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Johnny Impact Is Happy That Brian Cage Is On The Sidelines

May 17, 2019 | Posted by Jeremy Lambert
Johnny Impact Wrestling

– Johnny Impact was a guest on a recent episode of Wrestling Inc’s WINCLY podcast. Impact seemed to give his answers while in-character, so take them for what they are worth. Highlights are below:

On Losing The Impact World Title: “I gotta admit, it stings a little bit to hear you say the words ‘former Impact World Champion.’ I’m not used to losing so I don’t take losing very well. You could even say I’m a sore loser and that goes with the territory with staying motivated. So, I’m using this loss as motivation. I want it all. Motivation to train harder and improve myself. First and foremost, yes, to take back the Impact World Championship and I’ve also got the No. 1 contendership for the X-Division Title. So, I guess you can say I like gold and I want all the gold.”

On Brian Cage’s Injury: I had a feeling he was messed up. Once I realized how bad it was, I had to change up my strategy. He caught me. I gotta admit he caught me. The sun even shines on a meathead dog’s ass some days and Rebellion was his night. It doesn’t sit well with me knowing the opportunity I blew. That’s why my plan is to take my title back. As a person whose involved in professional wrestling, I hope the injury doesn’t affect his career. But I wouldn’t be too sad if he was messed up for a little bit and I got to take on The Machine at half-strength.”

On Michael Elgin Joining Impact Wrestling: “I think Michael Elgin has a lot to bring to the table and can be a good addition to the Impact roster. But he needs to learn that Impact Wrestling has a line and I’m in front of the line. Johnny Impact is Impact Wrestling so as long he knows his role and stays out of my way, it’s going to be great to have him at Impact Wrestling. I got a feeling that he maybe doesn’t understand things right now so I’m gonna have to explain them for the next couple of weeks.”