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John Cena’s Dad Says Alexa Bliss Has Nothing But “Looks and The Body,” Makes Bizarre Comment About Nakamura, Says Sasha Banks Should Leave WWE If She’s Unhappy

September 24, 2017 | Posted by Ashish
Alexa Bliss - WWE

John Cena Sr. recently spoke with Boston Wrestling Sports and took a few shots at Sasha Banks, Charlotte Flair, and Alexa Bliss.

He was first asked about Banks, who complained a few weeks back about not knowing what the creative plans for her are week-to-week, as opposed to NXT, where she said there was always a plan. Cena Sr. called the comments “loaded” and said that he feels WWE brings the NXT talent up to the main roster to fast and pushes them too quickly, feeling that talent needs to pay their dues in this business. “You need to pay your dues in this business, to get where some of these people think they ought to be,” he said. He went on to say that if she is so unhappy, she should ask for her release, and that rather than making comments like that in public, she should go talk to her boss in private. He added that he thinks “the world” of Banks and that a few years back, she was planning to quit wrestling and he told her not to.

When asked if WWE is hesitant to get behind Sasha Banks because of how slender her frame is and how often she is injured, he said if she makes money, they should use her until she doesn’t draw anymore.

“If she [Sasha] has got what it takes to make it work, then use it while you have it,” Cena Sr. said. “I’m not a fan of Charlotte Flair’s, I’ll be right upfront with you. Alexa Bliss, what does she got? The looks and the body, that’s about it. You know what? I’m gonna stop because I’m going to get myself in trouble.”

When asked if WWE has too many non-wrestling minds in creative and that if so many WWE wrestlers are unhappy with creative it will cause problems down the road, Cena Sr. more or less said that most wrestling people don’t have the creative mind needed to be in creative and that he doesn’t think people will leave WWE over it because there aren’t other options, plus WWE has a “backup plan” with NXT. He added that things could get a lot worse creatively if WWE was sold.

Cena Sr. also made a bizarre comment about Shinsuke Nakamura, first calling him “Mister Nakemoku” and then, after being corrected on the name, said “whatever he is” and adding “all I know is sushi is good.”

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