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Jody Threat Discusses Her Recent WWE Tryout, Helping Trish Stratus Train for SummerSlam 2019

June 8, 2021 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Jody Threat

Fightful recently spoke to wrestler Jody Threat, who discussed her WWE tryout, helping Trish Stratus train for her SummerSlam 2019 match with Charlotte Flair, and more. Below are some highlights.

Jody Threat on her WWE tryout: “We got contacted four weeks in advance. So, it’s kind of hard to compare that to what happens down in Orlando ‘cause they have a few rings set-up whereas we were in a very discreet location with one ring. They did put us through some vigorous conditioning tests and drills, which—like I said—I came off a pretty hot summer. So, I was pretty prepared for all of that. I think a lot of it was mental, though, knowing that in the evening I had accepted all of these really bomb bookings for SummerSlam weekend, thinking that that was where I was going to make my name and then to be going into tryouts during the day, my mind was all over the place. But, I would say, physically I felt like my fitness level was there, for sure. They said, ‘Keep at it. There’s potential there. Keep at it.’ Like I said, at that point, I think I was a year and a half into actually wrestling. So, again, I’m very new. So, yeah, just the typical, ‘Get those reps in, kid.’”

On her interest in Impact Wrestling: “Yeah, well, Scott [D’Amore] knows who I am. He knows that I am interested in IMPACT. Yeah. Like I said, if I were ever given the opportunity I would jump at it 100%. It’s more the ball’s in their court. They know my interested. Anywhere—AEW, Ring of Honor, WWE—any place that could provide me with a Visa so I could support myself ‘cause it’s such a scary thought going into a country where I can’t support myself. Would definitely jump at the opportunity for that platform.”

On helping Trish Stratus train for her SummerSlam 2019 match: “That was during the same summer where all that cool stuff was happening for me, right before the end of the world. She just needed to get a bit of ring rust off before she went and did the pay-per-view. So, myself and Alexia Nicole rolled around with her a few nights just to make sure she was nice and prepared. What an opportunity. I would love to do that again.How cool is that? That was one of those ‘wow’ moments for me, for sure. There was no rust.”