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Jerry Lawler Will Be At Smackdown 1000, Talks WWE Returning To Saudi Arabia

October 16, 2018 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Jerry Lawler

On a recent episode of The Apter Chat (via WrestlingInc), Jerry Lawler made it clear that he is still working with WWE and his next appearance will be at tonight’s Smackdown 1000…

On Still Being With WWE: “I’m still there,” Lawler stated. “Look, I’m just waiting for them to call me. I got a call from them the other day and they want me on SmackDown 1000. They just announced the second Saudi Arabia trip that I was on last year…. That [flight] was tough.”

On WWE Returning To Saudi Arabia: “I think it’s good in the fact that it is helping bring about change,” said Lawler. “I think that eventually if we keep going, that women will be allowed to go. I didn’t really think that women were going to be allowed at the show. But I was so shocked that they want to be so westernized. They want to be like we are. But I think that this deep-seeded religious leaders that they’re still somehow in power. But I think as time goes on I think that’s [women wrestling in Saudi Arabia] going to change.”