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Jeremy’s Impact Wrestling Review 9.15.20

September 15, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Impact Wrestling 9-15-20
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Jeremy’s Impact Wrestling Review 9.15.20  

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Welcome, 411maniacs and Impact fans, to another Tuesday and thus another episode of Impact Wrestling! I’m Jeremy, and y’all know how this works. We’re building toward Bound For Glory and we have a host of matches this week that look to continue that trend. Impact is keeping the momentum going so I’m looking forward to this week; Let’s get right into it!

As a reminder, the GoFundMe for Larry’s daughters is still active and if you can make a donation, that would be awesome. Thank you so much to everyone who’s done so thus far.

* We start with a tribute graphic to Barry Scott, who passed away last week. Good on them.

* Previously on Impact: Alisha Edwards got in Eric Young’s face and berated him about the attack on Eddie, slapped him and nearly got murdered before Dreamer made the save, which led to the main event last week. EY then attacked Dreamer until Rich Swann showed up and attacked Young.

WE OWN THE NIGHT! (AKA Title Sequence!)

Deonna Purrazzo and Kimber Lee vs. Kylie Rae and Susie

Kylie and Deonna start off and a lockup turns into an elbowlock from Deonna, who proceeds to work the wrist and elbow until Kylie reverses. Deonna reverses back and escapes the hold, then bows which Rae uses for a rollup attempt. Purrazzo is livid and tags in Kimber, who charges into a drop toe hold then comes off the ropes into a spinning headscissors. Kylie charges in but Kimber with a waistlock, Kylie reverses but gets tripped up. Both up and Rae with an armbar into an armlock, and she tags in Susie. Double whip across the ring, and Susie is whipped in for a splash followed by a charging uppercut from Kylie and double bulldog for two. Susie with an armlock, Kimber comes off the ropes and Susie reverses an armbar but Susie rolls out; Deonna with a knee to the back Kimber with a front kick for two. Kimber pulls the leg back with a knee to assist the single-leg crab, Susie gets to the ropes and Kimber lets go at four. Susie fights back but gets knocked down by Kimber, Deonna tagged in. Double suplex and Purrazzo gets two. Forearm and then kicks in the corner by the champ. A clothesline and whip across the ropes, Deonna charges in but Susie with a sunset flip for two. Purrazzo quickly gets up and clotheslines Susie. Kimber tagged in, big kick and then she goes into a surfboard. She lets go, grabs the hair and a pick kick to the back. Purrazzo tagged in, she decks Susie in the stomach, overhand shot, and a forearm but Susie’s fighting back! Deonna cuts her off, then knocks Kylie off the apron but eats an inverted Atomic drop and a facebuster! Both tags made, Kylie’s in hot and takes it to Lee. She’s whipped into the turnbuckle but goes up and over, off the ropes into a clothesline. Kimber cuts her off, hits a few clubs to the back, whip into the ropes and Rae reverses an armdrag, goes for the Kylie Special, Kimber catches it but Kylie cartwheels out and hits a dropkick! Kylie up, she charges into the corner on Kimber for a cannonball, goes for a pinfall and Kimber kicks out but a diving Deonna who was going for the save hits Kimber! Kylie whips Deonna out of the ring, Kimber grabs the waistlock, German suplex! Kylie lands closed enough to make the tag, Kimber with a German suplex to Susie for two! Lee is frustrated, she goes up top for the Swanton, but Susie’s up and hits a palm strike. Arachnarana from Susie and Panic Switch! That gets three!

Winner: Susie & Kylie Rae (9:08)
Rating: ** 1/2
Thoughts: Solid match to start us off with some good action, a mix of technical and some aerialist moves. It’s nice to see Susie pick up a win and advance her descent toward Su Yung, while Kylie gets some momentum against the champ without Deonna needing to take the fall. Booking 101 here.

Susie teases falling into Su Yung after the match, but Kylie manages to calm her down and bring Susie back.

* Madison and Josh do the traditional hyping of tonight’s show, which includes Rich Swann being in the building, Brian Myers vs. Willie Mack part three, Taya vs. Kiera, TJP vs. Trey and the eight-man tag team match main event.

* Rohit Raju is backstage with his title when Trey shows up. Rohit tries to dodge him to no avail. Trey points out that Rohit is giving everyone opportunities and kind of flying by on all his promises. He calls Rohit the dodgeball champion the way he’s dodging everybody. Rohit clarifies that he’s the X-Division champion and says he’s the Oprah of the division, giving everyone opportunities. Trey mocks his shirt and asks if he’s getting a shot. Rohit says no one deserves a shot more than him, and Rohit puts it on Chris Bey and TJP, noting that it’s getting confusing who gets an opportunity and it’s not under his control. Try says he’s gonna roll up TJP and smoke him, then come back.

* Back from break, and John E’s on the phone asking for a string quartet when Kiera and Tasha roll up. They say they’re his best men and he disagrees. They say that Taya made the decision for him, and he denies that. They ask who his best man is, and he grabs a walking-by Fallah Bahh. They say he can’t even talk and he busts out Google Translate. Tasha says his wedding will be wack as hell, he says they’re not even invited. They walk off and Fallah is excited about being best man.

XXXL vs. The Deaners

Cody and Acey start off, Cody says it’s a friendly competition, offers a truce and bows, and Acey with a kick to the head and a big throw. Larry D tagged in, they whip Cody into the ropes and pick Cody up for a drop. Senton by Acey and a cover for two. Larry manhandles Cody against the ropes and breaks it at four. Kick to the back, he picks Cody up and hits a forearm. Head slam back against the mat and a stomp, bodyslam by Larry and a cover gets two again. Cody fights back but gets knocked against the ropes with a punch, tag in to Acey. Chop against the rope and a body smash against the ropes and an overhead blow to the back. Cody tries to fight back again, knee to the head cuts it off. European uppercut, Larry tagged in and shoulder blocks to the gut. Cody pulled out and whipped into the corner, he fights out but gets cut off and stomped into the mat by Larry. He takes aim for the big punch, Cody ducks and tags in Jake. Acey nailed, clothesline to Larry, charging spear in the turnbuckle, Larry off the ropes into a sidewalk slam. Pin but Acey breaks it up. Cody in and attacks Acey, gets shoved back but a double clothesline to Romero. Cody grabs the cap, Jake sets up but Acey takes out Cody. Bodyslam by Acey into Jake but the Best Hand in the House gets the pin.

Winner: XXXL (4:01)
Rating: **
Thoughts: It was a match. By that I mean it was better than what we’ve seen of XXXL as of late; not great or even super-good by any stretch, but it did its job and nothing was particularly bad here.

Trey vs. TJP

This should be exciting. They circle and go into a test of strength but TJP leg scissors TJP down for a quick pin attempt. Back up, Trey with a headscissors takedown but Trey turns it into a legscissors headlock. TJP flips out, Trey with a trip and cover for one, TJP does the same. Quick high five of respect and they lock up, TJP with a wristlock. Trey reverses, flips out but Trey still has a hold on the hand but they break the wristlock. He gets up, teases a punch, and then flicks Trey in the head. Trey off the ropes, ducks, they’re going back and forth, TJP leaps up onto Trey’s shoulders and slips off, full nelson, slip through, snapmare, Trey with a moonsault for two. Trey decks TJP in the corner, whips him but TJP goes up and over. TJP with a monkey flip, it all ends into a crablike submission and then an inverted STF. Trey gets to the ropes, TJP breaks it at four. TJP picks Trey up and slams him down, onto the apron and a springboard senton for one. TJP grabs the leg, twists the ankle and locks in a front facelock submission. Trey gets the leg free and gets up, shoves TJP and runs into the corner. Up to the second drop, leaps into a dropkick by TJP! TJP up now for elevated punches, Trey counters and kicks TJP in the face, goes for a 619 but TJP catches the boot. He pulls TJP into the middle of the ring, dodges an enzuigiri but gets caught with a second kick! Both men down, the ref counts but they’re up by the time we’re back from replay and TJP kicked out of the ring, Try with a dive through the ropes. He rolls TJP back in, goes up top but TJP leaps up, superplex! He catches on and turns it into an Octopus hold. Trey gets out but TJP rolls it into a single leglock. Try reaches and reaches and gets to the ropes, forcing the break. TJP with a kick to the leg, he grabs the leg and picks Trey up to jam the knee. TJP off the ropes but Trey flips over and hits a dropkick! TJP still up first, they’re in opposite corners, TJP goes over a charging Trey and hits a DDT! TJP up top, dives but Trey moves, TJP rolls through. Trey up on TJP’s shoulders, rolled into a sunset flip, then double knees to TJP’s chest! Trey now up top, double knee off the top and gets three!

Winner: Trey (7:17)
Rating: ** 3/4
Thoughts: This was a fast-paced match with a lot of aerial action and counters. I felt like Trey’s selling of the effects of TJP’s knee work was wanting just a bit, it got slightly spotty at times and a couple goofy moments like overselling the flick to the forehead hurt this. But all in all it was solid action as they seem to be setting up some kind of multi-man title match where everyone will have a claim to #1 contender, which might blow up in Rohit’s face.

* Backstage, Fulton and the North are beating the tar out of the Rascalz while Ace Austin directs traffic. Looks like the babyfaces will be down a tag team in the main event. Hmmm, who will the Motor City Machine Guns turn to for help? Any other babyface teams?

* After the break, the doctor says the Rascalz can’t compete and scoffs when Shelley asks what the CT scan said. He walks off, and the Guns say they’re be alright; they’ve been through worse and are from Detroit where they eat their young. The Good Brothers show up and joke about not doing anymore podcasts. The Big LG makes the offer to team with the Guns, Sabin isn’t too excited about the idea but the Brothers say they’ll be there and walk off.

* Rich Swann is now walking to the ring with assistance of crutches. We get a recap of last week, and he gets the mic. Swann says that he knows he was supposed to do this in the office, but he thinks the world deserves to see what he’s about to say. He says that if he could ask Scott D’Amore to come to the ring, which brings the boss out. Swann says that the ring is his home, and so he’s doing it right there. He says that recently he had to come to the ring and do the hardest thing he’s ever had to do in retire, giving up something he and all the boys and girls in the back love. But as he was sitting at home watching Impact while rehabbing, Young won the World Championship. Swann says he knows D’Amore has his concerns, but he’s asking to be let back into the ring to fight EY. D’Amore says that he has nothing but respect for Swann and like every wrestling fan, he’d like nothing more than to see Swann compete. But an athlete has to be honest with themselves and when he can’t, someone has to be honest to them. He’s talked to Rich’s doctors and he’s not medically cleared. He’s not ready for physical contact, and Swann says he’ll be ready by Bound For Glory. He says he’s the only person in the company who has pinned Young, having done so at Slammiversary. He says he deserves the shot and is next in line. D’Amore loves Swann’s fighting spirit and says he was at Swann’s side at the hospital. He knows how much Swann wants to compete, and he did beat Young at Slammiversary, and should be next in line. But sometimes things don’t go right, and in Swann’s condition D’Amore can’t put him in a match with EY because Swann could get crippled. Swann says D’Amore might be right, but he wants D’Amore to put himself in Swann’s shows. He was a competitor once and knows that if he had the opportunity after everything that’s happened to fight and claw and gets a chance, he’d take it. D’Amore’s still in the business to give guys like him an opportunity. Swann says Young tried not only to ruin his career; he tried to change Swann’s life. Swann doesn’t care if he ends up crippled, he just wants Eric Young. He’s from Baltimore where you have to show up with the heart of a lion and the fight of a fire-breathing dragon. And right now, he’s begging D’Amore because if he doesn’t have this, D’Amore might as well take him out back and put him down, because he’ll have nothing if he doesn’t have this.

D’Amore considers and starts to talk before EY’s music plans and the champ comes out with his title. Mathews asks what business Young has out here and oh, I don’t know — maybe because it’s his title and BFG match being discussed? Look, heels are heels, but that line made no sense. Young shoves D’Amore down and Swann dives on EY, beating on him and forcing him to retreat. Young says Swann made a mistake and Swann yells back. Young says Swann won’t leave Bound For Glory and don’t he dare sign his warrant. D’Amore shuts them up and says before he was interrupted, he was about to say that Swann’s words hit him right there. Swann knows the risk, so he’s got his title shot at Bound For Glory on October 24th and he should “take this piece of s**t out.” EY is livid but the match is made and Swann is pumped.

* Taya finds Rosemary backstage and asks where she was when Kiera and Tasha were ganging up on her. Rosemary asks how many resurrections she’s accomplished. She says bringing people back from the dead is complicated and she’s busy. Taya gets it, and Rosemary says once they take care of business she’ll be out there. Taya says she has a lot to do, Rosemary says they’ll do their separate things and she’ll meet Taya out there.

Willie Mack vs. Brian Myers

This is their third go and if Mack doesn’t win this time, it’ll be an unnecessary bout. Myers jaws a little bit and goes for a swing, but Mack blocks it and fires off. Myers fires back with a knee, Mack off the ropes and turns a hip toss into an armdrag. Myers goes off the ropes into a dropkick and Mack clotheslines Myers out of the ring. Mack leaps over the top and Myers tries for a cutter but no love. Mack picks Myers up but is shoved into the apron, and a side Russian legsweep on Mack onto the entrance ramp hits hard. Myers rolls into the ring, Mack is down and gets up at eight, he rolls in just before ten and Myers stomps on him. Punches and stomps to Mack and Myers picks him up, suplex gets two. Knee to the back of Mack and a cobra clutch chinlock is applied. Mack fights to his feet, fires off with punches and goes off the ropes but Myers follows, slides out and trips Mack up. Myers back in, stomp to the back of Mack and a jumping elbowdrop for two. Myers pulls the turnbuckle off of a corner, goes to slam Mack headfirst in but Mack blocks it. Mack fights back, whips Myers into the ropes but Myers reverses and hits a back elbow. Knee to the back, and another followed by a chinlock. Kneedrops by Myers and a pin attempt gets two. A crossface with a knee assist wears Mack down but he gets to his feet, Myers with a headlock but Mack with a back suplex. Both men down, Myers is up first but Mack follows suit and hits a clothesline and a spinning back elbow. Mack with a swinging bodyslam, comes off the ropes and a big legdrop for two! Mack lies in wait, picks Myers up on his shoulders but Myers slides off and hits an enzuigiri! Myers with a Michinoku driver for a near fall! He picks Mack up, Mack spins and hits an Exploder suplex and Myers rolls out of the ring. Mack follows out, picks Myers up and rolls him in. Mack climbs in but Myers clicks the rope for a low bow and the Impaler DDT gets — NO! It’s a two-count. Myers is in disbelief, looks over at Chekov’s turnbuckle and goes to climb it. Mack gets up, big fist to Myers and climbs up with him. They trade blows, Mack knocked down, Myers leaps but Mack ducks, Myers rolls through and charges in. Mack dodges and Myers hits the turnbuckle! Stunner and that’s the pin!

Winner: Brian Myers (8:00)
Rating: ** 1/2
Thoughts: Probably the best match between these two, and it was the result that needed to happen. This feud hasn’t been exciting but it’s worked out fine; Myers got established with a couple cheap wins but Mack got the babyface’s revenge after Myers got hoisted by his own petard. Nothing fabulous, but it worked for me.

* Rosemary is backstage at a dressing room door when Havok and Nevaeh show up. Rosemary asks Havok for a request; officiating a Demon wedding takes specific measures and resurrecting the person they need requires a virgin sacrifice or the consensual cooperation of the murderer. Havok says it’s not happening, Rosemary insists and it turns into a brawl. Havok loses her shit, Nevaeh says she can’t get wrapped up in it and they walk off.

* Back from break and Moose stops D’Amore, saying that they have a big situation in EC3 stalking him. He says he has pictures of Moose and has his title hostage and brainwashed his coach. D’Amore says Moose sounds insane and doesn’t have time for his drama. The last priority he has is Moose’s imaginary title and a feud with a guy that D’Amore hasn’t seen wrestle here in years. Moose insists that EC3 is playing with him and D’Amore has to do something. D’Amore says they go way back and one thing Scott knows is nobody can get into Moose’s head like Moose can. Maybe it’s all in Moose’s head and recalls Moose’s football anxiety. D’Amore tells Moose to calm down, relax and stop talking like a madman as he walks off. Moose says it might be in his head, but EC3 them pops up and says that the title represents his internal conflict. But he’s not there, and the longer Moose waits, the closer he is to going full tilt, John Doe Psycho Boy on the title. Time is running out, he says. Moose is determined, and he makes a call to the “Demo God,” saying it’s the Wrestling God. He asks some advice about handling stolen titles and gets an answer he says makes sense. Moose says next time, the Bubbly’s on him and hangs up. He knows what he has to do now and makes another call.

* Elsewhere backstage, Rhino sneaks Heath in and says to follow his lead to get the money for his ads.

* We then get a collage of glamour shots of Tenille, who’s in the middle of a photo shoot with Kaleb. Jordynne Grace walks into the shot and says she thought Tenille was showing up to work — and not Instagram modelling, but wrestling. Kaleb says it’s a closed set, and Tenille says jealousy is a form of hatred based on insecurities. Grace says they have a match next week and walks off. Kaleb and Tenille are nervous, but say it’ll be fine and the photo shoot continues.

Kiera Hogan vs. Taya Valkyrie

Taya is out without Rosemary. She slams Kiera into the turnbuckle right at the bell and then argues with the referee before snapmaring Kiera and kicking her in the back. Kiera crawls to the corner but gets head smashed into the turnbuckle. Taya tosses Kiera to the outside and Tasha checks on her partner. Kiera gets back in, charges in with a clothesline but Taya catches it and knocks her down, Kiera off the ropes into a back elbow. Double stomp and Taya gets two. Taya is frustrated already and moves in toward Kiera but gets slammed into the turnbuckle, running boots follow-up gets two. Hogan goes for a suplex but Taya fights out, big knee and Taya picks Kiera up to throw her through the middle and bottom ropes to the outside. Kiera back in and she gets whipped into the corner, charging splash, a clothesline, and a hip slam. She charges in once more but Tasha pulls Hogan to safety. Taya and Tasha yell at each other as Kiera recovers and distracts the ref, Tasha on the apron and a rake to the eyes and kick to the head. Taya turns around into a big kick, spinning fisherman’s neckbreaker gets the pin.

Winner: Kiera Hogan (3:14)
Rating: **
Thoughts: As good as it could have been in barely over three minutes. Hogan got the cheap win after Taya dominates; pretty much a by-the-numbers booking call here that will play into the rift between Rosemary and Taya. Nothing wrong here.

* Hernandez has his money roll when Rhino walks in. Rhino says he’s not there for a fight; he’s there for an arm-wrestling rematch. Hernandez goes to sit down and Rhino says they have to switch spots because he doesn’t arm wrestle with his back to the door. Hernandez agrees, they lock up and Heath is going for the money. Rhino backs off and says he has to loosen up, they lock in, and then Rhino says he’s not ready again. Hernandez is getting pissed, Heath gets the cash finally and slips away as they prepare to lock up. Rhino abruptly changes his mind and leaves as we go to break.

* Back from break and we get the Eric Young Bound For Glory promo.

* Chris Bey is on the phone but sees Rohit. He turns him around and Bey sweet talks, but Bey isn’t having it. He insults Rohit’s shirt and says he’s owed a rematch. Raju says he does deserve his rematch, however he lost to TJP and some would say he’s next in line. Here comes TJP who says it feels like they’re taking numbers. Raju points out TJP lost to Trey, and some people think Trey’s #1 contender. Trey then shows up and says that 4:20 is being served, and Raju says there’s some confusion and he doesn’t make the rules. The easy answer is all three of them fight for the title shot. Bey says he’s not getting in the ring with them and wants a 1 vs. 1 rematch. TJP is still talking about numbers, and Raju says the #1 contendership match is what’s going to happen. Trey makes Raju promise the winner of the triple threat match gets a shot at the title.

* Next week’s card gets broken down:

– Kimber Lee vs. Susie
#1 Contender’s Match: TJP vs. Trey vs. Chris Bey
– Tenille Dashwood vs. Jordynne Grace

The North, Madman Fulton & Ace Austin vs.
The Good Brothers & The Motor City Machine Guns

The two sides jaw a bit and Austin is starting against Anderson. Anderson with a kick and punch, and he slams Austin into the turnbuckle and whips him across the ring. Austin down and gets a stomp, fist to the dome and Austin slammed into the hostile corner where LG is tagged in and kicks Ace in the cut. Austin getting battered and he gets slammed into the corner again. Punches to the torso and an uppercut sends Austin to the mat. Karl back in, double whip into the ropes and a double bodyblock. Anderson hard tags Sabin as Austin rolls out of the ring and is rescued by Fulton as Alexander is tagged in. Anderson starts with elbows and they trade shots, Alexander in control but Shelley tags when Sabin goes off the ropes and Alexander runs into a shot. Josh hung against the ropes, leg sweep by Sabin, Shelly with a splash and Sabin rolls over the ropes onto Josh. Page in and gets destroyed by the Guns. Ace runs in and takes out both the champs, whips Shelley into the ropes but Shelley reverses and a double kick to the gut and double kick on his knees. Fulton in with a double goozle but Shelley and Sabin counter and send Fulton out of the ring as we go to break.

Back from break and it’s Alex and Josh. Josh with a big chop and Shelley fires back with a knee and several kicks to the head. Shelley off the ropes but gets tripped by page, the North with an assisted DDT and a pin attempt for two. Alexander pulls Shelley to his corner, tags in Ethan Page and holds Shelley for a shot to the jaw. Page talks trash with Fulton and tags him in, measured shot to Alex’s side. Fulton manhandles Shelley and slams him head-first into the turnbuckle a couple of times. Shelley with a slap that does little, a chop with the same effect. Shelley runs for his corner but gets caught by Fulton for a Northern lights suplex, bridge gets two. Fulton stares at The North and tags in Austin for a kick to Shelley’s head. Austin shoves Shelley into the corner where Fulton is sitting on the top rope for an elevated chokehold. Fulton out, Ace with kicks and knees and an elbow. Austin with a waistlock and he hooks the arm, tags in Ethan Page instead of Fulton who he intended. Page taunts Sabin and stomps on Shelley a couple of times. Page picks him up and decks him, then picks him up and slams him into the hostile corner. Alexander tagged in, strikes against Shelley and he mocks Alex before a stomp. Shelley is fighting back now, dragon screw leg whip! He tries to get to the corner but Ace tags in. He knocks Sabin off the top but Sabin gets in anyway and gets a big kick on Ace! Shelley tags in Anderson, Page is in. Anderson with elbows to Ethan, whip into the ropes and a takedown, senton splash and a neckbreaker to Alexander! Anderson is pumped up, he charges in but eats an elbow from Page. Page off the ropes into a spinebuster! Two-count is all it gets. Karl tags in Gallows, who kicks Fulton off the apron and the Brothers with an assisted back suplex — Page kicks out! They’re going for the Magic Killer but Alexander breaks it up. Back elbows to the North, Sabin tags in and a double crossbody off the top! Front facelock on Page, enzuigiri on Alexander/DDT to Page. Sabin up but eats a kick to the but by Ace. Ace and Fulton whip Sabin into the ropes, he catches himself, Austin sent over the top and Shelley pulls him off the apron, Fulton charges but Sabin pulls the rope down. Sabin dives through the ropes and Shelley’s legs on Ace and Fulton. Shelley preps for Page but Alexander cuts him off, inverted atomic drop by Sabin, inverted STF into a dropkick by Shelley, Sabin comes off the second rope but Page catches him! Back elbow, Alexander in and whips Page into Sabin and then charges in. Ace Austin with a forearm to Sabin but he gets out of the way and the babyfaces all blast Fulton. Cutter to Fulton by Anderson, now Gallows is taking all the shots. Alex Shelley gets planted face first on the second turnbuckle, Alexander hits the Rip Cord on Shelley and clotheslines LG out of the ring. He charges at Sabin, eats an enzuigiri, Sabin goes for a rana but Alexander holds on and a boot to the face by Page. The North finish off Sabin and Ace gets the pin!

Winner: Team Heel (11:28)
Rating: *** 1/4
Thoughts: A fast-paced and hard-hitting match that sold all four teams as equals and set up the expected Impact World Tag Team four-way match for Bound For Glory. This was a strong main event as Impact continues to make the case that they have one of the best tag team divisions in wrestling right now.

Some bad blood after the match, as it’s revealed Ace tagged himself in and stole the pinfall. The heels and faces both argue with each other, but Fulton and Austin celebrate as we go off the air.

The final score: review Good
The 411
This week's episode of Impact focused more on the action, all of which was fairly good. Even XXXL vs. The Deaners, a match I didn't have high hopes for, wasn't bad. The company is staying focused on simple storytelling (with some flair) as it builds to Bound For Glory and it's all working. Solid work all around this week.

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