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Jeremy’s WWE Smackdown Review 9.10.19

September 10, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Undertaker Sami Zayn Smackdown Live 9-10-19
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Jeremy’s WWE Smackdown Review 9.10.19  

Larry is indisposed at the moment, so hey — it’s Jeremy!

– Smackdown starts as the Undertaker makes his way to the ring and cuts a promo talking about how he’s considered these hallowed grounds of Madison Square Garden his home for the last 30 years. He says that he doesn’t know how many more times he will come home anymore, but that there’s one thing he wants everyone to remember about this place: the Titans born here, the legends that made their names here and the heroes that were created here. He says that he’s rewarding to him that he took a piece of all those souls with him, and they won’t be forgotten because the echoes of their memories will go through the hallways of the Garden for eternity. He says that we’re now ushering in a new era of superstar —

Which is right when Sami Zayn shows up. He comes down and tells the music to stop and the fans to stop singing along, because the Undertaker — The Phonom, the Dead Man — is in the ring. Zayn says New York respects legends, and Undertaker is a legend. Zayn says that the thing he finds most impressive about Undertaker’s career is his history in the Garden, which Taker’s sold out for not 10, not 20, but 30 years. He says the Garden has been his yard and that he has nothing but the utmost respect for Taker, as he gets in the rung. However, Zayn says that it shouldn’t be Undertaker opening Smackdown at this point, and even Taker can admit it. He says he should have opened the show, and that 30 years is a long time so when is enough enough? Zayn said he knows Taker loves WWE and is all about paving the way for the future, but the future is here and it’s Sami Zayn.

Taker has been staring at Zayn the whole time, who says that the New York City fans would want noting more than to see him take Undertaker out. However, that’s not why he’s here. He’s here out of respect and he’s here to ask Undertaker to turn around and leave the ring, doing the right thing by passing the torch to Zayn. He promises that the future of WWE and the Garden will be in good hands with him. Undertaker nods and hands the microphone to Zayn and starts to walk out the ring, but stops right on the apron. He turns around, sees Zayn showing off and returns. Chokeslam to Zayn, Taker stands tall and then makes his exit as we go to commercial.

Back from break and Chad Gable enters Shane McMahon’s office. Shane insults Gable, calling him “shorty” before he gives Gable credit for his perfomance in King of the Ring. He says that Elias is out with injury and Gable says he gets a bye into the finals. McMahon says that he knows about tournaments as the Best in the World, and that Gable has to earn his spot. He says that Gable will have an opponent, and it’s someone on the main roster. He’ll let Gable know as soon as he’s decided.

The Miz vs. Andrade

Look, I’m doing catch-up here so this is gonna be quick. Shinsuke Nakamura is on commentary. Miz starts off strong, Zelina Vega distracts Miz which allows Andrade to take back control. Vega also got some cheap shots in when Andrade had the ref distracted. They went to commercial mid-match and when they were back, Miz got back in control and hit his backbreaker/neckbreaker combo for a near-fall. Miz continued his run until Shinsuke Nakamura stood up to distract him. Miz tossed Andrade into Nakamura and brought Andrade back into the ring. Zelina grabs his leg, which lets Andrade to get a cheap shot in for a near-fall. Miz turned it around and got the Skull Crushing Finale for the pin to win.

Winner: The Miz

– After the match, Nakamura attacks Miz and leaves him lying.

– Backstage, Shane makes more short jokes as he’s looking for Chad Gable. He eventually finds him and says that he’s decided on an opponent for Gable: himself. Because of course he has.

– Mandy Rose comes to the ring, and goes in with some mocking of Nikki Cross. She says she told Nikki that she would never look like her, and that she would be embarrassed if she was walking around looking like Cross. She’s beautiful and Nikki is ugly, and she shows a side-by-side picture of them to prove it. Men open doors for her, they close them for Nikki, and so on. She says Nikki looks like a Lincoln Tunnel rat. That all brings Nikki running down the ring for their match.

Mandy Rose vs. Nikki Cross

Again, catching up folks. Nikki attacked Mandy before the bell rang and hit a crossbody. Mandy tried to get Nikki off her but took a sleeperhold until she backed Nikki into the turnbuckle to escape. Mandy caught another crossbody attempt and hit a fallaway slam for a near-fall. She applies a straitjacket choke and taunts Nikki, who hits a jawbreaker and a back elbow. Rose tried to toss Cross into the turnbuckles but it got reversed, and Cross hit a splash and bulldog. She goes up top and Alexa Bliss stops Sonya Deville from interfering. Nikki missed a crossbody but got the rollup win.

Winner: Nikki Cross

– Heavy Machinery are in catering and are next after the commercial break.

– Back from break, Bayley and Ember Moon are backstage and Ember is none-too-pleased with Bayley’s actions as of late considering she was talking about elevating the women’s division on Smackdown. Bayley says what she’s been doing has been for the women’s division, and that it’s not just about Sasha; it’s about the championship. Ember isn’t too convinced, and says Bayley’s better than that. It’s about Bayley trying to be relevant as a champion, and Bayley asks what Ember knows about being champion. Ember snarks that the champion got pinned last night. They have a match coming up.

Heavy Machiney vs. Two Victims

Machinery murder the poor victims, figuratively of course. You’d think that would be unnecessary to say, but it’s wrestling; weirder has happened. Also, Otis does his sexy thing.

Winners: Heavy Machinery

– Kevin Owens comes into Shane’s office, and asks what Shane wants. McMahon says that he’s willing to eliminate Owens’ hefty fine, and Owens asks what the catch is. The catch is a job, and he gives Owens the referee shirt. Shane says that King of the Ring means a lot to him, just like Owens’ family is important to him. If Owens does his job as referee the right way, the fine goes away, if Owens gets his drift. Owens isn’t happy about this and walks away into another commercial break.

– Back from ad break and we get a promo looking at the twisty-turny, wacky Roman Reigns/Erick Rowan storyline. Rowan makes his way down to the ring and gets a mic. He says no one has gotten him his whole life and all the people think someone controls him and tells him what to do, until last week. All of us — ALL OF US — need to look him in the eyes and see what it is that makes him take. We need to look deep, deep in his eyes and see what he’s capable of. He’s a mastermind, a schemer, but all people see is a big brute that terrorizes and brutalizes like he did to Roman last week. Roman’s music hits and Rowan goes ballistic as the big man comes down, and Superman Punches Rowan out of the ring. Reigns gives chase and Rowan hits a big boot, then charges at Reigns against the barricade. Reigns fights back and they go to the crowd, fighting their way through to the back. They get back toward the guardrail and Reigns gets on the ringside of the barrier before hitting another Superman Punch. Security comes out to separate them, and Reigns don’t give a shit so he hits another Superman punch. Rowan grabs a “fan” and power bombs him past the guardrail onto Reigns. Reigns is pulled away from Rowan by security, but Rowan charges and takes Reigns down. He starts dragging Reigns to the back and Reigns fights back but gets slammed onto the ramp. Rowan is being held back, only for yet another Superman Punch to be hit. They fight up onto the King of the Ring throne and Rowan grabs a camera crane, slamming it into Reigns’ head. He finally leaves as the crowd chants “Holy Shit” for some reason. Really, MSG? That gets a Holy Shit? Anyway, off to commercial.

– Back from commercial and we get a replay of the camera spot. Rowan is pissed backstage pacing and saying “Roman” repeatedly.

– The announce team run down the card for Clash of Champions.

Bayley vs. Ember Moon

Charlotte Flair is at ringside to watch this match. They go right at it and Ember gets a kick to start off, followed up by an armdrag by Bayley and a counter by Moon that sends her the champ to the outside. Moon follows and Bayley gets control, sending Moon toward the timekeeper’s area where Ember gets up on the egd of the guardail. Bayley pushes her off and we’re on our PIP commercial break where Bayley has pulled Ember into the ring and is stomping her in the corner. Pinfall gets a kickout attempt, and Bayley locks in a chinlock. Moon nearly fights out but Bayley slams her to the mat, then lays in some blows. She sends Moon into the corner and charges in. A bit of gloating and she goes for another, but Ember gets a foot up.

Moon fights back and gets a kick to the gut, then a step-up enzuigiri. Springboard crossbody gets two for Ember. She kicks Bayley on the ground and Bayley gets to the apron, dives in and tries to roll Ember up, but Moon counters by picking Bayley up, slams her to the mat and gets a near-fall. Bayley hits a rana and a knee, knocking Ember to the floor, and goes for a dive. Ember hits a kick to the shoulder and then they’re back in. Ember comes off the turnbuckles with Total Eclipse and hits nothing as Bayley gets out of the way. She hits the Bayley-to-Bayley for the win.

Winner: Bayley

After the match, Charlotte steps into the ring applauding Bayley. She points at the title and motions around her waist, then raises her arms wide. Bayley smiles and slowly backs out of the ring. Charlotte flashes ten fingers for what will be her tenth championship this weekend.

Backstage, Kevin Owens is troubled about the position Shane McMahon has put him in, as we get a look at the latest in the Randy Orton/Kofi Kingston war. Backstage, Kofi looks at the picture of him about to hit the Boom Drop on Randy Orton in MSG a decade ago and begins to walk out. But first, ads.

Back from ads, Kofi comes down to the ring and gets a microphone. He says it feels good to be back at the world’s most famous arena in MSG. He says the building will always be important to him, because it’s in this building that his career changed forever when he stepped up to one of the stop WWE Superstars to prove that he belonged here, and he did that when he whooped Randy Orton’s ass all over the building. Into the ring, out of the ring, through the crowd, in the back, and so on. And the icing on the cake is when he laid Orton out and put his ass through a table. The entire arena — hell, the whole city– was chanting his name and he knew — break for Kofi chant — he knew that one day he would be back at MSG in the ring, standing before everyone as WWE Champion, and that day has come. He sees a lot of kids out there who might be too young to remember. Others might have forgotten, but he has footage to remind them, and they play the big Boom Drop moment through the table. Kofi says that is just a small taste of what he’ll do to Orton at Clash of Champions when he remains our —

“Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid!”

Oron is in the crowd with a mic, talking about how he’s tired of hearing about the two things Kofi’s done. Orton says in that time he’s won the title seven times, won the Royal Rumble twice and Money in the Bank, but none of that means anything. What matters is now. Orton says he’ll win at Clash on Sunday and nothing Kofi can do will help, not the phony Jamaican accent or that Power of Positivity bullshit

Kofi is done and takes his title off, climbs into the crowd and goes at Orton. Orton hits Kofi with a change and does more “stupid” shouting. Another chair to the back, he throws Orton into equipment and picks Kofi up. Kofi goes onto a table and Orton goes for the elevated DTT, but Kofi fights back. He gets the chair and hits Orton across the back three times. Another time, and Kofi goes to the table. He pulls it out and goes to put Orton on it, but Orton fights back. He picks up the char and goes to hit Kofi with it, but Kingston kicks Orton and the table broke. He punches Orton a few times, pulls out another table and gets Orton on it. He grabs the chair, waffles Randy with it and goes up to a railing. He leaps off and nails the Boom Drop to let history repeat itself. Kofi goes back to the railing and balances on it to celebrate.

We’re off to break, and will come back to the KOTR match.

Back with breaking news: Roman Reigns vs. Erick Rowan at Clash is now a No Disqualification match.

King of the Ring Semis: Shane McMahon vs. Chad Gable

Kevin Owens is already unhappily in the ring. Chad doesn’t even get his full entrance theme or walk before Shane’s music hits and he comes out with his compensating-for-something trophy. The bell rings and Shane gets down to give Gable a free shot, but never mind. They lock up, Shane hits a couple rib shots, then charges in but Gable hits a German suplex and gets the pinfall in absolutely no time. Well, that was a thing.

But we’re not done yet, as the match is now a Best of Three Falls match. Owens is irritated, Gable is frustrated and they talk, giving Shane the chance to attack from behind. He beats Gable around and throws him into the timekeeper’s area as we go to break.

We’re back and Shane is in the ring, with Gable climbing in as Owens counts. Gable is in at nine, and Shane showboats. He jaws at Owens and then lays in a couple kicks to Gable. Gable picked up for a bodyslam, then gets a couple jabs in as Gable tries to get up. Gable fights back and gets a crucifix, rolls McMahon up for a five-count, but Owens was hesitant to count and it was only a one-count. Shane then pins Gable and despite a fast-count, Gable kicks out. Shane continues to toy with Shane, and it bites him in the ass as Gable fights back and hits a kick to the cut, then a somersault kick and spinning neckbreaker. Gable up to the top now, hits a moonsault and Owens slow-counts. Shane kicks out just before three (which is actually about six). Shane rolls out, then gets a cheap shot on Gable before rolling in and slamming Gable. A fast-count still doesn’t get anything, so Shane gets a chair. Owens tries to stop him and Shane gives him the chair, then goes for a kick but Gable turns it into the ankle lock. He locks it in and Shane taps out.

Winner: Chad Gable

Back in the ring, Owens says he did everything he could as the fans chant “You Tapped Out.” Owens turns and walks away, but Shane attacks Owens from behind and assaults him from a mounted position. He gets back up, limps over and gets a mic. Shane tells Owens that he’s fired. He beats on Owens again and says Owens is fired once more to close out the show.

The final score: review Average
The 411
I'm not going to do star rating for each match, they've never been my thing. I'm just going to review the show as a whole, which was an effective-enough two hours of WWE television. They sold the Orton/Kofi feud really well and Bayley got some momentum for her match with Charlotte; Reigns and Rowan had a nice little brawl. Basically, this show was nicely focused on either the matches at Clash of Champions or the King of the Ring finals. It's not the most memorable hour of TV, but we've certainly had worse.

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