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Jim Ross on Why AEW Has Instituted Time Limits, His Role in AEW

July 12, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Jim Ross Goldenboy AEW Fyter Fest

– Jim Ross discussed AEW’s use of time limits and his role in AEW during his recent appearance on the Steve Austin Show. Ross said that he joked to AEW President Tony Khan that being a Senior Advisor meant that he can “take credit” for the good stuff and disavow the bad stuff. he then explained why he suggested that the company use time limits as a way to give the show a more sporting feel and give the creative team something to work with.

Highlights from the discussion, as well as the full podcast, are below:

On his role in AEW: “Well my role there, Steve, my official title is ‘Senior Advisor.’ And the reason I wanted to name myself Senior Advisor and not one of the EVPs, is I felt like we have plenty of EVPs. Young Bucks are EVPs, Cody’s an EVP, Kenny Omega’s an EVP. It sure as hell didn’t need my sad, fat a** being one of them. I already been an EVP, so I’m good. So I told Tony Khan, I said, ‘Just make me the Senior Advisor.’ So he liked that title, and he asked ‘Why do you want to be the Senior Advisor?’ ‘Because it’s real simple, man. This is the wrestling business. The Senior Advisor gets to take credit for the good stuff, and disavow any knowledge of things that suck.’ So he laughed.”

On suggesting AEW institute time limits: “So anyway, one of my ideas was time limits. All the matches are gonna have time limits. How do you gave a sport [without time limits]? Even the women’s — and congratulations to the United States women for winning the World Cup. How do you have a sporting event without some rules and regulations? There’s a time limit even in the World Cup! We know there’s [time limits in] basketball. And these are strategic things that fans can buy into, and understand psychologies that affect the game as the time is reflected. So if you’re in the fourth quarter and you’re down seven, you’d god-damned better try and score! I get it, because the quarter is almost over and there ain’t no more quarters. So there’s a whole lot of things that can go on there. We saw on our last show that we did in Daytona Beach [Fyter Fest], Cody went to a 20 minute time limit draw. Hell, I don’t remember the last time I called a 20 minute time limit draw. So we’re trying to get back to some basic things that can be utilized by a smart, creative bunch to their benefit, Steve. Time limits, rules. You’ve gotta have rules so the heels can break them. But because there’s such a fine line nowadays in who’s a god-damned babyface and who’s a heel. So that’s — I believe that if we go back to that, we’re gonna be better off. And that’s kind of the direction we’re heading.”

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit the Steve Austin Show with a h/t to 411mania.com for the transcription.

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