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Johnny Gargano Says DIY Will Have A New Theme Song On WWE RAW

October 26, 2023 | Posted by Joseph Lee
NXT DIY 3-6-19 Image Credit: WWE

DIY will have their first tag team match in years on Monday’s WWE RAW and Johnny Gargano says they’ll have new theme music to go along with it. During a recent Twitch stream (via Fightful), Gargano spoke about the team’s original song and why they’ve decided to go with something different.

He said: “When DIY debuted, that song they gave us, it was just a stock song. It wasn’t like it was handpicked for us of anything like that. We were not under contract yet, it just caught on. Me and Tommaso are very excited about the potential of something new. I think it could be so much more. You’ll just have to tune in on Monday. It’s going to be very cool. I think it has a very cool vibe. It’s something we’re both pumped about. We hope you guys dig it too. We dig it. It’s something fresh, something new, and hopefully something that catches on. Years from now, hopefully, you guys talk about that song.

He added that the new song will have “hints” of the old one. He did not comment on if it will have lyrics or not.

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