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Jim Cornette on Triple H Saying He’d Still Be An Executive If He Hadn’t Married Stephanie, Saying He Became ‘Booker’ After Cornette & Vince Russo Left

April 7, 2020 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
Triple H WWE Hall of Fame

On the latest Jim Cornette’s Drive-Thru, Jim Cornette discussed Triple H’s recent claim that he thought he’d still be where he is today if he hadn’t married Stephanie McMahon and that he became the “booker” after Cornette and Vince Russo left. The Game made the claims during an interview with Barstool Sports. Cornette was, to say the least, skeptical of the first claim and shared his own perspective of what happened on the creative team, saying that Triple H didn’t begin sitting in on production meetings until after he was done and that he wasn’t involved in creative until later.

It’s worth noting that Triple H didn’t actually say he was the “booker” but instead was asked when he was the booker and proceeded to say “Well, it was Vince and two guys. And the first guy had left, and then Vince Russo left to go to WCW, which turned out to be a great decision. So I just told Vince since he was by himself if he ever needed someone to bounce ideas off…”

You can see highlights from Cornette’s comments and the full video below:

On Triple H saying he thinks he’d be in the same place if he hadn’t married Stephanie: “Yes, during the Attitude Era when Triple H was one of the main event guys, he was — the latter stages of the Attitude Era. The first stage of the Attitude Era, he wasn’t a main event guy. But he was giving Vince ideas like every other top guy did. And he always did take more incentive, you know, he would — Michaels I think wanted to sit in the production meetings so he could figure out who to f**kin’ sabotage later on. Triple H started sitting in the production meetings, et cetera, he was always interested in the business end.

“But to — I think it’s a stretch at minimum that he would be whatever his title is now, Vice President and Executive Assistant Grand Poobah of the WWE, had he not married the boss’ daughter. No matter how much Vince has loved somebody, or no matter how long they have worked there in any position of responsibility, there comes a time when you must go. And I don’t know that that time wouldn’t have come for him had he not been part of the family. So yeah, he was always interested in the business, and he was obviously always a politician, let’s say, that wanted to get involved in the office, but Bryan. [laughs] Could anybody have stayed in that position or a position of power, position of prominence, that long in the WWE and not been fired, except if they were part of the family?”

On Triple H’s claim that he became “booker” after Cornette and Russo left: “When the f**k does he think any of this actually happened? He was — first of all, Triple H was never the f**king booker! Secondly, by the time that Russo and f**king Ferrara — paper carrier — by the time they bailed and went, that’s when he was starting to do the f**king TV writer thing anyway. And then Stephanie became the head of Creative somehow with an assist — with a team of writers assisting her. That he just encapsulated about a f**king three or four year period there, and called himself the booker. Did you ever hear it reported that Triple H was the booker of the WWF? … I don’t know about that whole thing.”

On the Creative team lineup in 1996 through 1998: “No, Triple H wasn’t doing anything … This was ’96 and ’97. Triple H wasn’t doing anything but getting heat all over himself. That was King of the Ring ’86 when he participated in the Curtain Call, and nobody wanted to f**king speak to him for six months or so. And with me it was longer. And Pat was still popping in and out [of Creative], yes. Pat would come to a lot of the writing meetings at Vince’s house. Because he lived there in Connecticut still at that time. He wasn’t, and he was definitely working as the top road agent. At one point it was just me and Bruce. Pat would pop in from time to time. J.R. would pop in from time to time. That was through ’96.

“Early ’97 was when we were saddled with S**tstain [Russo]. And then you know, Bruce was back at the office, and it was me and S**tstain. And then by the end of ’97 I was off, and it was just Vince and S**tstain for a little while. And that’s when they brought the pudgy f**king goof Ferrera. And that was for much of ’98. But I never went to a creative meeting that Triple H was involved in, because he wasn’t involved in any at that point. And he didn’t start sitting in on the production meetings until the Russo-Ferrera era. And then he was not, to my knowledge, in the actual creative meetings, but he was sitting in at the production meetings and trying to take more of an agent-type role. But if he did say all that, it was basically an oversimplification of what he said, or it was an oversimplification of what he did.”

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit Jim Cornette’s Drive-Thru with a h/t to 411mania.com for the transcription.

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