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Jerry Jarrett Discusses Bruce Prichard’s Issues With Him, Counters Prichard’s Claim He Wasn’t Brought Into WWE in Early 1990s

June 7, 2018 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Jerry Jarrett

– Jerry Jarrett appeared on The Matt Riviera Show podcast and discussed Bruce Prichard’s issues with him and more. Highlights are below per WZ:

On Bruce Prichard’s claims that Jerry was not brought to the WWE in the early 90’s to replace Vince McMahon during the steroid trial: “Anybody that does any research will know why I went, why I came home, and match it with the dates of Vince’s lawsuit, and his exoneration, and know that Bruce Prichard is totally full of (Expletive).”

On Bruce Prichard’s animosity towards him: “When I went up there, Bruce resented the fact… because he’s a legend in his own mind. Here he is, and they would bring this southern, country boy up as the heir apparent. Not only that, but that Vince McMahon would have the audacity to bring him in his house… I showed up at a booking meeting with a “Yes Man” bobble head, cause that’s what Bruce would do. “Yeah, Boss, you’re right! Yes sir, Vince, that’s a great idea! Yes, Vince, I agree with that! I’ve got you on that, Vince, that’s great!” I mean, he just, ad nauseam. And so, I brought this bobble head, and Pat (Patterson) and Vince got a big laugh out of it, Bruce didn’t. And then, the heat got even more intense… Vince McMahon’s a workaholic. And, while I work hard, I just couldn’t work around the clock like he does. So, I told him, “Vince, I appreciate the hospitality, but I got to get me an apartment. And Pat said, “Why don’t you move in with Louie and I. I’ve got this great, big house out there and just the two of us… So I moved in with Pat and Louie, and Bruce just about had a heart attack… I think he was jealous of me and Pat. I really do. Is Bruce married?… He seems to have gone totally insane when I moved in with Pat and Louie. So, maybe that’s it. Here’s the other thing it could be. This mortgage guy, Conrad, seems to be a really nice guy. And somebody told me that he felt sorry for Bruce. You know, being broke and fat and ugly and all that he is, and decided to take him under his wing, and nurture him along. So, maybe he just thought, “Well, that’ll be a good comic relief, and Jerry’s completely out of the business.” I don’t know what his reason could be.”

On what he thinks of Bruce Prichard’s crude impression of him: “I was really removed from the wrestling business… Sometimes, occasionally, somebody would say, “What is this about chicken salad?”, and I’d say, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I make chicken salad & it is delicious!”… “Well, this guy on the radio… He does an imitation of you stuttering and stammering and calls you a country pumpkin”… I said, well, I’m not going to contend myself with that kind of nonsense. So, then when they call and want to know if I want to do a podcast, somebody plays some of Bruce’s nonsense. And I said, “You know what? This young man needs an opponent. He hadn’t had one for 2 years”… He could have at least had the courtesy and the respect to call me. And, of course I’d of said, “Yeah, I’ll appear on your show, and be the country pumpkin you want me to be”. But, he didn’t call. So, now I feel it incumbent on me to tell the good fans in the wrestling world what a real piece of (Expletive) Bruce Prichard is. And that’s what I’m doing.”