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Jim Cornette Comments on Nia Jax’s Reputation For Being Unsafe, Says The Buckle Bomb Shouldn’t Be Done

April 28, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Nia Jax RAW WWE Image Credit: WWE

On the latest Jim Cornette Experience, Cornette discussed Nia Jax’s latest incident with almost hurting someone in her buckle bomb to Kairi Sane. Jax got considerable attention online for her match against Sane on last week’s Raw when she went for a turnbuckle power bomb and instead of throwing Sane back-first into the top turnbuckle, she spiked Sane into the bottom turnbuckle in a scary moment.

This isn’t the first time that Jax has been in the spotlight for being unsafe, of course. She famously busted Becky Lynch’s nose on Raw in the midst of Lynch’s push and feud with Ronda Rousey, which led to Lynch missing Survivor Series. There have been other incidents as well in the past, including a botched shoulderbreaker. You can check out highlights from Cornette’s comments below, along with the full clip:

On Jax busting Becky Lynch’s nose: “I saw the clip [of the buckle bomb]. And I think also there was a time where she potatoed somebody — was it Charlotte with a punch? Or was it — Becky Lynch. We talked about this, this was a year or two ago. And I remember seeing that and going, ‘Okay, that was just kind of something that happened.’ It didn’t look particularly reckless on the punch thrower’s part, Nia Jax’s, or dumb on the part of Becky Lynch. They just connected. It didn’t look preposterous. But who was this girl she buckle bombed? Holy f**k!”

On the buckle bomb: The bottom buckle was — thankfully, the floor was there to break her fall, as they say. Gravity is a harsh mistress. I don’t really like that buckle bomb to begin with. And I talked to Sting about that last time I talked to him. It was, I guess, at the Hall of Fame deal three years ago at 2017 is probably where I saw him last … anyway, I said, ‘What in the world’ — he said he got buckle bombed by Seth Rollins, Tyler Black. And his head snapped back, which makes sense because you’re going backwards and the buckles top your back and your body. But if you do it right, your head is above the top turnbuckle. Therefore, your head still keeps going. And he said his f**king legs went numb, and his arms went — his s**t felt a stinger, no pun intended, the whole nine yards. And that’s with — you know, he landed fairly like you’re supposed to f**king land in that thing. He shouldn’t have been taking it.

“This [move] that Nia Jax did to Kairi Sane, was the concept of a buckle bomb, but she can’t really see where she’s f**king going because the girl’s in front of her and she’s just kind of looking to the side to see. I can tell [that] you can kind of tell where the corner is, because you see from your peripheral vision where the ropes are. But this was a bad guess, and instead of launching her so that she’d be going straight backwards so that her feet were somewhat still underneath her and her head was straight up, but she’s being propelled backward toward the buckle, she just kind of pitched her. And the girl’s legs went up in the air, and the back of her head hit the f**king bottom turnbuckle as she takes a flat back bump on the f**king mat. And that’s pretty much in reverse what f**ked Tommy Young’s neck up years ago and ended his career with that neck injury. He just fell to the bottom rope and it hit his forehead and snapped his neck back instead of forward. But same principle.”

On Sane being protected by her size: “And if Kairi Sane had been any heavier, it probably would have been more dangerous. Because that’s the only way these smaller wrestlers, the guys or the girls, can get by with some of the s**t that they do, is they just don’t have enough weight to them when they land on their head or in some description to do the damage that it should do. But a full-size f**king wrestler did that, it’d cripple them.”

On Jax’s reputation for being reckless in the ring: “Well, that’s another thing — someone should speak to Nia about just that. That’s what I’m saying, I can’t believe that nobody would have gone up to her immediately after that match and said ‘Hey, here’s the thing. Don’t do that move again, ever.’ Because already, a wrestling legend, Sting, had trouble with that move from Seth Rollins when it didn’t even look anywhere near that nasty in one of their rings. Why would he say — no, it’s not that impressive, we don’t need it, don’t do it. I can’t believe that somebody wouldn’t have gone up to Nia Jax, because I know I would have in OVW, so I can’t believe somebody in that multi-million f**king company, and all the employees they got, wouldn’t have gone up and said, ‘Hey, it’d be a good idea don’t do that anymore ever, what the f**k were you thinking? Let’s look at this, you can see exactly why you should never do this again,’ and look at the thing on tape.”

On Jax’s responsibility to protect people she works with: “You know, she’s a big girl, and she f**king carries weight, and she can hurt people whether she knows it or not. If it’s been a couple of times over a period of two or three years, than that’s the ‘S**t happens because she’s a lot bigger than her opponents’ type thing unless it’s something she’s been told not to do, and still she does it again and with the same result. Then you’ve got to say, ‘Tell you what, why don’t you go home?'”

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit The Jim Cornette Experience with a h/t to 411mania.com for the transcription.

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