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John Morrison On His Match With Austin Aries At Bound For Glory 2018, What’s Missing From The Wrestling Business

September 26, 2020 | Posted by Blake Lovell
John Morrison Austin Aries

In a recent interview on The Chris Van Vliet Show, John Morrison discussed his match with Austin Aries at Bound for Glory 2018, the reaction backstage after the match, and much more. You can read his comments below.

John Morrison on his match with Austin Aries at Bound For Glory 2018: “It’s a match I’m very proud of and it’s one of my favorite matches. He might not be one of my favorite people, but it’s one of the only times in my career where I feel like everybody believed in that match, including me. It felt like the two of us had a real issue and the issue was not resolved before we went out to the ring. So, there was so much uncertainty surrounding that match that people – including myself Taya, Moose, Killer Kross on the outside – were wondering what was going to happen.”

On the reaction to the match and what’s missing in the wrestling business: “It feels like that type of moment and that type of situation is exactly what wrestling was in the glory days back when everything was kayfabe. Everyone thought everything was real, but that in it its own way – it was a real authentic moment. And because of that, it felt different and it’s something I think about a lot too. It was a really cool experience. After the match, the entire roster was asking me about it specifically. So it wasn’t just the people in the stands that were buying in – it was everybody. I think that type of situation is something that’s missing from the business today. That suspension of disbelief. You can’t go back to saying I’m gonna try to kill this guy for real. That day has passed, that time is done. But stories can be real. People can believe in me and how I feel and how someone else feels. So, issues can be real. I think that’s part of the way the business is gonna evolve.”

If using any of the above quotes, please credit The Chris Van Vliet Show with an h/t to 411mania.com for the transcription.