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October 18, 2018 | Posted by Larry Csonka
Ethan Page vs. Trevor Lee Impact Wrestling

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Johnny Impact’s Championship Address: New champion Johnny Impact makes his way to the ring. Impact says that wrestling is a crazy business as we all saw at BFG. It’s what got him into wrestling, which wasn’t the cool thing, but he loved it. He begged his dad to take him to shows, was into break dancing, parkour, but he’s always been that guy who finds something he loves and goes for it. People told him making a movie with his own money, but now his movie is on Netflix, and he’s even proud it’s in the dollar bin in Dollar General. Every fan dreams of being world champion, he’s always been close, had the looks, but came up short. He heard it so many time she almost believed it. But now he’s finally a champion. Everything is worth it and the business is what we make it. He‘s the guy now, and will defend against anyone he feels deserves a shot. Fenix now arrives. He congratulates Impact, and he wants an opportunity for a title shot next week. Impact says he can’t say no now. He agrees, and they are friends, but next week they both what they have to bring it. He agrees to tear the place down next week and remain friends.

– Tommy Dreamer is interviewed and says Moose could be a great NFL player to wrestler, but he takes shortcuts. He plans to beat his ass and give him a concussion.

Taya vs. Katarina: Katarina attacks right away, working over Taya in the corner. She then tosses her across the ring a few times, and follows with a side back breaker for 2. Taya fights back, hits a clothesline and sends Katarina to the ramp. Katarina slingshots back in with a DDT for 2. Taya fights her off, lays in rights, and hits the sidekick and knee strike. The double knees follow and Taya covers for 2. Katarina hits a jawbreaker, but Taya fights her off, and hits Road to Valhalla for the win. Taya defeated Katarina @ 3:55 via pin

– Taya comments on the controversial finish at BFG, and says Tessa is great, but shouldn’t resort to those actions. She no longer respects Tessa.

– Gama Singh attacks Rohit Raju and tells him not to think, and says he has one more test to face; he has to face Singh next week.

Ethan Page vs. Trevor Lee: Sydal is out with Page. They lock up and Page overpowers Lee to begin. Lee fights him off, lays the boots to him and chokes him out. Lee now rakes the eyes, but Page fires back with strikes but Lee rakes the eyes again. Lee follows with kicks, but Page slams him down and now stomps away at Lee. We get a ref bump, but he’s back up and Lee hits an apron PK on Page. Lee follows with strikes, Sydal talks his third eye shit, and that allows Page to cut off Lee and hit a draping side back breaker for 2. Lee fights off the powerbomb, and dumps Page. Back in and the moonsault press follows for 2 by Lee. Lee follows with kicks; Page fights off a German, and hits the uranage for the win. Ethan Page defeated Trevor Lee @ 6:25 via pin

– Swann comments on his title match against Cage tonight. He and Mack proved themselves at BFG, they put in work and won. Tonight, Swann has his chance to win a title and Mack will be watching from the back. Swann plans to win the title tonight, and give Cage the fight of his life.

– We get highlights of Allie murdering folks in the undead realm at BFG, including rosemary’s cameo and energy fight with Su. Allie is not ok. Kiera meets with Allie, who says she’s fine.

– The GWN throwback is Eric Young winning the world title over Magnus.

– Petey meets with Scarlett and wants to be her talent search guy. She laughs him off, calling him cute and adorable. But there are so many others, and she’s opened up her talent search to all and will have a viewing party next week.

Killer Kross vs. Tommy Dreamer: Moose is out with Kross. Kross attacks, but Dreamer hits a running cross body and arm drag. They work to the floor, Dreamer lays in chops and elbows. Kross cuts him off and crotches him on the barricade. He follows with strikes, and takes the ref, allowing Moose to attack. Kross then takes the heat, working the back of Dreamer and repeatedly whips Dreamer to the buckles. Dreamer fights back, but Kross hits a T-Bone suplex to stop that. Kross follows with a short-armed clothesline, and then grounds things with a cravat. Dreamer tries to escape, but Kross hits a slam. Kross heads up top, Dreamer crotches him and follows with a superplex. They trade strikes, Dreamer firs up and they keep trading. Dreamer hits the cutter, Moose distracts him, and Dreamer fights of the choke with a low blow. Moose in, Dreamer takes him out and covers Kross for 2. Dreamer fights off the Saito by biting Kross, but Kross fights him off and hits it anyway. Kross hits another and the ref checks on him and stops it. Killer Kross defeated Tommy Dreamer @ 7:05 via referee stoppage

– Post match, Dreamer takes a beat down as Eddie isn’t here due to BFG injuries.

– We get footage from Abyss’ Hall of Fame induction. He comes off as such a good dude.

– McKenzie interviews Eli Drake. He’s not pleased about BFG, and claims a conspiracy against him. He already had his match at the PPV and then Abyss arrived and put him though a table, and says Impact is an unsafe working environment and threatens to sue.

– LAX are getting their drink on and celebrating their BFG win. They toast to finishing the OGz, and the OGz arrive. King says that he has a message. They met with the bosses, and were kind enough to let them keep a piece of NYC under one condition, that they and LAX stay on separate sides. The OGz bounce as LAX toast to them again.

Allie vs. Alisha Edwards: Kiera is at ringside. Allie has darkened her hair to reflect her lack of soul. Thy lock up and Edwards gets a backslide for2. She follow with arm drags, misses a senton and Allie gets one for 2. Allie follows with chops, and follows with a clothesline for 2. Edwards fires back with strikes and laps, Allie gets pissed and answers back but Edwards hits clotheslines. Edwards trips her up and hits a running cross body in the ropes. Edwards locks on a sleeper, drags Allie to the mat, but Allie fires up and escapes. Allie completely snaps and slaps herself around and starts mauling Edwards with strikes and kicks. Allie finishes things with a code breaker. Allie defeated Alisha Edwards @ 4:00 via pin

– Allie beats down Edwards post match, Kiera makes the save and Allie snaps out of it to “psycho bunny” chants.

– Jordynne Grace is coming soon.

X-Division Title Match: Champion Cage vs. Rich Swann: Swann dances around, and Cage shoves him down and immediately takes control. Swann picks up the pace, hits a dropkick and Cage cuts him off but Swann hits an enziguri. Cage is pissed, tosses Swann around and starts whipping Swann to the buckles. The clothesline follows, but counters the suplex, dumps cage and hits an apron superkick. Cage then catches him and slams him to the post with a powerbomb. Back in and Cage hits the dead lift suplex, covering for 2. Post break, and Cage lays in chops on Swann. Cage just tosses Swann around with ease. Cage curls Swann and hits a toss slam for 2. Swann battles back, hits kicks, and they blow a dragon RANA spot. They recover and Swann hits a DDT for 2. Swann heads up top, rolls through on the splash, superkick from Cage, and Swann follows with kicks and covers for 2. Swann follows with leg kicks, but hits a pump handle slam and covers for 2. Swann fights off the powerbomb, but Cage hits a burning hammer for 2. Cage takes Swann up top, follows him up and Swann counters and fights out and hits an enziguri. Cage then dives off into a cutter. Swann hits the lethal injection, heads to the ropes and hits the 450 for 2. Swann back up top, but misses the Phoenix splash. Cage hits a powerbomb, buckle, bomb, and weapon X for the win. Champion Cage defeated Rich Swann @ 14:40 via pin

– Sami Callihan arrives and he wants the X-Division title. He shows a loop of him pinning Cage at BFG. Sami attacks, but Cage looks for drill claw, but the Crists make the save. Jake eat a drill claw and gets dragged to the back.

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