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Jinder Mahal Says He Idolized Triple H Growing Up

December 7, 2017 | Posted by Joseph Lee
India Jinder Mahal WWE Smackdown 101717

In an interview with SportsKeeda, Jinder Mahal spoke about his upcoming match with Triple H in India, claiming he idolized him growing up. Here are highlights:

On watching Triple H when he was younger: “Of course, I grew up watching Triple H. I idolized him from his time with DX, or even before that when he was Hunter Hearst Helmsley or even when I was watching him in WCW as Terra Ryzing. He’s had a very, very storied career and he already is a living legend. In an interview, he said that his job now is to ensure that the next generation of WWE superstars are at par with the legends. I look to test myself and see where I measure up against Triple H. But I competed with him on the same show, a couple of weeks ago in South America and this is the same Triple H that I’ve been seeing for years. He hasn’t missed a step. He is still the same game that he was back then. He’s always in great shape, always in great conditioning. He’s tough as nails and a very, very dangerous opponent. I’m not taking him lightly. This is my biggest match, in my career. But I need to make a statement on Saturday night.”

On being WWE Champion: “It was amazing. A dream come true. I grew up watching guys like Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels and The Rock…guys like Ultimate Warrior, Macho Man, Bruno Sammartino. You know so many guys have held this title. To think my name would be on the list of only 50 superstars, blows my mind. But I look forward to regaining the WWE Championship because AJ Styles took advantage of me. I was preparing for a match against Brock Lesnar. I was going to become The Beast Master! But I have my match at Clash of Champions, which you can watch on SONY TEN 1 HD. I really wish I could be the WWE Championship right now, at this event. But I promise you, next time, I will be WWE Champion.”

On Roman Reigns saying he’s the best wrestler on the planet: “I honestly think every WWE superstar believes that. You have to think that in order to be successful in the WWE. I think I’m the best. Roman Reigns thinks he’s the best. AJ Styles thinks he’s the best. Randy Orton thinks he’s the best. Nakamura thinks he’s the best. John Cena thinks he’s the best. That’s what makes these superstars, myself included, elite WWE Superstars. We’re top tier because we have confidence in our abilities, in and outside the ring. You cannot think that someone else is higher than you because you will be at the top if you think you’re at the top.”

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