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Jimmy Korderas Analyzes Cody Rhodes’ Comments During WWE Raw Promo

January 31, 2023 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Cody Rhodes WWE Raw Image Credit: WWE

– In his latest Reffin’ Rant video, former WWE referee Jimmy Korderas questioned some of Cody Rhodes’ comments during his WWE Raw promo last night, wondering if there was a hidden meaning behind them. Korderas stated the following:

“We got a great promo from the Royal Rumble winner, Cody Rhodes, last night, but his language was very, very interesting in his promo. He cut one hell of a promo about wrestling royalty and bloodlines and all this sort of thing, and he sent a warning to the current champion Roman Reigns that in 62 days, after WrestleMania, he will no longer be champion. But the one thing he said was that he would be the one who defeating Roman Reigns to lose that championship, and I found that very interesting because babyfaces when they guarantee a win usually that means they do win. He said that Roman Reigns was not going to be champion after WrestleMania, so the question is, who will be champion after WrestleMania?”