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Jeremy’s Impact Wrestling Review 9.29.20

September 29, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Impact Wrestling 9.29.20
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Jeremy’s Impact Wrestling Review 9.29.20  

Happy Tuesday, my fellow Impact watchers! It’s time for another episode of (duh) Impact Wrestling. I’m Jeremy, and y’all know how this works. The road to Bound For Glory takes a detour into tag team-heavy waters this week with some two-on-two matches I’m looking forward to, plus a rematch of last week’s Knockouts bout. Here’s hoping for another week of good action!

As a reminder, the GoFundMe for Larry’s daughters is still active and if you can make a donation, that would be awesome. Thank you so much to everyone who’s done so thus far.

* Previously on Impact: Trey won a triple threat match to earn an X-Division Title shot, only to have Rohit screw him over with a cheap roll-up. Also, Eric Young makes it clear (again) that everything from here on out is on Scott D’Amore as he assaults the Deaners, then D’Amore, only to have Eddie Edwards come out and make the save.

WE OWN THE NIGHT! (AKA Title Sequence!)

Taya Valkyrie & Rosemary vs. Havok & Nevaeh

Rosemary & Taya enter separately, Havok and Nevaeh enter as a team. Havok and Rosemary get in each other’s face, and their partners split them up and face off. Waistlock by Taya who gets rolled off, Nevaeh with a bodyblock. Taya ducks a clothesline, hits a back kick, comes off the ropes with an armdrag. Taya tries to negotiate with Nevaeh and they agree to tag their partners in. They charge and Rosemary is launching the firsts. Irish Whip reversed, Rosemary takes down Havok out of the corner and lays in the punches until she’s shoved off. She charges into a kick, and another knocks Rosemary down. She gets back up into an avalanche and Havok goes for a chokeslam a couple of times that Rosemary counters out of, then throws Havok into the neutral corner. Taya tagged in and whipped into Havok for a back elbow, Rosemary with a splash and snapmare, Taya with a diving dropkick for two. Taya with clubs to the back, followed by a whip attempt that Havok blocks. Havok hulks up as Rosemary screams “Try Harder!” Backbreaker by Havok into a low angle uranage. Taya goes into the hostile corner and Nevaeh is tagged in, they double whip Valkyrie back-first into the corner followed by a couple of splashes. Nevaeh with a front facelock to wear her down, but she strikes out of it and lays in forearms. Taya off the ropes into a hard back elbow and a pin attempt gets two. Diving dropkick gets another two-count. Taya pushed back into the hostile corner and Havok tags in for a backbreaker, Nevaeh with a running clothesline, pin gets two. Valkyrie is punching her way out and sends Havok into a corner. Back elbow and she charges in but Havok dodges, Havok sends Taya face first into the middle turnbuckle. Taya fights out again, big kick to Havok and she goes between the legs to make the tag! Rosemary with a Sling Blade, takes down Nevaeh, another Sling Blade, and a kick to Nevaeh. Exploder suplex and she splashes Havok, who then fights out of a throw but charges into an elbow. Rosemary locks in the Upside Down for four and then goes up top, crossbody and a tag to Valkyrie! Double spear to Havok! Nevaeh takes in as Taya and Rosemary showboat, German suplex to Rosemary and she ducks a clothesline by Taya for a waistlock, which Taya fights out of. Big knee and Rode to Valhalla gets three!

Winner: Taya Valkyrie & Rosemary (6:45)
Rating: ** 1/4
Thoughts: Unspectacular but solid match between the two teams to start things off. Taya and Rosemary had to get the win to advance their storyline but Havok & Nevaeh looked good in defeat. No complaints here.

After the match, Tasha Steelz & Kiera Hogan come in and attack! Rosemary gets a hold on Tasha but Kiera takes her down. Havok & Nevaeh rush in to make the save.

* Backstage, the Good Brothers are telling stories from Japan doing karaoke when the Motor City Machine Guns show up. Shelley asks who their agent is, and says he’d love to get a deal like them where they just sit around and tell stories. Gallows points out that the Guns were the Young Boys in Japan. Shelley says he remembers Gallows making chanko for Choshu and that he was winning championships when Anderson was being a Young Boy. Sabin says if they wrestled as good as they told stories, one day they’d be champions too and walk off laughing. Anderson asks what their finisher is and Gallows says, “Probably something with a flip.” Karl says he can’t wait to kick out of it.

* The Eric Young Bound for Glory promo airs.

* Back to Impact and Gia is backstage with Deonna and Kimber Lee. She asks Deonna about Kylie challenging for the Knockouts Title at Bound For Glory and Deonna says Kylie must be confused, thinking that everyone liking her will do any good at Bound For Glory. She promises to break Kylie’s arm then. Gia says at Victory Road, Deonna will defend the Knockouts Title against Susie and Deonna isn’t happy. Kimber says the conversation is over, and they walk off.

* Josh and Madison break down the announcement about Susie facing Purrazzo at Victory Road and what they could mean for Bound For Glory, as well as Susie and Deonna’s relationship. They also talk about Eddie Edwards taking on Eric Young then and break down tonight’s show including an update on Rich Swann, Johnny Swinger vs. Fallah Bahh for the right to be Bravo’s best man, Ace and Fulton vs. The North, The Rascalz vs. The Good Brothers and Tenille vs. Jordynne in a rematch which starts now.

Tenille Dashwood vs. Jordynne Grace

Kaleb does the big intro for Tenille. Bell rings, and they circle before Tenille tries to start with a boot that Grace catches. Waistlock by Grace, Tenille reverses. Jordynne backs her into the corner and slams her in, goes right for the Grace Driver but Dashwood elbows out. Tenille goes into the ropes but Grace follows and drops, tripping her up. Shoulder tackle, bodyslam, and an elbow off the ropes for two. Jordynne grabs Tenille and slams her into the turnbuckle, shoulder to the midsection and another. Forearm to the chest and she sends Tenille headfirst into the next turnbuckle. Hard kick to the gut and another. Grace warns the ref to keep an eye on Kaleb and hits an overhand chop on Dashwood. Irish whip across the ring, hard into the opposite turnbuckle! Tenille onto the apron and Grace reaches over to grab the hair. She tries to send Tenille into the ringpost but Dashwood blocks, hits a forearm, neckbreaker through the ropes! Cover gets two and we’re on break.

Back from break and Tenille is in control, choking Grace against the bottom turnbuckle. Kaleb distracts Grace and Tenille grabs her hair, pulling her through the ropes for a stretch. Tenille with a stomp and then she yanks Grace chest-first into the bottom rope. Grace pulled into the ring, cover barely gets two. Grace up, Irish whip reversed, Grace charges into the corner but Tenille dodges and hits a snapmare, goes for the roundhouse but Jordynne dodges and rolls her up for two. Out of the kickout, Tenille hits the roundhouse this time. She mocks Grace and takes a moment to pose for Kaleb, then picks Grace up for an elbow to the back of the head. Knife-edge chop and she hits a kick to the gut in the corner, then a back elbow. Kaleb distracts Grace again and Tenille snapmares her with a pin for two. Grace is getting real pissed now, and she blocks an Irish whip, then just flat-out decks Dashwood. Kick and a head slam into the corner, she charges in with DOUBLE KNEES to the back and then comes off the ropes with a body attack! Vader Bomb gets a near fall. Tenille picked back up, Grace Driver gets fought out of, Grace ducks a punch and slams Tenille down for two again. Tenille into the corner, Grace batters her and backs up, she charges in but Tenille moves. Back elbow to Tenille, she goes to jump up on the corner and Tenille trips her up! Grace hanging against the second rope, Tenille knocks her down into the low-angle Tree of Woe and charges in with a low crossbody for two. Kaleb complains about the count speed on the outside, Tenille goes for a double underhook but Jordynne fights out RIGHT into a knee! Spotlight Kick gets dodged, back elbow by Grace, she goes for the Grace Driver and Kaleb is on the apron! Tenille takes advantage, rolls Grace up but Grace turns it into a sleeper! She taps!

Winner: Jordynne Grace (8:39)
Rating: ** 3/4
Thoughts: Better than last week’s match because while it still told a solid story, there were no rough-looking spots. These two can obviously deliver and they did that pretty decently here. Nice work by both, and Grace gets the needed win after a couple losses.

* Moose is backstage looking for EC3, and he’s livid to know EC3 has his own locker room. He charges in and grabs a guy in a hoodie, but it’s not EC3. It’s an employee who is going to talk to HR. EC3 then appears on the wall and says Moose failed, but that’s okay because when you fail you grow. But EC3 says he’s going to burn the title and hold a funeral for the championship next week. He cordially invites Moose to attend the funeral and pay his respects, or he’ll regret it. EC3 vanishes and Moose is pissed.

* We get a promo for Victory Road.

* A vignette shows Rich Swann working to come back from injury. He says he’s worked even harder than he did to come back from the last injury. He says he has the opportunity to prove everyone who’s doubted him wrong, and we see video of him working out. Swann’s doctor puts over how hard and long Swann is working and says he’s ready to go at this point. The wrap comes off Swann’s ankle, and Swann asks what’s up. The doctor says his ankle looks amazing.

* The Impact Plus! Flashback Moment of the Week is Gail Kim vs. Madison Rayne at Victory Road 2012. Gail picks up the win with Eat Defeat to retain the Knockouts Title.

* Heath is outside when Rhino walks out. Rhino asks how it’s going, and Heath is ecstatic saying everyone loves it and the shirts are flying off the shelves. Heath says Impact management might want to talk to him. Heath says he still has the cash because he maxed out his credit cards, and Reno Scum run in and attack them. Thornstowe grabs the money and gives it to Hernandez, and they walk off.

* The BFG promo plays again.

* Backstage, Rhino runs up to D’Amore and explains what happened as D’Amore says he needs better security. Rhino says things are out of control and D’Amore snarks off. Rhino wants a match but D’Amore says Heath doesn’t work here. Rhino says there has to be something he can do, and D’Amore says the #Heath4Impact hashtag works. Heath will have to sign a waiver for an Unsanctioned Match at Victory Road and walks off.

The Rascalz vs. The Good Brothers

Anderson starts off against Dez, and Anderson with a boot to the gut to start. He strikes away at Dez and sends him into the turnbuckle, then hits an elbow to the head. Dez again into a corner, he kicks away a punch attempt and comes off the second rope with a rana followed by an enzuigiri! Wentz tags in and promptly gets pushed into the Brothers’ corner, Luke tags in and boots Wentz in the midsection. Strikes in the corner to Wentz’s ribs, followed by an uppercut. Headbutt to Wentz, forearm across the face in the corner and Anderson is tagged in. Hard Euro uppercut but Wentz gets into his corner and Dez tags in. A quick series of kicks to Anderson, stomp by Wentz and Dez covers for two. Punches to Anderson by Dez, who shoves Dez away and hits a big boot when he charges in. Tag into Gallows, who turns Dez inside out with a clothesline! Suplex position by Doc is held for a long delay before dropping him. Big stomp to Dez’s head, Gallows sends him into the hostile corner and a hard shot by Gallows. Stomps to the chest of Dez by a tagged-in Anderson, who showboats just a bit. He picks Dez up, Dez is trying to punch out but Karl with the snapmare into a rear chinlock. Anderson picks him up and sends him into the corner, tags in LG who smacks Dez. He charges in for an avalanche and picks him up, snapmare and elbows into the chest and side of the neck. Chinlock by the big guy, and Dez is fading as Doc cinches in. The arm falls one, two, but he stays alive on the third one! Dez striking to try and get out, he gets back up to his feet and fights out but Gallows levels him! Dez goes for his corner, LG grabs him but Dez with a back elbow! Bodyscissors by Dez into a bulldog, and Wentz calls to him! He gets the tag! Anderson is but gets struck repeatedly followed by an enzuigiri. Wentz charges into the corner with a high knee to Anderson, he rolls Anderson into the middle ring and hits a big kick! Dez tagged in, Anderson wheelbarrowed into a kick and Wentz with a double stomp that gets two as Wentz knocks Gallows to the ringside area. Hot Fire Flame attempt but Anderson gets the knees up. Wentz rolls out of the ring, Anderson is up and eats a running elbow from Dez! Dez off the ropes, dives through the ropes into LG who catches him and throws him INTO Wentz! Doc grabs Dez, pulls him onto the apron and throws up in. Dez rolls through but eats the spinebuster! Gallows tagged in, it’s time for the Magic Killer and that gets three.

Winner: The Good Brothers (7:11)
Rating: ** 3/4
Thoughts: What’s not to love here? The Rascalz looked competitive against a dominant team, which will only do them good, and the Brothers looked strong in victory here with a good sequence to end the match. Everything was really crisp[ as you might expect; good stuff all around.

After the match, Anderson and Gallows get mics. Anderson calls for the Machine Guns and says that since they set the world on fire at Slammiversary, they haven’t said why they came to Impact aside from a lot of money. They have one thing in mind, and say the Guns are their first target. Gallows says he’ll tell them and says that the Guns have a target on their back. Anderson and Gallows are putting a bullet hole through that target and will be the tag team champions at Bound For Glory.

* Brian Myers is walking backstage, and he sees Tommy Dreamer. Wild West Showdown music plays as they approach each other and face off. Myers says he told him the next time he saw him, he should go the other way. Myers takes a swing and Dreamer blocks it, catching Myers by the throat asking if he wants to do this now. Myers is all “Be professional, Tommy!” Dreamer says they’re facing off at Victory Road.

* We get the Impact! Plus app ad.

* Kaleb is asking Tenille how her neck is, and Tenille says he needs to fix it. They run into Jordynne, who asks if they have a problem here. Kaleb says they do and says Tenille challenges Grace at Victory Road. Grace is down, and Tenille is NOT happy.

Johnny Swinger vs. Fallah Bahh

We — is this Wrestle House music? It is! The groomspeople is around the ring for the match. Nice to see the Deaners are just fine after that whole vicious assault by Young last week. Bell rings and Swinger charges in. Punches in the corner, and Bahh is unaffected. He calls for more and they’re having no effect, which freaks Swinger out and backs him into the corner. He tries to escape but eats a ton of palm strikes to the chest. Whip into the opposite corner and a backdrop out of it. Bahh sends Swinger into the ropes but Johnny with a head slam. He showboats as Bahh gets up behind him, Bahh shakes the finger and eats a kick to the gut but a bodyslam attempt goes nowhere and Bahh hits a bodyslam. Big legdrop and pin attempt gets two. Bahh pulls Swinger up but Johnny rakes the eyes. Cody Deaner mocks Swinger and gets his hand stomped, Deaner up on the apron and while the ref is distracted, Swinger grabs Steve’s monkey and waffles Fallah with it. Pin attempt gets three.

Bravo gets a mic and berates the referee for missing the international object use. He says this will ruin the wedding if he doesn’t restart the match, and we’re on. Bahh charges in with an avalanche to Swinger, Bahh with a Banzai Bomb for three.

Winner: Fallah Bahh (2:35)
Rating: N/R
Thoughts: You can take the Swingman out of the Wrestle House, but you can’t take the Wrestle House out of the Swingman. More seriously…it was fine for the time it got and the style of the match.

* Gia Miller is with Rohit and points out that he cheated when he won last week against Trey. Rohit says that’s what happens when the hardest worker in the room becomes the smartest and starts getting results for himself. You become The Star. He says it should all revolve around him, but it’s not about him; it’s about the opportunities he’s giving. He’s debuting the Defeat Rohit challenge at Victory Road. TJP shows up and says he thinks he deserves a shot in the Defeat Rohit Challenge. Rohit says it could be him, but it can’t be him, Bey, or Trey because they had their chance and he’s trying to play fair. He walks off, and TJP says he’s never been rejected before so it’s time to watch The Notebook and get some Ben & Jerry’s.

* Bravo is backstage and Swinger catches up to him. He complains about the match result, and Bahh comes up to mock. Bravo says he doesn’t care about who his best man is; he was angry at the result and insults the ref who is right there. He calls the ref a moron and says maybe he should go. Bravo walks off.

* Eddie Edwards is coming to the ring to address the attack on him. He gets the mic and says he was attacked as he was leaving when the lights went out and he got jumped from behind. He runs down the suspects: Eric Young. Yeah, just EY. He says he knows it was Young and asks Young to get down there so they can settle it when Sami Callihan’s music plays. Callihan appears on the ramp with a chair. Eddie says he should have known and he would love to beat Sami’s ass. Sami says he’s a good guy and he didn’t do it. Eddie says he’s a scumbag, and Sami is offended by that. Sami says cross his heart, hope to die, stick a needle in his eye, he didn’t do it. Eddie says either way, he’s getting his ass whooped. Sami says that if he wants to play it like this, he can. He shows who did via his phone and cameras. The lights go down and come back up with Ken Shamrock in the ring. Shamrock kicks Eddie in the side of the head, tells Eddie to get out of his way and beats on him before yelling. Sami says he knows what’s next, and Shamrock locks in the ankle lock. Shamrock eventually lets go but Edwards is in pain, and Callihan looks to be in control of Shamrock somehow. I know Callihan and Edwards obviously have history, but this was kind of random.

* Eric Young is backstage with his title and says that Eddie doesn’t have many friends, or too many enemies. Young says he hurt Eddie bad, then he had to send his wife to do his dirty work. Now Shamrock has hurt him and at Victory Road, he won’t be surprised if Eddie won’t show up. He’d respect it, but he knows that being a martyr Eddie will show up. And he’s going to enjoy that. He then addresses Swann and says he tried to give Swann the easy way out but he chose the hard way. His conscience is clear, it’s on Swann, it’s on D’Amore, etc. What happens from this point on, he won’t be held responsible.

* We get another Victory Road promo.

* Susie is backstage staring in a mirror when Kylie shows up and says she’s heard the good news. Susie asks if Kylie will be mad if Susie wins, and Kylie says while she’d like to beat up that bully Deonna at BFG, she’d like to face her friend in Susie even more. And to prove it, she got Susie a present: kickpads. Susie is very happy about it. Kylie says it’s her moment and her time has come. That seems to set Su Yung off.

* Josh and Madison break down Victory Road and Susie potentially becoming Su Yung. The card is:

The Defeat Rohit Challenge
– Jordynne Grace vs. Tenille Dashwood
– Brian Myers vs. Tommy Dreamer
Unsanctioned Match: Rhino & Heath vs. Reno Scum
Impact World Championship Match: Eric Young vs. Eddie Edwards
Impact Knockouts Championship Match: Deonna Purrazzo vs. Susie

And then next week is:

– Motor City Machine Guns vs. Ace Austin & Madman Fulton
– Kiera Hogan & Tasha Steelz vs. Rosemary & Taya Valkyrie

The North vs. Ace Austin & Madman Fulton

Fulton starts against Page and they lock up, with Fulton shoving Page to the mat. Austin talks shit to Page as Fulton looms, only to be backed off by the ref so Page can get up. Page ducks a swing and hits Fulton in the back of the head, and Fulton’s not happy. Page with a leap onto Fulton’s back for a chinlock, Fulton tries to swing him free and then backs him into the corner. Fulton grabs Page on a shoulder, Snake Eyes into the turnbuckle and he comes off the ropes but gets kicked in the back. Fulton tosses Alexander in and then eats a kick from Page. Fulton is pissed and cage runs screaming “I WAS JUST KIDDING! PLEASE DON’T BE MAD AT ME!” Amazing. Page leads Fulton on a chase, right into an Alexander blindside and they double team beat Fulton down on the outside. Fulton rolled into the ring and Page tags in Alexander. Double team whip into a short arm knee, but Fulton fights off Page and hits a tilt-a-whirl slam on Alexander! Austin is calling for the tag but Fulton isn’t ready yet; he dead-ass picks up Alexander and tags Austin in for an elevated slingshot legdrop for a two-count. Austin with an elbow to Alexander, followed by a shot to the head and kick in the corner. Alexander reverses and hits a hard knife-edge chop, but Austin shoulder blocks him into the hostile corner and tags in Fulton who decks Alexander. Fulton tries to slam Alexander into the corner but Josh fights out, he gets caught again and slammed headfirst into a turnbuckle pad. Chop to Fulton does nothing, Alexander goes into the turnbuckle again. A third time downs Alexander as Page shouts at him. Fulton preps Alexander and jams him face-first into the middle turnbuckle. Austin tagged in, taking his time and he goes running in but Alexander sends Austin up and over. Austin hits Page with a back elbow, hangman on Alexander, Austin leaps at Page but gets caught. Alexander tags Page in, picks him up, assisted spinning power bomb! Page stomps away at Austin and starts trash talking. Big short to the jaw, and Alexander is tagged in for a kick to Austin followed by a punch to the dome. Alexander drags Austin to the center of the ring and stomps the knee. Kneedrop to the head, he tags in Page. Short-arm kneelift by Alexander, who shoves him into a bodyblock. Page now locks in the chinlock on the mat, Austin tried to get up and he gets to his knees, then his feet. Elbow to Page, strike and Ace is out but takes a kneelift. Austin with a kneelift of his own, he goes to make the tag but is caught and flipped over Page. Dropkick by Austin and both men are down. Austin crawls to make the tag, so does Page, Fulton is the hot tag! Alexander hits him to no effect a few times, but he’s fighting back! He doubles Fulton over and comes off the ropes — only to be shoved up into an uppercut! Fulton goes for a suplex, Alexander floats over, German suplex on Fulton! Roaring elbow, and Alexander gets Fulton on his shoulders! He rolls through a Samoan slam, both men down! Page and Austin tagged in, Page with a big punch, Austin goes into the ropes but flips through a tilt-a-whirl. Knee to Page, spinwheel kick in the corner. Austin up top, Famouser! Pin gets two but Alexander breaks it up. Fulton in with a big boot to Alexander. Ace on Fulton’s shoulders, splash on Alexander! Fulton picks up Page by his face, Alexander saves him, Page ducks a clothesline and catches Austin and Fulton is knocked down. The North throw Ace into Fulton! Double clothesline sends Fulton over the top. Fulton is none too happy and he gets up on the apron, Page throws Alexander through the ropes and takes Fulton’s knees out! He charges at Ace who dodges through the ropes, comes off the top Page ducks, and The North hit strike after strike! They finish Austin for the pin!

Winner: The North (10:13)
Rating: ***
Thoughts: I could watch these guys go forever. Page and Alexander worked really well against Austin and Fulton, and this was a heel vs. heel match where both of the teams played heel and it worked. Crisp execution, Ace and Fulton aren’t really hurt by the loss; a winner all-around.

After the match, the Good Brothers come out and mock The North for losing their titles. Into the ring they go, and they go face to face with The North with some trash talk back and forth. Austin and Fulton attack from behind! And now it’s a double team on the Brothers until the Guns come out for the save! It’s a full-on brawl in the Impact Zone as we go to black.

The final score: review Very Good
The 411
This week's Impact was nothing fancy, just good old-fashioned wrestling build done by strong work in the ring and some backstage supplemental segments. And that's all you can ask for from a company. All the matches were great with the exception of Bahh vs. Swinger, which was fine for what they needed, and they set up a lot of Victory Road matches while continuing the build to BFG. I'm not keen on the idea of Eddie Edwards vs. Sami Callihan via Ken Shamrock, but outside of that there wasn't a single thing I actively disliked and that's impressive for two hours of the variety show that is professional wrestling.

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