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Johnny Gargano Explains Why Tommaso Ciampa Is the ‘Worst Person in NXT History,’ Why He Has to Win the Last Match of Their Feud

April 8, 2020 | Posted by Jeffrey Harris
Johnny Gargano Tommaso Ciampa NXT

Pro Wrestling Sheet and Ryan Satin recently interviewed NXT Superstar Johnny Gargano ahead of his upcoming match against Tommaso Ciampa airing tonight on NXT. Below are some highlights from Pro Wrestling Sheet:

Gargano on why Ciampa is the worst person in NXT history: “Yes, I can definitely explain what my main gripe is. So, let’s talk about the obvious here. Tommaso Ciampa is the worst person in NXT history. That’s plain and simple. Six months ago this guy is universally hated. Everyone hates Tommaso Ciampa. He is making everyone’s life a living hell. He was the NXT Champion more than a year ago at this point. Over a year ago, everyone hates him. He’s the worst person in the world, blah blah blah. He breaks his neck. He has a baby. Comes back six months later. Now everyone loves him? Now everyone thinks Tommaso Ciampa’s the greatest?! He never apologized to me. He never redeemed himself. The only time I saw him is when he came out at TakeOver: New York and took my moment away! He made it about himself. He hobbled out there with his neck brace on, made about it himself. That was my moment to finally have the NXT Championship that I’d worked hard for. Made it about himself. NEVER apologized. NEVER been redeemed.”

Gargano on how he saw the truth in Ciampa’s eyes: “But, Johnny Gargano being the good guy that he is, I have a great relationship with the fans. That’s me. Johnny Wrestling, that’s who I am. They love Johnny Wrestling. We are hand-in-hand. I trust them. So maybe I thought that I was a little jaded. Maybe I’m wrong? I can accept that if I’m wrong. I can accept that maybe they see something that I don’t. So I took their word for it. They chant ‘Daddy’s home’ and they think that this guy is a different guy. Maybe he is? That’s why I brought back DIY. That’s why I teamed with this man again. That’s why I was his friend again. Because you don’t think I want my best friend back?! You don’t think I want to have my friend back that I think died in Chicago years ago?! I want that guy back. Of course I do. So I brought it back and what happens? I come out in Portland and I come out to support him. To watch my friend get his life back. But you know what I saw? People show their true colors when they’re desperate. I looked in that man’s eyes and I saw the truth. Only a truth that I would know. Only a look that I would know. Only a look I saw in Chicago years ago. That he’s a snake, he’s a liar and he can’t be trusted. He would’ve turned on me the minute he won that title. He would’ve turned on all the fans and they are too stupid to see it. So I fixed their mistake. I let that man become NXT Champion once. I wasn’t gonna let it happen again. That’s why on Wednesday, I’m going to expose him and show everyone what kind of monster he really is. And I’m gonna show everyone that Johnny Gargano is the better man. Simple as that.”

Gargano on why he has to win his final match with Ciampa: “I have to. There’s no way around it. I have to. For me to be everything I say I am, for me to be the guy that I say I am, I have to beat Tommaso Ciampa. I need to expose him to the world. I need to show everyone that he’s a monster. And I need to show everyone that Johnny Gargano is the better man. I believe I’m the better man. Everyone should know I’m the better man. At this point: I won the Cruiserweight Classic match. I won the match in New Orleans. He won the match in Chicago. He won the match in Brooklyn. So we’re tied two to two. I said Johnny in five. That’s what’s going to happen. Johnny in five. And I think the way this match is going to end is going to be very important for who I am as a character, who I am as a person, who I am going forward.”

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