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Joe Hendry on Why He Returned to Impact Wrestling, Scott D’Amore Endorsing Him

December 1, 2022 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Impact Wrestling Joe Hendry Image Credit: Impact Wrestling

– During a recent interview Nerdly UK, Joe Hendry discussed a past interview where Scott D’Amore labeled him as a future world champion. He stated the following (via Fightful):

“So, long story short, there’s a few reasons that I went to IMPACT. One, I believe IMPACT has the best wrestling show on TV. I wanna be 100% bought in and I am bought in on the IMPACT product and I feel like I can contribute to it. Also, Scott [D’Amore] did an interview several years ago in the UK where he [was asked] who he thought could be a future world champion. This was before Josh Alexander or Moose had done it, and he [named] Josh Alexander, Moose, and a wildcard Joe Hendry. When I read that, that made me realize that Scott actually gets what I’m trying to do and if that’s how management perceives me, that’s probably the place I should go to.”