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January 20, 2021 | Posted by Tony Acero
AEW Dynamite

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It’s Wednesday…you know what that means.

Ok, let’s go! I just signed a two-year extension with Tony for that sweet Khan money, so I expect this show to be a solid 9 out of 10, at least.

We are starting off hot just like last week, with an eight-man tag. The Dark Order comes out with -1 on the shoulders of Ten. There’s a cake for him, as we are celebrating his birthday. We light the candle.

Silver on the mic, says it’s a special night. We’re getting a new recruit tonight in Adam Page. Secondly, it’s somebody’s birthday! He conducts the Happy Birthday song to -1.

Out comes Luther after the song, and he mocks the celebration with Serpentico by his side. He says he doesn’t care about the birthday, that AEW is becoming nothing but a daycare center. He cuts a promo on Lee’s kid, saying he’s gum-flapping and he doesn’t look stupid. #1, his face is perfectly symmetrical. #2, Lee stands there with all these half-wits, he’s the stupid looking one; the doofus. The Chaos Project doesn’t like children. The Chaos Project doesn’t like -1. They are going to ruin his birthday.

The Dark Order attacks!!! Out come Angelico and Evans to back up Luther’s Reign. Or Luther Reigns. Or Luthers Roman. Fuck..

Out comes Hangman Page! He flies off the stage onto everyone!

Match 1: The Dark Order and Hangman Page vs Luther, Serpentico, and TH2

Silver and Angelico to start. Huge uppercut to Angelico. Cover for 1..2..N!O!! Evans in to break it up. Silver sends him out, then turns into a right hand from Angelico. Stomp to Silver and a tag to Luther. Kicks to the chest of Silver. Luther double underhooks and suplexes. Cover for 1…..NO!!! Tag to Serpentico. Luther body slams Serpentico onto Silver. Tag to Angelico, who comes in and tells Luther to hit the ropes. He bulldogs Angelico ONTO Silver. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Silver to the corner! Tag to Serpentico. He ttacks the kidneys. Snapmare, kick to the back. Serpentico pulls back on the nose of Silver. Serpentico with a right hand to the gut, a whip to the corner, Silver hits it hard. Serpentico runs and Silver with a flapjack onto the buckle! Boot to Serpentico! Tag to page. He comes in, hits a clothesline, kicks Luther off the apron, in comes Angelico, boot to him, Evans in, and Page hits a Spinebuster!!!! Page runs with a clothesline to the corner, one for Serpentico, one for Evans, he runs into a kick from Serpentico, who flies and gets caught. Belly to belly from Page and a cover for 1..2..NO!!!! This gets stopped, and all of Dark Order enters the ring. Serpentico sends Reynolds and Siler outsodie. Colt flies to the top, leg lariat, Page grabs Angelico, FALLAWAY SLAM!!!! Kip up from Page. He flies over the top rope, lamds on the floor, Evans tries to spin kick, Page dodges, Silver runs off the apron with a senton, then clotheslines Angelico! Reynolds flies over the top onto Luther and Luther. Hangman to the top rope! MOONSAULT ONTO EVERYONE!!!

Page sends Serpentico into the ring, who is swinging at no one. Tag to Colt. Reynolds in. Body slam to Serpentico, Reynolds hops on Page, and Silver hops on Reynolds. Page drops both men onto Serpentico. Colt covers for 1..2..NO!!! Tag to Reynolds. Serpentico escapes the beatdown with a superkick to Reynolds, then a DDT! Evans with a 450 off the top rope! Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Page beaks it up. Evans sends him to the outside. Evans flies, Page catches him on the apron and powerbombs him INTO Angelico, who is in the crowd.

Luther has Colt by the cake, but in comes Brodie’s kid with a kendo stick! He smacks Luther in the back and Colt flapjacks Luther into the cake!!!

In the ring, Enziguri from Reynolds, Silver locks up behind, and in comes Page with the Buckshot! Pin for 1..2…3!!!

Winners: The Dark Order and Adam Page
I want to make clear that the rating and comments have nothing to do with the birthday celebration for the young Lee, as I found that in good taste and adorable. As a match, this was indyriffic to say the least. It was fun, yes, but typically there’s a nice balance or a toning down of the indy spots, and this one they just went FULL INDY. You never go FULL INDY. The Silver onto Reynolds onto Page spot in particular was a bit too much. Still, as an opener, and a celebration for -1, a bit of fun.
Total Rating: **1/2
Match Time:6:15

Out comes Evil Uno and Grayson. They hold Serpentico. -1 says this isn’t how this works, and smacks Serpentico on the head. He says his birthday was three days ago, you idiots. He throws the papers at Serpentico!

Silver has the mc. He tells Page that he is so good and so amazing and is a really good wrestler. He is also really handsome and has really nice hair, and he likes Page a lot. Now this is the moment they’ve all been waiting for. Silver drops to one knee and asks Page to join the Dark Order.

Page closes his eyes in trepidation. He says he cant.

Music plays, confetti drops, digital banners drop that says HE SAID YES!!! People come out to celebrate, but Dark Order kicks them all to the back.

Page says he’s had fun, and he tried to put this off, but they forced him into this week. Honestly, he’s done the group thing before, and it didn’t end well for Page. He is so sorry.

Page leaves. Silver says, “Adam, no!”

Page grabs the bottle of Jack out of Grayson’s hand on the way to the back. Lol.

Backstage, MJF says the last thing he wants to see in the Inner Circle is for them to split up. Isn’t Jericho worried this might happen? Jericho says no, tonight will bring them closer together. At the end of the night, they have a deal, a rule, that they will move on together. So tonight, the three team match will be great. MJF says yes, this is correct. They will be the next AEW World Tag Team champions.

IN THE RING, Tony is chillin with his puffy vest. He introduces Sting, then introduces the TNT Champion, Darby Allin.

Sting has something to say to Darby.

He wants to say that there’s something that reminds him of him in Darby, and he likes it. He thinks Darby is phenomenal. He wants to be the first to congratulate him in public for being the TNT Champion.

Sting keeps up the verbal fellatio until Taz comes onto the screen saying it wasn’t a fair fight. Darby used a belt, wrapping around the legs, like Cage is cattle. They fight dirty, street style, whereas his guys have been gentlemen. The difference? Taz grew up in the streets. These men are Street Fighters. Starks says they cant see them in the streets. Taz says Starks is right, let’s take it ot the streets. Wanna go hard? Nasty? Balls in your court.

Sting whispers in Darby’s ear. Darby says Cash Me Outside and he and Sting leave.

We head to Bucks in someone’s house, and in comes Don who says he had someone in his ear last week to change the match on the fly. It’s Omega’s house, but he’s not here. Callis says Kenny changed his number about two weeks ago. They didn’t get it? Well they don’t need it, because they know where he lives. It’s good that they are all here, the three people that love him the most. Callis, family, and Young Bucks – his old friends. Callis tells Marvez to go. Callis tells camera guy to bounce, but leave the camera. They have privacy now (camera is still on).

Calli says 12 years is a tremendous investment in Omega, but Kenny is very busy, so Callis has a check for them. This will compensate for their vested interest in the friendship. The check isn’t good enough, says Matt. Callis gives them another check. Matt is pissed with Callis thinking they an buy the friendship. Callis wasn’t there for their friendship. Don says he was always there. Sorry that this has gone this way, but if they wants facts, they were great friends, but now they’re holding Omega back. Kenny is too nice. Matt says they used to work for TNA, and knows these checks aren’t good anyway.

Callis calls them bloodsuckers. Matt removes his jacket. They corner Callis, he screams, and we switch scenes.

Match 3: Pretty Peter Avalon vs Cody Rhodes

Cody hits Cross Rhodes immediately.

Jade comes out to stare at Cody. Cody is distracted. Peter Avalon with a kick to the Codies. Peter kicks the knee. He clips the leg. Peter with a chop in the corner. Another chop. Cody reverses. Another chop. He fakes a punch, drops to his back and punches upwards to Peter. Cody to the top rope, and Peter attacks. Right hand to the face. Superplex form Cody to Peter! Both men to the outside. Cody chops Peter. Peter with a throat thrust, chop to Cody. Cody rolls in. peter follows. Cody shoots the leg, Peter clubs the back, hits a supelx, covers for 1…NO!

WE come back from break, and Peter is sending Cody into the ring. Peter hits the ropes, and Cody hits a cutter! Cody whips Peter, hits the ropes again, hits a right hand to the face, another. Whip and Peter reverees, sends Cody into the corner, Cody hops over, hits a powerslam.

Cody with a figure four. Peter reverses it. Cody turns it back onto their back. Peter slaps Cody. Cody is pissed. He goes to slap Peter, and Peter taps to prevent being slapped in the face.

Winner: Cody Rhodes
I’d kind of expect this entire segment in the WWE. A stupid “interruption,” a low blow that didn’t end the match, a match with a jobber that goes on too long, and Cody Rhodes. Truly, all props to Peter Avalon, because I’ve seen a thousand of his matches, and he’s just a great slimy self-loving wrestler. That ending was great.
Total Rating: *
Match Time: 9:04

FTR and Tully are on some shiny and fancy casting couch. They are the best, but they need the belts. In come Jurassic Express. Jungle Boy tells them that they taught something about himself. Dax says he isn’t one of those wrasslers Jungle plays with in the ring, he’ll fight Jungle Boy. Lucha say they will be at ringside to make sure no one gets involved. Dax and Jungle Boy shake hands, and it’s on.

JON MOXLEY is here! He’s got a match with Jasxon Ryker!

Match 3: Jon Moxley vs Nick Comorado

Moxley hits a headbutt then some right hands into the corner. Kick and a shove. Chop to the corner. Moxley sends the head to the corner, then whips ot the corner, reversed, a missed splash, and Jon hits a clothesline to the corner. He hits the ropes, gets caught, Powerslam from Nick! Nick beats Jon down then backs him up into the corner. He hits a side slam onto the knee out of the corner. Nick bends Jon onto the knee and pushes him on the chin. Nick chops, goes for a powerbomb, but Jon lands on his feet and hits some forearms. He hits the ropes, Firemans, and Jon drops the head onto the knee. Cover for 1.2…NO!!!! Nick misses a huge splash in the corner. Running kick from Jon, another kick to the chest. Another. Headlock and Jon goes for a suplex, big guy is too heavy, he shoves Jon, Jon with a surprise GERMAN!!!

Moxley hits the ropes, clothesline and Nick stays standing. Fireman’s to Moley. SLEEPER FROM MOXLEY!!

Winner: Jon Moxley
Good times.
Total Rating: *
Match Time: 3:57

JON says anything can happen on Wednesdays and things are getting crazy around here. He can’t keep track. He tells Kenny that all he did was make it more fun, more interesting, more bodies, more violence, more limbs to snap. He says all roads in professional wrestling lead through him.

Eddie Kingston is backstage with Butcher, Blade, and Bunny. He tells Dasha he is having a real hard time doing so.

In comes Archer, says he’s got a simple message. He wants a fight with Kingston. Kingston holds people back that aren’t fighting. Lol. They’re gonna tussle, later tonight.

WE COME BACK and Kenny is here with the sickest shirt. Marvez tries to get a word, but Kenny ignores him and heads to the bathroom to meet with his homie Don. Don has sunglasses on, trying to hide a shiner. Kenny notices, Don says he doesn’t want Omega to get upset and lose focus. Don drops Nick and Matt’s name. Marvez comes in and asks if Nick and Matt did this. He doesn’t confirm or deny.

Match 4: Matt Sydal and Top Flight vs Matt Hardy and Private Party

Dante and Quen to start. They shake hands. Lockup and a few arm drags. Uen flips out, eats a dropkick. In comes Kassidy, and he eats a dropkick from Duane. Dropkick to Private Party! Tag to Sydal. They grab Quen and chop him, Matt whips all three hop over, then Matt hits a leg lariat. Top flight go flippy flip and don’t land a thing. Sydal drops Quen. Cover for 1..2..N!O!! Matt admonishes Quen in the corner, not tagging in, grabin Quens head and telling him to get it together. Quen stosses his jacket and beats down on Sydal .Tag to Kassidy. Kassidy knocks Top Flight off the apron. Right hands to Sydal, they doble team him but in come Top Flight to shoots the legs and we get a three man Boston Crab!!! Ref stops Kasidy off the apron, flies with a crossbody onto Sydal and a cover for 1..2..N!O!! Quen clubs on the back, stomping the chest of Sydal.

WE ARE BACK, and Kassidy has Sydal hurtin with a cravat on the mat. Kassidy hooks the head, tags in Quen. Double suplex, Matt lands on his feet, knocks Matt off, head scissors to both Private Party. In comes Darrius. German attempt, locks up, sends him to theropes SPANISH FLY!! Matt in. Twist of Fate, Dante with a right, Matt tumbles to the outside. Darrius flies with a suicide dive!!! Silly String attempt, but Dante kicks Quen off the apron, then drops onto the back of Kassidy, bridge and a pin for 1..2..NO!!!! Dante locks the head, tags in Darius, who attacks the back, back suplex, Kassidy lands on his feete, Dante locks up for a German, but Kassidy Drop Toe Holds Dante into his brother. In comes Matt for a Side effect, but Dante elbows out, so he hits Darius with it. Matt hits one on Dante. Matt to the top rope. He dlives, SIDE EFFECT FOR HIM TOO!!! Matt covers everyone. 1..2…NO!!! Tag to Quen who comes in and kicks Matt. He wants to go eye for aan eye with Matt, does a little dance and hits a pele kick and a cover for 1..2…NO!!! High kick! Clothesline to Quen. TopFlight send hi to the top rope, Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Everyone comes in to stop the pin. Darius drops Matt, heads over to Quen, clocks him with a right, gets him to the top rope. He and his brother head to the top rope, but Matt is here to send Darius over the ropes to the outside. Ref holds Matt back.

Kassidy has a chair! He hits the ribs!! Quen is shocked, but likes it!! Quen flies with a shooting star press! Cover for 1..2….3!!!

Winner: Matt Hardy and Private Party
Something must be in the air tonight, as the wrestling has been a little spotty and a lot “spotty” throughout the night. This was no different. Enjoying the gradual heel turn, though.
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 11:54

Sydal and Top Flight are pissed. They get in the face of Private Party. Private Party shows regret. NO, nevermind!! They attack!!! Matt encourages them! He asks for Darius’ head. Twist of Fate!! One for Sydal!!! Matt brings in Private Party and holds their hands up.

We are backstage to the locker room of Inner Circle! MJF and Wrdlow walk in and tells Ortiz and Co that he gets the hostility. If it were up to him, this match wouldn’t be happening, but Chris is the leader, and what he says, goes. Up comes Sammy who says if he had it his way, a lot of things wouldn’t be happening.

MJF says he lloves them all, even Sammy. He respects him because he’s not afraid to speak on his opinion and thoughts. Can he please understand that MJF isn’t a sociopath; he’s coming from a good place. He wants what’s best for this team. Let’s get this match out of the way and finish this.

Sammy doesn’t like it, but he says whatever.


Chuck comes out in butler gear and it looks like they are deviating from the Young Boy idea, as he is going full Alfred.

Match 5: Penelope Ford vs Leyla Hirsch

Lockup and a go behind from Penelope. Leyla drops her hips and controls the ankle. Waist lock from behind rolled into the center of the ring. She mounts the back, turns it into a front face lock. Penelope stands. Another waist lock, trips Penelope down into a pin. Penelop locks the head, Leyla escapes, side headlock from Penelope. Ropes and ref breaks the hold. Penelope locks the head, shoulder tackle from Penelope, Leyla kips up like nothing, Penelope shoves her head, Leyla stands, Chuck trips Leyla on the advice of Kip. Leyla with a cross armbreaker!! Ford gets to the bottom rope with her boot. Leyla heads outside to square up with Kip. Ford with a pump kick. Kip pretends he is fishing. So there’s that.

WE RETURN to a rollup from Ford for 1..2…NO!! Ford grabs the legs. Elbow to the back of Leyla. She turns and ducks a clothesline then hits a hard right, Ford returns, they go back and forth. Leyla hits the ropes, spinning kick from Ford, Leyla catches it, sends ord down in the splits, then hits a running knee. She locks up from behind and hits a deadlift GERMAN!!!! Leyla with knees in the corner!!! Leyla pulls Ford into the center, covers for 1..2..NO!!!! Leyla to the 2nd rope, Ford up, pulls Leyla down and she eats buckle. Ford flisp, misses an axe kick, Leyla with a clothesline sends Ford down hard. Leyla pulls Ford to the corner, then runs, bounces off the top rope, changes gears, and flies with a front flip ONTO KIP AND CHUCK!!!!!

Leyla on the apron. Ford kicks her face in. Kip grabs the boot of Leyla, looking a little sloppy as it looked like he put the leg ON the rope. Cover for 1..2..3!!

Winner: Penelope Ford
Leyla is an good little ass-kicker. Just a bit more polishing, and I think she’d be a good hand. Unfortunately, another match where something was just a bit off – particularly the ending of this match, specifically.
Total Rating: **
Match Time: 6:36

Miro is in the ring, calls for Charles to get into the ring. He says he is a nice guy, but he must take Charles places he’s never been. He needs to look into the past to see where his future can go. He tells Charles to do one thing; grab the microphone, look over at the George Michael wannabe that Miro is his best friend now.

Charles doesn’t want to. Orange stands up. Charles grabs the mic. He tells Cassidy that Miro is his best friend now. Orange has his glasses off, looks over to Charles and his best friends. Cassidy leaves the stands and wins an Emmy for the greatest performance of our lifetime.

BAKCSTAGE, Gallows, Anderson, and Omega are attacking Penta!! Anderson chokes him up withan extension chord while Omega stomps him woth some kick ass boots. He takes one of them off and uses it to attack Penta, driving it into the face of Penta.


Match 6: Santana and Ortiz vs Jake Hager and Sammy Guevara vs MJF and Chris Jericho

Sammy and MJF to start. He tags Jericho in before the match can get going, though. Jericho stares down Sammy, and they circle the ring. Lockup and Jericho gets Sammy in the corner. He fakes a punch, shakes the hand of Sammy, nd they lockup again. Jericho works the wrist, gets control, Sammy flips out. Jericho smacks him, Sammy fires back .Chops to Jericho .Whip to the ropes, Jericho dives under, Sammy back flips over Jericho, dropkick to Jericho, and he sends Jericho to the outside.

Back in the ring. Jericho chops the chest,tries for a dropkick, Sammy catches the leg. Jericho with a tag to Santana. Tag to Hager. Santana locks up behin,d hits the ropes, Hager with a tackle, hops over, again, kick from Santana, dropkick to the face. Santana tags in Ortiz. Whip to Hager. Jericho with a lind tag, Ortiz and Santana back suplex Hager. Cover but Jericho gets the tag. Jericho attacks Ortiz with achop. Again. Whip to the ropes, Jericho ducks under. Santan rolsl through off the tag, crossbody, senton from Ortiz. Moonsault from Santana. He gets a pin for a 1..2….NO!!!

BACK FROM THE BREAK, and Jericho has Samy hurting with a cocky pin. Jericho with a running bulldog sending Sammy into the corner. MJF has yet to be in the ring. Jericho changes that with a tag. Hager gets a tag, he runs MJF over, sends Jericho off the apron. A huge slam to MJF. Tag to Sammy. Sammy with a springboard cutter! Ortiz with a blind tag. Sammy with a lothesline. Jericho in, gets sent right back out. Sammy flies onto the apron, flip over Jericho, lands on his feet, SUPERKICK TO JERICHO!!! Sammy hits the ropes, In comes Santana, he stops Sammy, Ortiz with an Enziguri. Big boot to the face. Ortiz hits the ropes, Santana, too, and they both dive over opposite sides!! Sammy flies to the outside onto MJF. Back in the ring, MJF with a belly to belly slam, he heads to the top rope, Santana kicks him in the back, head to the buckle, Ortiz and Santana both to the top rope. Santan elbows back, shoves Santana, elbowsOrtiz. MJF in with Sammy on his shoulders, but we get a reverse Rana to MJF!!! Sammy back to the corner where Orti is SPANISH FLY TO ORTIZ!!! Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Jericho enters the ring, calls for his bat,Hager enters the ring and big boots Jericho down like nothing! Damn. Lol. MJF gets the ring from Wardlow. Hager sees it. He smiles. HARD RIGHT TO MJF!!!! Enziguri to Hager form Santana and Ortiz. Double clothesline to both men. Cover from Sammy for `1…..NO!!!! MJF breas it up. Jericho with a lind tag. MJF whips Sammy, powerbom to Sammy. Lionsault from Jericho. Cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Double dropkick to Jericho from Satnana and Ortiz. They double team Jericho with a flip, landing him on his face. Cover from Ortiz for 1..2…NO!!!! Codebreaker to Ortiz! Jericho covers for 1..2….NO!!!! Jericho tags in MJF. MJF enters, headbutts to Ortiz. Whip to Ortiz and he hits a double DDT to Jericho and MJF!!! Tag to Hager!!! Hager whips, sending MJF into the corner hard. HAGER BOMB!!! Tag from Sammy. Sammy to the top rope. Hager attacks Jericho. SWANTON BOMB FROM SAMMY! Cover for .1..2…NO!!!!! SICk .Ortiz breaks it up!

Sammy with a fireman’s, drops him on the knee. Knee to MJF. He gets MJF on the shoulders. Wardlow on the apron, gets knocked off, MJF rolls him up! 1..2….3!!!!

Winners: MJF and Jericho
A solid main event, but just like every other match tonight, there was some sloppiness that just can’t be ignored. Not nearly as offensive as, say, the opening match, but still some things that could have been avoided had they stopped trying to make segments in the match, and kind of allowed a flow.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 12:33

End Show

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