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Jey Uso on Convincing Vince McMahon That The Usos Could Work as Heels, How Roman Reigns Helped Them Turn

September 27, 2020 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
The Usos Survivor Series, Jey Uso

talkSPORT’s Alex McCarthy recently interviewed WWE Superstar Jey Uso ahead of his upcoming Universal title match against Roman Reigns. The match is scheduled for WWE Clash of Champions 2020, which will air live on the WWE Network later today. Below are some highlights:

Jey Uso on when The Usos turned heel in 2016: “The seed planted when we was with Roman. We helped Roman a little bit, and this is when the WWE Universe were just not with him. Remember they would just boo him no matter what? We started going out with him and they’d boo us, so it carried over. When we were doing live events, we would get booed a little. I was like, ‘[Jimmy], you hear that?’ and he’s like, ‘yeah.'”

Jey on how they convinced Vince McMahon they could work as heels: “So, we finally went to the big man and we said, ‘Can we do this?’ At first he was against it. It took a couple tries from us to convince him and then it was like, ‘Hell yeah, you want to go out there with the outfits? This is what you want to do, right?’ We were like, ‘Yup, it’s time.’ Then it’s like, ‘Ok, the ball is in your court.’ So we’re either going to hit it on the head, Uce, or we’re in the back. We’re going to drown if this don’t work! And then they wanted us to keep the face paint with the heel turn. And we didn’t want that. There was no way.”

On how turning heel meant dropping the colors and the face paint: “If we’re going to go, we got to drop everything. Drop the bright colors, drop the face paint. That’s where just the black and white came from. We found a black hoodie in the middle of the mall — it was like $30 — and you know how they can just print stuff right there and then? Me and my brother were like ‘What are we going to put? Hmm, I don’t know: Day one s—?’ Okay, obviously we can’t say that, so it’s ish! So people get it and don’t get it, but that’s what it was.”