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December 11, 2019 | Posted by Larry Csonka
AEW Dynamite

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I will be doing the coverage in my regular review style; final ratings and extra thoughts will be in the final version of the review. Have a good time chatting, and thanks for joining 411 for your live coverage needs.

Csonka’s AEW Dynamite Review 12.11.19

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Jon Moxley vs. Alex Reynolds: Knee trembler, dirty deeds, finish. Jon Moxley defeated Alex Reynolds @ 0:05 via pin [NR]

– John Silver eats a dirty deeds post match as well.

– Chris Jericho and the Inner Circle arrive. Jericho says to be cool because if they were jumping him, it’d be done already. He puts Moxley over and says they have a long history together dating back 10-years, and Jericho gave him advice and helped him and then they became enemies and beat the shit out of each other he helped him become a star. Years later he navigated Moxley to AEW, and Moxley thanked him by laying him out. That showed Moxley is still as asshole and still a winner. But he still needs Jericho, and what if they actually joined forces? He offers Moxley a spot in the Inner Circle, and even has a shirt for him. Take some time, talk it over with your lovely wife and we’ll be waiting for you. He lays the shirt on his shoulder and they leave him alone.

The Butcher & The Blade vs. Cody & QT Marshall: The Bunny is at ringside. Cody and the Blade begin, locking up and working to the ropes. Cody follows with a dropkick, strikes and the snap slam for 1. Butcher tags in and Marshall joins him. They lockup and butcher overpowers him, Marshall fires back, Bunny trips him up and Blade follows with a dive. Back in and Marshall tags in Cody. He mists Blade with water and follows with a bulldog as Marshall joins in for double teams. Blade cuts him off as double teams follow for 2. Butcher lays in chops, Blade back in and he delivers chops. They continue with quick tags and double teams, grounding Marshall. Marshall fights back, hits an enziguri and Butcher cuts off the tag. They continue to double team Marshall and cover for 2. Marshall fights back, hits aback handspring kick and tags in Cody. Cody runs wild, takes out the Butcher and the moonsault press on the Blade follows for 2. The springboard cutter gets 2. The figure four is countered, Bunny rakes the eyes and Marshall tags in and follows with a rough looking dive. Back in and they double team Blade and Marshall hits cross Rhodes, dive by Cody and Marshall hits the senton for 2. Butcher takes out Cody, and back in, the stunner and lariat follow on Marshall. The suplex/backstabber finishes Marshall. The Butcher & The Blade defeated Cody & QT Marshall @ 11:10 via pin

– Darby Allin arrives and shakes hands with Cody.

– MJF & the Wardlow arrive. He mocks a ringside worker for laughing when Cody made fun of his cross Rhodes. He makes him kiss his ring and hits cross Rhodes on him. MJF puts over Cody, but says he’s better. Don’t throw rocks at a man with a machinegun. He heard his offer last week, but doesn’t need his crap or money, but what he does need is for Cody to suffer. Cody called him a knockoff Jericho, and then runs down Cody for being fake and having a shitty little lisp. Cody won’t do anything, because he wants to face him so badly. Do you want MJF vs. Cody? Well guess what, you’re on. BUT… there are stipulations. He won’t share them here, he will give them to Cody in Jacksonville. He knows Cody is watching, and needs to realize MJF is the one in control.

– We get a Dark Order video, featuring Alex Reynolds being sick of being a jobber, and the TV commercial talking to him. John Silver arrives and asks who he’s talking to.

Big Swole vs. Emi Sakura: Hikaru Shida is in the crowd watching on. they work into a test of strength to begin and Swole follows with strikes and kicks for 2. Emi fires back, tosses Swole around and Swole gets pissed and fires back. Emi grounds her, attacking the hair and locks in the rolling Romero special. Emi follows with chops, and then grounds the action. She then follows with more chops, Swole fires back and hits a big clothesline. Emi cuts her off, they trade and Swole picks up the pace and works into a cover for 2. Emi cuts her off and fires up, hits the corner splash and the backbreaker follows. Emi gets her mic stand, and uses it working a cobra twist. The ref takes it and Swole takes it, does some James Brown and then hits an enziguri. But Emi cuts her off with a backbreaker. The Vader bomb follows for 2. Emi up top and misses the moonsault. Swole follows with strikes, and they trade, and Swole follows with a lariat for 2. Emi cuts her off and Swole counters into dirty dancing for the win. Big Swole defeated Emi Sakura @ 10:40 via pin

Kenny Omega & Adam Page vs. Kip Sabian & Shawn Spears: Penelope Ford is at ringside. Page and Sabian begin. Sabian attacks with strikes, Page fires back and dumps Spears. Kenny tags in and double teams on Sabian follow. Kenny wants to celebrate, but Page refuses. Kenny hits a backbreaker for 2. Page in and double teams follow until Spears makes the save. Page fights him off and maintains control on Sabian, laying in chops. Sabian fires back and cuts him off with an anarchist suplex. Spears tags in and takes control, covering for 2. He follows with chops, Sabian back in and they follow with quick tags and double teams. Spears hits the neck breaker for 2. Page battles back, and tags in Kenny. He runs wild and hits a double kotaru crusher. Ford stops his dive and that allows Spears to attack. Sabian hits the missile dropkick and that gets 2. RANA by Sabian, and the enziguri follows. Ford hits a RANA on Page on the floor as backing, Sabian hits a tornado DDT for 2. Sabian & Spears keep control, Ford hits the back handspring elbow as Spears distracts the ref and Sabian picks up a near fall. Kenny fires back and hits a knee strike for the double down. LIGHTS OUT and Tully is tied to a chair on the stage by Janela. Spears goes to save him and Janela attacks. Sabian is left alone and Kenny hits a snapdragon suplex. The V trigger follows and page tags in with the buckshot lariat for the win. Kenny Omega & Adam Page defeated Kip Sabian & Shawn Spears @ 11:30 via pin

– Brandi cuts a promo on how AEW needs her, and runs down Baker & Riho. Her family is almost all complete but they are waiting on Statlander as we see she has a new bald person that she won’t reveal. Ok then.

– Jericho & Hager join JR on commentary.

– Jericho & Hager join JR on commentary. kicking out Excalibur & SKEE-a-VON.

Luchasaurus vs. Sammy Guevara: Marko & Jungle Boy are at ringside. Sammy slaps Luchasaurus, hits a dropkick, enziguri and Luchasaurus counters the RANA but Sammy escapes, fires back with kicks and Luchasaurus then kicks him to the floor. He follows him out, lays in chops and slams him to the apron. Luchasaurus tosses him back in and Sammy catches him with a kick, knee strike and a dropkick, knocking him to the floor. Sammy looks for a tope, overshoots Luchasaurus and then opts for an apron shooting star press. Back in and Sammy decided to Vlog while attacking Luchasaurus, Luchasaurus fires up and hits a knee strike and then tosses him around. The chokeslam is countered, spin kick and knee strikes by Sammy follow and the DDT connects. Sammy heads up top and misses the moonsault. Luchasaurus goozles him, follows with kicks and the flapjack tombstone finishes it. Luchasaurus defeated Sammy Guevara @ 6:30 via pin

– Jericho &Hager attack post match, brawling with Jurassic Express and Jungle Boy gets a visual pin on Jericho ahead o next week’s match.

– On February 29th, AEW returns to PPV with Revolution in Chicago.

Texas Street Fight: The Young Bucks vs. Santana & Ortiz: The winners face SCU for the tag titles next week. Santana & Ortiz attack during the Buck’s entrance as Sammy joins them, Cutler tries to make the save but is powerbombed through the stage. They toss matt of the stage, set up a table and Santana climbs the set until Matt cuts him off. They then take out Sammy with an indie taker on the ramp. Nick climbs the set and swantons Ortiz through a table and that gets 2. They work over Santana at ringside, as SCU watch on. Ortiz is back and tosses the mad ball to Santana and he works over the Bucks with it. They put a trashcan over Nick’s head and work him over with kendo and mad ball shots. Matt wears a Cowboy’s helmet and makes the save and follows with rolling northern lights suplexes and tosses Santana through a table at ringside, and then bodies fly everywhere through tables. Back in as Santana & Ortiz take the heat on Nick. Matt makes the save with trashcan shots and Matt follows with a high cross to the floor. Nick hits the trashcan assisted 450 but Hager arrives and pulls out the ref. Dustin arrives and takes him out, the Bucks double team Santana more bang for your buck connects but no ref. New ref in and the cover gets 2.Santana cuts off the Meltzer driver, Ortiz low blows Matt and the street sweeper onto the trashcan follows for 2 as Nick pulls out the ref. Santana brings in a chair, mad ball shots follow from Ortiz and he sets up chairs. The street sweeper is countered, Santana gets sent through a table and superkicks follow. The chair assisted superkick follows. The Meltzer diver onto the chairs finishes it. The Young Bucks defeated Santana & Ortiz @ 14:35 via pin

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