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Jim Ross Recalls WWE Creative Considering Prosthetic Penis For Terri Runnels As Marlena

May 18, 2019 | Posted by Joseph Lee
Terri Runnels

In the latest episode of Grilling JR, Jim Ross spoke about the creative team in WWE considering creating a prosthetic penis for Terri Runnels to wear when she was playing the role of Goldust’s manager Marlena. Here are highlights:

On the cover for Goldust as a gay character: “In those meetings, sometimes people would throw out a word. This is our ‘cover our ass’ word. He’s not gay, he’s androgynous. And wasn’t there a character about that time on Saturday Night Live, the androgynous woman? [Conrad: It’s Pat!] Right. That was a cop-out there. That was a tag-out there. I’m not telling you it was handled beautifully. We wanted controversy, we wanted more questions asked than answered and I think we accomplished that. But how Dustin added a wrinkle here and he added a wrinkle there right on through. He kept getting better, taking more chances, opening up the tool box, no pun intended, and bringing out the big stuff. He was great. Nobody could have done as good at that. I firmly believe that. It was an interesting thing. To me that was very Attitude Era-ish. Big time.”

On giving Marlena a fake penis: “In one creative meeting, we were gonna have Marlena have a prosthetic penis. And it was gonna be able to…the outline of it was going to be able to be seen through her attire. On certain attire. It was never going to be mentioned. It was never going to be identified or ‘Look at that!’ You know. But the idea didn’t make it out of Vince’s office or his home or somewhere. Wherever they were having that particular creative meeting. It didn’t go down. But that was kind of the idea. We wanted to get way out… and Vince would say, you take it as far as you think we can go. Let me know what you’re thinking and we’ll reel it back if we need to so we don’t shoot ourselves in the foot. And that’s kind of where we were with the Goldust character. Every show was an experiment on how far we could go.”

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