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Jim Ross Discusses The British Bulldog’s Surprising Return To WWE In Attitude Era, Vince’s Possible Motivation

December 6, 2022 | Posted by Jonathan Hunter
WWE Hall of Fame Davey Boy Smith The British Bulldog Image Credit: WWE

Jim Ross discussed the surprising return of Davey Boy Smith to the WWE during the Attitude Era on a recent episode of Grilling With JR, including being surprised at Davey’s rehiring, Vince’s possible motivations, and unaired sit-down interviews they had done. Check out some highlights below:

On Bulldog’s return being surprising: “That surprised me. After all the things that went on [with the Hart Family and WWE including Owen’s death], and all these unfortunate deaths, and injuries, and drug and alcohol issues, that Davey made his return. I’m not against it. I believe in second chances, gosh darn, I’ve had plenty of them. It was tough; you always wonder, is he gonna relapse? Is he really clean and sober? Is he healthy enough to get this thing done? There was always seemingly an abundance of unanswered questions that really needed to be answered before you kept moving forward with a talent.”

On Vince’s possible motivations behind rehiring Bulldog, mere months after Owen’s death: “I think it was a business decision. I think Vince knew the pending legal issues that were going to incur as a result of Owen’s accidental death was in play, quite frankly. And let’s not forget that sometimes people take how good Davey was for granted. So when you get a chance to get a guy of his caliber, if he’s healthy, back on your team, it’s not a bad thing to try.”

On sit-down interviews done between JR, Davey Boy, and Davey’s wife Diana never airing: “I don’t think Vince liked them. I don’t think he thought they rang the bell. I didn’t do anything any differently than I normally do in those interviews. I prepared, I respected the talent. Tried to tell a story and bring out the best in the scenario. The bottom line is that Vince just didn’t like them. I was surprised that they didn’t air at all except as you mentioned those snippets or clips. I don’t remember them being bad.”

If you use any of the above quotes, please credit Grilling With Jr h/t 411mania for the transcription