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Jim Ross Defends Dolph Ziggler, Claims He’s Been Sabotaged by ‘Hideous Booking’ in WWE

October 15, 2019 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Dolph Ziggler Smackdown 2

– During the latest edition of Grilling JR, WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross discussed the booking of Dolph Ziggler in WWE. Ross had high praise for Ziggler and defended him, explaining how his career was hurt by “hideous booking” in WWE. Below are some highlights.

Jim Ross on talent of John Morrison and Dolph Ziggler [Who faced each other at HIAC 2009]: “I love both those guys. I really do. If I had a territory, if I was Tony Khan or Vince McMahon, I would be happy to have either of them and both — preferably both guys, Morrison and Ziggler, on my roster.”

Jim Ross on Dolph Ziggler being sabotaged by hideous booking: “I cannot begin to tell you or outline the hideous booking that Dolph Ziggler has encountered over his career in WWE. If you go back and look at it with any diligence, the chronological accuracy of his career in WWE, you will begin to shake your head, and you will say as I have, ‘How is he still even remotely relevant?’ The only answer to that is the fact is that Dolph Ziggler is a supreme athlete. And if given the opportunity to become the star that his ability said he could, we’d be talking about him in the same sacred tones we talk about a Shawn Michaels. Athletically, charismatic, but he was never was given the oomph from the company to put him over the top to where, loo, we’re not going to do this for you for now, we’re going to do this for you forever.”

Ross on how talents need to know they will be seen as “the guy”: “Talents need to know, ‘As far as we’re concerned, you’re our guy. The only thing that’s going to screw this up of you being our guy is you.’ So — and Ziggler was the guy. And it’s just a shame that he has not been booked better than he has. But I would say as an AEW guy, any time that I can see a [John] Morrison/Ziggler program that made sense over multiple weeks of episodic television, count me in.”

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