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February 22, 2023 | Posted by Tony Acero
AEW Dynamite 2-22-23 Image Credit: AEW

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Rumor has it Vince McMahon is back in Creative Control of 411 Recaps, so expect the unexpected.

It’s Wednesday, you know what that means…

Yessssss! Time for some Dynamite!

Did you know Justin Roberts was from Pheonix, cuz he is, and that’s where we are at! Crowd is hot, and not just cuz it’s Arizona! We’re startin off with some Orange Cassidy!

Another Arizona legend? Greg DeMarco is in the crowd and sending me pics to make me jealous!

The following match stems from Yuta insulting Orange On Friday.

All-Atlantic Championship Match
Orange Cassidy vs Wheeler Yuta

They work the ropes, Orange hits a nice arm drag into a bridge, but Yuta reverses, then Orange, then Yuta, each getting a nice flurry of pins. Orange with a cradle gets 2, and Yuta decides to roll out of the ring, leaving Orange to be a bad ass. Yuta hops up to the apron. Orange goes for the pockets, but Yuta slides in and trips him up. He bends the legs back and Orange tosses an elbow behind, Yuta hooks it, stands, Orange arm drags, Yuta in the corner, hops to the shoulders, Orange flips off, Yuta gets a pin for 1..2.NO!! Crucifix pin from Yuta for 1..2.NO!!! Orange flies off the ropes, locks the arm, spins onto his back. SEATBELT LOCK FROM ORANGE! Yuta escapes the pin with some frustration.

Claudio Castagnoli walks down the ramp, looking unhappy. He slaps Yuta, tells him to screw this shit, this is BCC, get in there and kick some ass.

Yuta runs into the ring, bites Orange Cassidy, then hits a huge lariat! Suicide dive to the outsie onto OC! Claudio points at OC, and Yuta grabs him then whips him into the barricade. Yuta sends OC onto the timekeeper’s table then tosses it onto Orange. Ref yells at Yuta to get him back in the ring. Yuta high fives Claudio and Yuta enters the ring to gloat. Claudio heads back up the ramp.

Yuta on the outside, he grabs Orange and sends him into the ringpost. Yuta sends OC into the ring, hops onto the apron and back into the ring. Yuta lifts OC in te corner, hits a chop to the chest. Another. OC stops a third with his hands up. He then hits the pockets! Lol. Yuta slaps the face of OC, then a forearm, chop, antoher slap, OC still has his hands in his pockets. Yuta chops. OC WITH THE SUPERKICKS TO THE SHINS!!! Dropkick from OC! Hands still in! Kip up! Go behind, shove, Orange flips over the top rope, grabs Yuta head and sends it into the corner. He bashes Yuta’s face into the post for a ten count. OC flies off, atomic drop, enziguri from Yuta! Elbow in the corner! To the top, big elbow off the top! Cover for 1..2.NO!!! Yuta hammerlocks the arm behind OC, OC gets to the ropes. Dropkick sends OC outside.

WE ARE BACK! Orange hits an elbow out the corner, but Yuta turns and hits a clothesline then sends Orange flat on his back. Yuta to the top rope. He dives and OC moves! Yuta hits the mat chest first! OC pulls himself up in the corner. Orange Punch, missed! Yuta dodges, locks the head, brainbustaaaa!!! Yuta hooks the leg, Angle Slam! Cover! 1..2…NO!!! Upkicks from OC. Over and over and over! OC is pulled up, both hands locked, OC then pulls Yuta in for a ……


Yuta is pissed! Lol. Headbutt to OC, hip toss and Yuta locks the arm up between the knee and hammers OC’s face. Fireman’s from OC, Yuta dorps down, whip from OC, holds onto the ropes, Yuta flies back in, kicks oC away, OC rushes, waist lock, German from Yuta!!! He holds on! OC reverses. GERMAN! OC hodls on! Yuta tries to break the hold, go behind, OC locks the hips, rollup, twists the legs! Pin for 1..2.NO!!!! OC side Russian, but Yuta reverses, rolls OC up with a Mouse Trap! 1….2….NO!!! Both men up! Yuta spits his gum! It sticks to OC’s forehead! OC spit! They exchange blows back and forth over and over and over and over and over and over. Both men fall head to head, a few final blows end with a double lariat, and both men falling to their back. Ref gets to 7, Both men up. OC tries Beach Break, Yuta grabs the ropes and slinks off. YHuta grabs the ear of OC, pulls him to the apron, tries for a powerbomb, but OC hits a back body drop onto the apron!!!! OC runs the apron, flies and hits a diving DDT to Yuta!!!!! OC sends Yuta into the ring, another DDT! OC grabs Yuta, tries for Beach Break! Yuta with a piledriver! Yuta covers! 1..2….NO!!!! Yuta tries for a seatbelt, but OC counters, locks the arm with the knee, and drives some hammer elbow strikes!!!! OC tries to cover, Yuta reverses into a pin! 1..2..NO!!! OC up!!!

Orange Punch!! CROWD HOPS UP LIKE WILD! COVER! 1..2…..NO!!!!!!! Beach Break!!!! 1….2…….NO!!!!!!!! Orange is up! Orange Punch to Yuta on his knees!! Cover! 1..2……3!!!

Winner: Orange Cassidy
BRISSSSSCCCCOOOOOEEEEEE!!!!!!!! This was beautiful! They didn’t HAVE to do this. NO ONE would have been mad if they had a nice seven to ten minute technical match with some comedy mixed in. Instead, they gave us over 15 minutes of awesomeness. Holy shit that was great. They told a story. A beginning, a middle, and even an end with the lack of hug wrapping up this moment nicely while possibly leading to something else down the line. Just wonderful.
Total Rating: *****
Match Time: 16:46

Orange lifts Yuta up by the chin. He wants a hug. Yuta considers, but Claudio Castagnoli is back outside and tells Yuta no. Yuta leaves the ring with Claudio.

Backstage, Evil Uno and Hangman Adam Page are with Renee. She wonders how Evil Uno will prepare.

Hangman is upset, Uno tells him that he has requested so many times to not interfere, and every time he hears that, he hears that Dark Order is not on his level. SO, Evil Uno has a request for Page – do not interfere, do not show up from bell to bell, because it’s time for Dark Order to stand up for itself. To Moxley, it’s time to find out why his name is Evil Uno.

The fly lookin Ricky Starks is here!

He says he’d love to soak in all the cheers, but he’s pressed for time. He has accepted that Jericho does not want to have a rematch, so he will be moving on. He has an open-challenge contract for a match against him at Revolution. As his theme song, it will be televised, so he’ll be damned if he’ll be left off. He knows someone wants on this card, and he welcomes this person to come down and sign.

Jericho Appreciation Society’s graphics hit and Jericho’s music answers the call.

It’s Chris Jericho all by his lonesome. Jericho’s jacket and pants is adorned with a bunch of silver spikes.

Jericho knows that Ricky is trying to bait him into having another match. Ricky is not done with Jericho until he says so. Count your blessings, Starks, he beat Jericho. A highlight of his career. Put that in a little box and put it on his nightstand and check it nightly before sleep. Jericho can beat him any time anywhere, but it will never happen, because Starks is not at Jericho’s level. So good luck with the open challenge, Jericho hops it goes well.

Out comes….Peter Avalon.

Jericho hits him with a Judas Effect before he can make it to the ring. Lol.

Jericho walks way into the ring and tells Ricky to see what happens? Everyone is going to walk out here. Starks wants Jericho so bad. Maybe he should take the contract and have a rematch and embarrass him.

Starks says yeah, he can definitely go ahead and sign this, but we all know what will happen. As the Chris Jericho, the first AEW Champion, he did this all by himself, why does he keep needing JAS? Starks thinks Jericho can get the job done by himself. Starks doesn’t think Jericho can beat Starks by himself. No, wait, he does believe that.

Jericho says you’re damn right, and he can do it one on one. He is the great Chris Jericho. He would sign this, and even add an addendum that JAS stays in the back. He would do that here and now, but he doesn’t have a pen.

Starks does, though.

Jericho takes it from his hands and makes a huge point to wait before he clicks. The click gets a huge pop. Jericho signs, with the addendum.

Well that took some time, but ok.

Jericho tells Starks to be careful what you wish for, because nobody outsmarts The Ocho.

Starks stares at hard cam and gives us a wink and a smile.

Lee Moriarty and Big Bill vs The Acclaimed

Crow is hot for The Acclaimed. Lee and Max to start. Max hits an arm drag and holds on. Lee spins into it, whip and Big Bill hits a knee. Lee kicks Max with the side kick. There is a SCISSORZONA chant. Wild. Whip and Anthony gets tag. Sunset flip from Max, as Bowens hits a back breaker. Pin for 1..2….NO!!!

We back, and The Gunns are halfway down the ramp. Big Bill misses a splash, Bowens gets a tag, Lee gets a blind tag. Bowens chops away, whip to the ropes, Bowens hops over, stops, kicks the mid, kicks the hest, hits the ropes, leg lariat to the back of the head! Bowens spins nad drops Lee, chop, back elbow to Big Bill. Kick to the chin. Bowens in the corner, he scissors Billy Gun! Spinning bfist is blocked by Bill, who hits a big boot to Bily Gunn! Elbow to Bowens! Bill heads outside and Max sends him into the barricade. Here comes The Guns to attack they daddy!!! They punch him in the face, then hit a bunch of stomps. The Acclaimed chase them around the ring, Max sends big Bill into the steps and post.

In the ring, lee drops Anthony with a clothesline then hits a flatliner. Cover for 1..2..NO!!!!!! Lee up in the corner.

Lee waits, Bowens is up, Hihh kick is missed, Bowens ducks under, backslide, Lee flips out oat 2, Bowens hangs on. The Arrical! Tag to Max. Mic Drop! Cover for 1..2…3!!!

Winners: The Acclaimed
Holy hell The Acclaimed are over as hell. Not much to write about, as it was short, and half was during a commercial break, but these boys are hite hot.
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 7:06

Schiavone is at the top of the ramp, and he welcomes…Christian Cage.

Cage’s music hits, and he comes out for his interview, but here comes Jungle Boy! He attacks Christian from behind! A few punches knock Christian out. JB kicks some dirt onto Cage then leaves to the back.

Jungle Boy is not done, though, because he returns with two hairs! He sits Christian onto one of them and grabs the other. JB holds his boot to the neck of Cage, stomps one time, then…hesitates. He’s about to do it, but cage punches his dick! Chair shot to the head! Cage slams JB’s face into the chair a few times, and JB is bleeding. Christian stands tall, boot on the head of JB as refs come out to send him to the back.

We get a look at Wardlow vs Joe, starting with the interview from last week. Samoa Joe’s response is calling man’s greatest folly delusion. He scalped Wardlow to send a message that he is not a man to be messed with.

Saraya vs Skye Blue

Saraya starts by bullying Skye with a push. They try a wheelbarrow spot that looks sloppy. Blue to the top rope after a right hand. Toni Storm distracts and Saraya drops Blue down into the corner. Stomps over and over then she sends Blue to the outside. Toni hits Blue with a suplex on the outside as the ref is busy. Sarayha leaves the ring, grabs Blue, and sends her into the barricade. She sends blue back into the ring, covers for 1..2.NO!!! Saraya works the arm of Blue, then hooks the head. She turns the girl, sends her to the ropes, Blue with the Octopus! Saraya reverses and drops Blue on her back. Cover for 1..2.NO!!! Blue with an uppercut, big boot out the corner, Blue to the 2nd rope, Saraya hits the abs, clims up and hits some right forearms. Saraya locks the head, lifts up, Blue blocks, araya hops down, Blue flies with a crossbody! Blue up, rushes and hits a knee ot the afcfe, whip to the ropes, running high knee. Dropkick to the side of the head. Cover for…NO! Toni Storm is on the apron! Blue to Toni. Right hand. Saraya kicks her in the chin, grabs the legs and pulls her to the center.

Saraya steps over like a Sharpshooter, but underhooks both arms as well, and Blue taps.

Winner: Saraya
Nothing too great to highlight, but also nothing too bad to write about either.
Total Rating: *
Match Time: 3:35

Saraya grabs the spray paint and shakes it, but here come Jamie Hayter and Britt Baker to make the save. They run down the ring and Toni and Saraya leave the ring. They opt to spray paint a sign in the crowd instead, then run up the ramp.

Ruby Soho comes out to the stop the girls on the ramp. She points to Jamie, saying she wants the title.

Bryan Danielson is here and he’s happy to be back in AZ. He will do everything in his power to beat MJF for this title, but first he wants to talk about what MJF said last week. Last week, MJF came out and said he hates Bryan Danielson. So he tries to break the arm of a friend of his, but he hates Bryan? He put a bounty on his head, tried to injure him, but he hates Bryan? MJF hospitalized his mentor William Regal, but MJF hates him?

MJF’s music hits, and out comes the man with the belt.

MJF says he knows who Bryan really is, and he knows who he really is. He is the guy who got left stranded by anyone he ever opened up to, got tossed like trash by anyone claiming to love him. Then he met a girl who changed his outlook on everyone, his dream girl, she convinced him not everyone in this world is bad. So he became the man who got down on one knee and told that girl he wanted to have a family, have children, a home with her. That girl left him.

She left him because he is unlovable, and now all that he has in this life and world is this title. It’s all he’s got from grabbing a fist full of pills and calling it a day. But not Bryan, everybody loves him. Bryan has something MJF will never have. He has a family. A wife, two kids, and he takes it all for granted. Why does he hate Bryan? Because Bryan has had more concussions and head trauma than anyone in this business and he’s still here. Every time Bryan steps foot in that ring, he is choosing wrestling over his family and children. He is spitting in MJF’s face because he is taking everyting MJF would kill for for granted. He is no different than his worthless drug-addicted mentor William Regal. In fact, he’s worse, because Bryan is addicted to the spotlight. He’ll get it all on March 5, because MJF is going to punish him for trying to take away the one thing MJF has in this life, and he’ll punish him for all he’s taken for granted.

He now wants to speak to Bryan’s children.

Bryan stops him there, says not to bring his kids into this, or he’ll kick the shit out of him.

MJF says hi to Birdie and Buddy, says it’s Uncle Max, and he just wants them to know that come March 5, he’ll make Dada pay for all his selfishness. He’ll grab him by the arm and rip it out of socket until he submits, and make sure Dada can never play with them again. For one hour, he’ll make sure Dada can never pick them up again, then he’ll take his fist and hit Dada in the head with it over and over. On March 5, he’ll be giving Bryan early onset CT…

Bryan attacks! MJF is able to mount, but Bryan reverses and beats down on him. Here come security to break it up. They do the break up/pull apart thing a few times.

Backstage, Jamie Hayter offers both Saraya and Ruby Soho a chance at te title come Revolution. So it’ll be a triple threat.

AEW Tag Team Battle Royale

Shit goes wild so I’ll just update you when we get to like the final three to four teams.

Mark Briscoe shows up to attack Mark Woods.

After much a do about nothing, we are left with Trent/Fenix/Dante on one side of the ring and Lethal/Butcher/Jarrett on the other just before a PIP

BACK from a break, and the aforementioned six are still legal. Rey and Dante team up to try and eliminate Butcher, but he chops them both away. He sends Rey into the ropes, he flies back with a kick, Butcher dodges, shoulder block and Rey flies theough the ropes, not over them.

Dante, meanwhile, gets kicked by Butcher, eliminating him, then Rey runs up to eliminate Butcher! Jeff and Jay then eliminate Rey! Trent is all that’s left, it appears.

Jeff and Jay double team Trent with right hands back and forth. They toss Trent into the ropes, he ducks under, elbow to Jay, to Jeff, knee from Jay, Trent sends Jay over the top, Singh is there to stop. Trent sends Jeff over the other side, and Singh runs over there to stop that. Trent sends Jay and Jeff to the apron, both standing there. Dropkick from Trent to both Js and Singh is there to hold them both and send them back flying into the ring. Trent locks the head of Jay, hits a tornado DDT. JJ with The Stroke. He sends Trent over the top rope. Trent holds on, He skins the at as JJ is strutttin. Jay sends him back over, and now they both think they won, but here comes

ORANGE CASSIDY to sit Trent onhis shoulders! He takes him over to the steps. Trent enters, Dutt hops on the apron, Jay rushes the corner, Trent sends him flying! Jeff Jarrett hits a clothesline as Danhausen chases Sonjay up the ramp! Trent tosses Jeff over the top rope, but Singh catches him and places him back in the ring.

The Stroke to Trent! Jarrett eliminates Trent.

Winner: Jeff Jarrett
I dunno if I hate this because I’m a mark, or because I didn’t like this match and the fact that it took so long to get to a result I didn’t particularly like, but here we are.
Total Rating: *
Match Time: Too Long

WE head to Rampage where thousands of people feel and see what House of Black have seen for months. Malakai says it’s time to address these problems and eradicate them. It’s time for these voices to be heard.

We are BACKSTAGE with Tony Khan!

Renee asks him the announcement. He says…

He thought it’d be best made by a major star, so he sends the mic to…


Khan leaves.

Cole says last week, he was excited about the idea of telling more of his story. So next month, immediately after Dynamite, there will be AEW All Access where you can get a look at AEW like never before. This show will help him show his journey among other things. He has more good news. That same night, the night that show debuts, Cole will make his in-ring return. For 6 months, he’s gone through hell.

Backstage, The Gunns walk in on Sonjay’s goons to offer them a squid pro row.

Next week, HOOK is back!

Evil Uno vs Jon Moxley

Uno on the attack early!!! He corners Jon and bites the forehead! Moxley is able to gain control. Jon corners Uno and steps on his face for the full four count. Uno slow to stand, chops Jon, Jon with a right. Huge kick out of the corner. Uno removes his jacket! He chokes Jon up with it! Ref stops him. Uno bites the head again. He chops Jon away, hits the ropes, huge splash in the corner, another splash. He sends Jon into the corner, sits him up in the corner. Chop to Jon. Locks the head. Uno lifts the arm for a superplex, Jon hits some right hands. Right forearm, Jon grabs the mask and rips it!!! Uno falls down to his feet. Jon on the apron. Uno rushes the apron with a huge boot, sending Jon flying to the outside! Uno to the top rope! He flies!!! CANNONBALL ONTO JON!!! Uno mounts! Right hands over and over!!! Left and right! Uno chases Jon in then out and Jon sends him head first into the steps. Jeeeez. Lol.

Jon drags jon over to the steps and stomps him into the bottom step. Jon stands tall in the ring by himself. Uno crawls, stands against the apron. He is dripping blood. Jon waits for him. Kick to the side of the head. Crossface forearms to Uno! Uno’s face is covered in blood, easily visible even with the mask on. UNO WITH A PILEDRIVER TO MOXLEY!!!! ANOTHER ONE!!!! Cover! 1..2…NO!!! Jon with a go behind. SLEEPER!!! He locks in the S-grip. Uno to his knees. Elbows to the head over and over. SLEEPER! Down to the mat. BULLDOG CHOKE! BLOOD IS SEEEPING OUT!!! Uno stands!!! Jon with a rear choke! He adds scissors! Jon wins!

Winner: Hangman Adam Page
Well it wasn’t pretty…
Total Rating: *
Match Time: 6:10

Moxley will not let go! Ref calls for him to stop! Here come Silver and Reynolds!

Claudio and Wheeler are here! They attack!

Here comes Hangman!!!! He rushes down and Jon is standing!!! They meet in the middle of the ring! Page with the beatdown over and over and over!!! Hangman has barbed wire! He wraps his hand with it! Jon rolls outside! Page clears the ring! He’s not done! He leaves and chases Jon! He sends him into the barricade! Jon’s bleeding from the forehead! Page beats him down over and over!

Page sends Moxley into the ring. He sets up for the Buckshot, but Jon leaves the ring! He sits the bottom of the ramp, blood dripping over his face, smiling as we end the show.

End Show

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