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Jim Ross Blogs on The Highlight of His WWE Year, Women in the UFC, More

December 26, 2012 | Posted by Larry Csonka

– Jim Ross has posted a new blog entry, here are the highlights…

On The Highlight of His WWE Year: Been asked the highlight of my WWE year and without question it was being afforded the opportunity by WWE upper management to broadcast the HIAC bout at WM28 featuring the Undertaker, HHH and @ShawnMichaels. Big time bucket list memory for me and a night that I’ll always fondly remember. I’m hopeful that I can call one bout at WM29 just to be a part of the event. Many of us worked some amazing hours over the years to contribute to building this amazing event. When I sit back and see where WrestleMania has come since I made my debut in Vegas at WM9, I am honestly amazed. I see continued use of stadiums for future WrestleMania events and hope that I can be a small part of the proceedings for as long as I’m able. It’s our Super Bowl and who wouldn’t want to be associated with the biggest event in our profession? Old players still like to play.

On Women in the UFC: Any one who thinks that women can’t contribute to the profitability of @UFC, etc are miss informed. Athletic women are interesting to interview, promote, and to watch in a genre that has a strong male demo. Plus, women MMA fighters, when their personalities are allowed to be developed on TV, will attract more new, female fans plus the female partners of the already established male demo. @RondaRousey is in the right place at the right time and has made many fans virtually forget about Gina Carrano who carried a large facet of Strikeforce on her shoulders before moving to making films. I see women in MMA as a promoter’s/marketers dream unless said promoters ignorantly put limits on what they perceive the gender can produce. At worst, female MMA fighters, who are properly built and marketed, will be vital attractions that provide the consumer with another reason to buy a PPV in an era of less than ideal disposable income.

On UFC’s Cain velasquez: Where does Cain Velasquez career go if he loses to Junior Dos Santos at the upcoming @UFC PPV? Has #UFC missing the boat by not portioning Cain as being in a ‘must win’ situation in his attempt to regain his UFC Heavyweight Title? Basic human nature is always the best natural ‘hook’ in any competition including performances within sports entertainment. If heroes or any athlete who fans respect/like are put in believable and feasible jeopardy it generally helps build the bottom line. This should be a great fight that I’ll likely buy on PPV but the build, thus far, has been less than compelling.

On Christmas Related Wrestling Memories: Was thinking about a Christmas might many years ago when the Rock ‘n Roll Express defeated Ted DiBiase and Hercules Hernandez to win the Mid South Tag Titles on Xmas in New Orleans. RNR was one of the greatest teams ever in the business and will always be on any personal top ten teams that I ever saw or worked with back in the day. I wonder how tag teams today who really want to be good ever take the time to study the greats from previous generations or do they think that those amazing teams are too ‘old school?’ If the latter is applicable, then the teams of today are likely too stupid to consistently lace their boots because fundamentals and basic crowd psychology will never go out of style.

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