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John Silver Says His Biggest Career Achievement Is Signing an AEW Contract, Has No Plans to Leave The Dark Order

October 27, 2020 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
John Silver Alex Reynolds AEW Dark

Pro Wrestling Junkies recently interviewed AEW wrestler John Silver, who discussed his career, signing with AEW, and more. Below are some highlights (via WrestlingInc.com).

John Silver on The Dark Order segments for Being The Elite and the hardest part in making them: “It all comes from this brain right here. We all have input on what we do. A lot of it is just the sh*t we say, which is for the most part just off the top of our heads kind of stuff. We also have an idea of what we kind of want to do, but the original idea was just us doing the recruitment videos, and we still do that, obviously. I think what kind of happened was that everyone was just like, ‘Oh sh*t, everyone likes this’, so we started doing the clips with the whole Dark Order. Everyone brings a lot of ideas, but what got a lot of attention is just the stuff we say.

“The hardest part of filming those clips is just getting everyone together at the right time. Everyone has a million things to do during Dynamite and that’s when we film it, so we can’t do it too early because everyone is usually getting ready for the matches. We usually have to wait until after Dynamite when the Darks are being filmed. Then we are usually waiting on Brandon [Cutler] because he films it, so if he’s got a match on Dark or busy doing this or that, then we are waiting on him. We have to make sure all of the Dark Order are together, and a lot of the times, it’s like, ‘Got Brandon, so where’s Alex? Go find Alex.’ Then someone goes to find him and then when he comes back, someone else is gone. It becomes a big thing. The hardest time is just getting the time for everyone to do it.”

John Silver on how he doesn’t plan to leave The Dark Order: “I have no plans of leaving the Dark Order. I like the Dark Order and I think we all compliment each other pretty well. I got nervous when we first introduced 5 and 10 because that’s when we weren’t allowed at the shows due to the COVID situation. We – me and Alex [Reynolds] – live in New York. Also, Stu and Uno weren’t allowed at the shows because they live in Canada. The only ones that were there was Brodie, 5, and 10, so I kind of felt like we were being replaced. Once we got back and all got together, I quickly realized we all got along and compliment each other really well. Right now, there’s no plans to leave, but it’s professional wrestling and everyone always turns on each other. I’m really happy where I’m at, though.”

His biggest achievement: “My biggest achievement, I have to say, is just getting a full-time contract with AEW. A lot of people just know me recently, but I’ve been wrestling since I was 14. So it’s been a long time since I’ve been wrestling, and I’ve never had big deal like that. That would have to be my biggest accomplishment right now. I have little goals and I have an ultimate goal. My ultimate goal is to be the AEW World Champion, but for right now, I think the goal is to win the tag belts with Alex. There’s a lot of good tag teams here,” Silver added. “We have the best tag team division in professional wrestling, so there’s a lot of great wrestlers and tag teams. I think I’d like to have a long feud with The Young Bucks because we’ve wrestled them in the past in other promotions and always have really good matches. I’d also like to feud with Best Friends because I just want to beat them up.”