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John Cena Says He’s Had Accidental Erections When Wrestling, Discusses If He’d Ever Leave WWE

June 11, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
John Cena Raw

– John Cena did what a lot of people do on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live: go into a TMI zone. In Cena’s case, it involved accidental erections in the ring. Yup. Cena appeared on Cohen’s Bravo show and answering questions from fans, Cena was asked if he ever had an “accidental boner” in the ring.

“It’s something the body does, you just ignore it,” Cena said to laughter from the audience. “Just ignore it. It’s what the body does. You can’t be blamed for that.”

A smattering of other responses to fan questions are below:

On if it’s true he spends up to 30 minutes a day shaving body hair: “No, some days it’s more. There’s a lot of body. Hair will grow almost anywhere.”

On if he’ll ever leave WWE for good: “That’s a tough question ’cause I don’t think I’ll ever be disconnected from the WWE. I think whether it’s an on-camera role or an off-camera role, I don’t think the word ‘retire,’ I’ll ever use that. So I know that time is limited because it’s a physical, performance-based thing, and I’m 42. So I know that window is kind of coming to a close, but I don’t think I’ll ever be retired. I would love to be able to pass on the knowledge and wisdom that I have about live performances to up-and-comers and hopefully help people out.”

On the “most swoon-worthy thing” about the Rock: “His perspective on life and his ability to constantly give back.”

On what movie always makes him cry:The Truman Show.”

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