Cody tries to get out to no avail until he tags Cousin Jake in. Assisted gutbuster and Willie Mack tags in, hits a standing moonsault for two. Cousin Jake back in, but Rohit gets to his corner and tags in Bey. He wants Mack and Willie tags in, but Bey tags in Swinger. Swinger goes for a swing but Mack ducks and Swinger gets bettered by everyone, leading to all six men in the ring. The babyfaces clothesline everyone out of the ring and we go to break.

Back from break and the heels have Cody stick in their corner. Rohit hits a kick to the head and gets two. Bey tags in, kick to Cody’s gut and a back suplex gets two. Cody wants to get to the corner but Bey has him in a waistlock. He goes into the ropes, Bey comes off and picks Cody up, hangs him out on the secong rope and slide kicks Cody. Spinning kick takes Cody down for a two-count. Bey tags in Swinger who starts to work Cody over. Rack across Deaner’s back and a choke against the ropes. Snapmare is followed by a claw hold against the shoulder nerve, and Cody fights out only to get kicked in the back coming off the ropes. Swinger with a cheap shot and Bey is tagged in with a kick to the head. Bey is holding Cody back from getting the tag and he locks in an abdominal stretch. Cody fights out, ducks around and tags in Jake for the hot tag. Jake takes everyone out, charges into Bey and then into Rohit in opposite corners. He turns Bey inside out and tags in Willie Mack, who goes up but gets shoved off by Rohit. Bey goes for a spin kick but is caught by Jake into a MASSIVE powerbomb. It falls into several people hitting their moves, Raju with a knee to Deaner and a Flatliner but he gets dropped by Mack. Bey goes for a rollup and gets two. Mack fights back but Rohit saves Bey, only to get shoved into Mack Mack with a stunner to Rohit, but eats a second-rope Famouser from Bey for three!

Winner: Rohit Raju, Chris Bey, & Johnny Swinger (7:48)
Rating: ** 1/2
Thoughts: This was a nice little chaotic battle that gave everyone a chance to get a moment or two in the ring while getting Bey some heat in his chase of Mack. Nothing mind-blowing but I dug it well enough.

* D-Lo Brown is backstage as Reno Scum come up and berate him. He says he’s just doing his job and TJP and Fallah Baah show up to take issue with their accusing them of beating up Trey. TJP suggests a match and Reno Scum agree to face off next week.

* That tag match is official for next week, and Jordynne Grace vs. Deonna Purrazzo for the Knockouts Title is set for Slammiversary.

Also next week:
Kiera Hogan vs. Havok
TNA World Title Match: Moose vs. Crazzy Steve

Madman Fulton vs. Eddie Edwards

The two circle and go into a lockup, Eddie shoved hard into the corner. Another lockup, and Fulton backs Eddie up but he ducks a punch. Edwards with a wastlock into a headlock, Fulton shoots Eddie off but Edwards grabs the hair. Fulton takes Eddie down with a hard back elbow, then slams him face-first into the turnbuckle. Another one, and Ace watches from the outside as Eddie goes into the ropes. Edwaards slides under Madman, tries for a belly-to-belly and Fulton says no, then hits his own belly-to-belly. Fulton manhndles Eddie, sends him into the ropes but Edwards with a kick and then he clothesines Fulton out of the ring. He nearly goes for a dive but Fulton counters by yelling at him and he backs off as we go to break!

Back from break and Fulton has Edwards in the corner. He chokes him with his boot, then chokes him against the ropes. Eddie fires back, then gets shoved into the corner. Fulton tries to chuck Edwards across the ring, Eddie turns it around but gets one-hand goozled over the ropes to the outside! Fulton stalks Edwards on the outside, picks him up and hits the snake eyes into the apron. Fulton rolls Eddie into the ring, but only halfway and he hits an Alamaba Slam-style neckbreaker against the ropes. Fulton back in, he steps on Edwards’ hand and then sends him headfirst into the turnbuckle three times. Another time as he screams for Edwards to fight him. Fulton grabs Eddie and goes for a suplex, but Edwards reverses! Chops to Fulton’s chest, Madman shoves Eddie off into he ropes and charges but Edwards sends Madman through the ropes. Edwards off the ropes with a dive onto Fulton and they go hard into the guardrail. Eddie is catching his breath but Fulton rises behind him, grabs him and shoves him into the ring. Fulton in, they face off and Edie ducks a swing, hits some chops to no effect! FUlton grabs Edwards, picks him up but Eddie with a punch to the face to counter! He fires off with shots, hits a Blue Thunder Bomb for two! Ace watches nervously as Eddie goes for a double underhood but Fulton powers out and hits a back body drop. Fulton charges into an elbow, Edwards runs into a tilt-a-whirl slam for two! Eddie trying to get up as Fulton lies in wait, the big guy charges in but Eddie dodges and hits a back elbow. Fulton tries to go up but gets caught with a boot. Edwards up top with Fulton, hits a top-rope hurricanrana! He’s back up, Austin is on the apron and Eddie kicks him down only to let Fulton grab him! Eddie avoids the German suplex, eats a palm strike and Eddie fires back. Jumping enzuigiri takes Fulton down, Tiger Driver gets two! Eddie is back up, lies in wait in the corner, charges in but Fulton catches him and takes down Edwards for three!

Winner: Madman Fulton (11:06)
Rating: ***
Thoughts: These two matched up okay and while it got a little bit saggy in the middle, it picked up very nicely at the end. Fulton getting the win makes a lot of sense to give him some heat now that he has a new alliance.

POST-CREDITS! Backstage, D-Lo is talking to someone at the computer and says he doesn’t like being called a corporate stooge and wants to get the band back together. He says they’ll talk tomorrow. He stands up and grabs an Aces and 8s jacket as we cut to black.

The final score: review Not So Good
The 411
Impact Wrestling had a bit of a down episode, as the wrestling was down from recent weeks while the storylines seemed to be in a holding pattern. This is likely just a one-off because they were put in a bad position by having to make sudden changes due to the Joey Ryan situation. The main event was solid and we got a few feud developments but all in all this was a vaguely skippable (if not exactly bad) week.

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