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May 12, 2021 | Posted by Tony Acero
AEW Dynamite

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It’s Windsday, Rabbit.

THE Rs Are BACK!!! Check out this week’s edition that covers RAW, NXT, and AEW!

THE 3 RS!!!!

It’s Wednesday…you know what that means.

AEW starts with a weird, “I’m home from war, son” video starring John C. Reilly. Credits roll. It’s awkward.

They make the upcoming Moxley vs Nagata a huge deal, starting it off like it’s a boxing match, while commentary hypes up Nagata.

Jon Moxley vs Yuji Nagata

They meet in the middle of the ring and hits forearms back and forth. Whip to Yuji, and Jon hits a clothesline. Nagat comes out with a kick, knee strike, he marches over to Jon, acting wild. Lol. Nice. Moxley rolls to the outside. Yuji follows. Moxley sends him into the barricade, then enters the ring to celebrate. Yuji rolls into the ring. Moxley with a clothesline in the corner. Snapmare, then a runnin kick to the chest. Elbow drop. Pin for 1.2…NO!!! Jon with a kick to the chest. Cover from Moxley for 1..2.NO!!! Jon stares at the hard cam, pulls on the nose. Moxley to the top rope. He dives but gets caught! Elbow! Kick! Whip to Jon, sending him into the corner. Runinng boot to the chin! EXPLODER! Cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Lock of the head, whip to Moxley, reverseal, Yuji rolls through, fakes a dropkick, then hits a low one to the knee!!! YUJI IS SMART!!! Kick from Yuji! Another kick to the chest! Another kick! Both men up. Hard forearms to the face! Back and forth. Moxley with a clothesline! Cover! 1…2..NO!!!! Moley tries for a piledriver, but Yuji stops it. Back body drop to Jon! Kick to the chest! Running high knee to Moxley!!! Yuji locks the head, sits Moxley on the corner. Exploder off the top!!! Yuji with a kick to the chest! Cover for 1..2….NO!!!! SLEEPER!!! He drops down and rolls into an armbreaker!! Moxley gets to the ropes, and we break the hold!

Yuji stands up tall and proud. He grabs Jon, pulls on the arm, looks to drop it hard, but Jon punches him. They go back and forth again, with a forearm for each cheek. Jon takes over yet again, hitting a few over and over, he hits the opres, boot to the face, enziguri to Jon! Moxley off the ropes! CLOTHESLINE!!!! Cover for 1..2..NO!!! BULLDOG CHOKE!!! Moxley is bleeding from the face! Hard forearms, Moxley spins, hits one to the face, drops Yui, lifts his hed and hits a few knees!

Moxley struggles with a Paradigm Shift! Deadlifts and covers for 1..2…..3!!!!

Winner: Jon Moxley
Uncle Ivan in the comments made a claim that you have to be a hardcorest of hardcore fans in order to care about this match, and to that I say I just don’t get how that’s true. I have no CLUE who this dude is, have probably seen about 30 minutes of any New Japan match and they won me over in record time. Why? Commentary and blood. Excalibur did amazing. Everyone else followed suit. As for the blood; some of my favorite litte moments in wrestling are when a guy bleeds and it’s not a bladejob. Adds so much.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 8:29

Both men get down to their knees, bow to each other, then go head to head and hold each other up. Amazing.

BACKSTAGE, Ortiz, Hager, and Sammy want to talk. Ortiz says MJF showed what type of man he is in pushing Jericho, then had the audacity to have Santana arrested because he stabbed MJF with a fork. Lol. That’s awesome.

Hager says they failed. The Pinnacle failed. They are still alive. They want another match.

Sammy says as long as both factions are in the same company, they will never stop fighting. If they don’t get the rematch, they will put Pinnacle in the grave.

Cody Rhodes starts his entrance. We should be about halfway there by the time we come back from break.

WE ARE BACK, and Cody wants to show his patriotism. He gets the USA chant, says it’s always funny to poke fun at, such as our most recent election. He has never not been proud to be an American. Anthony Ogogo, he says, has run down and verbally buried the USA. Cody brings up some of the best in the UK. Cody brings up 86, says Willie Nelson came out with a song, “Living in the Promise Land.” Cody drops some lyrics. Cody says there is so much to love and behold. The Dream lives here. What about a 16 year old man, coming from Pakistan, invents a bumper, and cultivates the lives of everybody in the city he stands in.

Cody brings up his wife and says she will give birth to a beautiful balck and white child, and he wants her to know that he didn’t just lay down under another man’s flag. He got up and fought back.

Cody wants a match at Double or Nothing.

SCU gets a video package that talks about their dislike of The Young Bucks.

Match 2: AEW Tag Team Championship Match
SCU vs The Young Bucks (w/ Don Callis and The Good Brothers)

Kaz and Nick to start. Slap to Nick. Slap back from Nick. Kaz chases Nick out of the ring, back into the ring, ducks a clothesline, kick from Kaz, back kick, clothesline!!! Tag to CD. Whip, kick from Cd, neckbreaker from Kaz. Mat in, double team move to Matt! Snapmare to Nick. Springboard elbow drop. Leg drop from kaz off the pin. Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Kicks from both guys, Daniels in, whip to Nick, whip reversed, Matt with a back body drop, sending CD over the top rope!!! Matt in with a clothesline. Dives through the ropes with a kick to Daniels. Nick and Matt leave the ring, grab Daniels and locks the head of Daniels. Powerbomb on the apron!! Nick on the apron. He wants it again. Nick with a senton onto the ankles of Daniels.

WE ARE BACK, and SCU is double teaming while Knox does nothing about it. Lol. Powerbomb to Nick and a cover for 1..2..NO!!! Kaz and CD still both in, in comes Matt, he helps his bro and takes some knees to the gut. CD runs with a right hand. Looking for the BME, but Matt is there to shove Daniels off the corner. Kaz misses a right, hits a leg drop. Kaz eats a knee to the face, kick to the face, right elbow, bulldog, Nick to the top rope. He runs wit a kick to Daniels. Nick turns, hits a shoulder to the gut. Nick with a facebuster over the top rope. Nick rolls to the outside. He uperkicks Daniels INTO the post!!! Daniels is bleeding!!! Kaz pulls Nick in and hits a cutter off the ropes!!!! Kaz realizes Daniels is bleeding. He’s stuck. Kaz turns, grabs the head, Nick wit a high kick to the head. Tag to Matt. Matt enters, checks out Daniels bleeding. Matt realies it, locks Ka up and hits abuckle bomb into a kick from Nick!!! Matt with a fireamans. More Bang for NO!!! Kaz with a rollup!!!! Nick flies!! NORTHERNLIGHTS! Pin for 1..2…NO!!! Kaz sends Nick to the outside with a back body drop. Matt turns, body slam.

GALLOWS ON THE APRON TO DISTRACT! Kaz with a pin that would have got a 3!!! Kaz tries to attack Gallows., grabs Matt out of the corner, looks for a powerbomb, Matt tries to hit a hurricanrana, but Kaz hits a STYLES CLASH!!! 1..2…..NO!!!! NICK DIVES THROUGH THE ROPES TO STOP THE PIN!!! Kaz sends Nick to the outside, springboards for a cutter, but Matt hits a SUPERKICK! PILEDRIVER!!! RUNNING KNEE!! Pin for 1..2…NO!!! Daniels there to stop it!!! Superkick missed. Double underhook, into an Angel’s Wings!!! Daniels stumbles. SPEAR FROM MATT!!!! Matt attacks the blood!!!! He beats down with a right hand over and over. Kick from Daniel, double underhook, back body drop form Matt.

MATT in the corner. He mocks HBK! “I’m Sorry! I Love You!” cover! 1…2….NO!!! Daniels with a surprise Rock Bottom!!! Dnaiels with a springboard, but an’t do it! Blood loss! HE DOES IT! THE BEST MOONSAULT!! Pin for 1..2….NO!!!! Daniels clotheslines Matt out of the ring, he hits Anderson with one. Daniels turns. COLD SPRAY INTO THE EYE!! Superkick to kaz! Clocks Daniels ith the can!

Cover for 1..2…NO!!!! Tag to Nick! BTE TRIGGER!!! Pin for 1..2..3!!!!!!!

Winner: The Young Bucks
Holy hell. Ok, so I’ve been really hard on The Bucks. Like really hard. This was the first time I felt they had a completely consistent character throughout the match, before, and after. They were SO obnoxious, and it worked out well. Mocking HBK, blood on their shoes, Kaz mocking Styles towards Gallows, doin what they do, etc. Hard to praise blood in the first match and feel icky during this one, but man Daniels…buckets. Lol.
Total Rating: ***3/4
Match Time: 13:47

Moxley and Kingston are backstage looking for something….they’re tossing chairs around and tables, and apparently they are pissed. Ah, we learn that it’s The Elite’s locker room, and they are PISSED.

WE COME BACK to see Daniels and Kaz hug it out.

Dasha is backstage with Christian Cage to talk about Taz. Cage says Taz has as much credibility as he does critiquing Taz at a buffet table. He says at one point in time, Taz was a bad man, but he isn’t now. Cage has an open contract next week, so pick any member of Team Taz and he’ll face them.

Cage brings up the Casino Battle Royal where he can get a title shot whenever he wants. He will win the Casino Battle Royal.

In comes Matt Sydal, looking for redemption. Last year didn’t go so well for him.

Cage thinks things are just going to FALL into place. Ha.

Sydal says forget about Team Taz, because he signed that contract for next week.

Match 3: Orange Cassidy vs Pac

THE DASTARDLY REMOVAL OF GLASSES TO START THE MATCH! OMG he revereses! He puts them on Pac! Pac breaks the glasses to the boos of many! Orange puts his hands in the air, ducks a move, BEACH BREAK!!! COVER!!!! 1…2….NO!!!!! Pac roll out of the ring. Orange puts his hands in his pcokets!!! Suicide DIVE!!!! He’s got extra glasses!!!!! OC sends Pac into the barricade.


Orange sends Pac into the barricade again, hard. Orange, still with the shades on, gets a knee from Pac. Back into the barricade again, from Orange!! Orange re-enters the ring to break the pin, then rolls back out.

We are back! Pac sends Orange into the barricade then into the ring. He follows, kick to the back of the head. Pac to the top rope! He dives off with a dropkick to Orange. Pac kips up! He leaves the ring and heads back to the top rope. He dives off with another dropkick! Pac tries for a third. Orange on his hands and knees. Pac up tall, tries for a third! Hits a THIRD DROPKICK TO THE UPPERBACK!!! Pin for 1….2…NO!!! Pac drags Orange towards the corner. Orange rolls away. Pac drops off and stomps the gut of Orange. Pac back to the top rope. Orange rolls again into the corner. Orange thumbs up pac. Pac looks down from above like a gargoyle. Pac grabs Pac, Orange grabs ihm and sends ihm into the corner!!! Orange rolls into a wheelbarrow into a pin for 1..2..NO!!! Pac with a spinning kick, sends Orange into the ropes, running kick to the face!!! Pac with a powerbomb!!!!! SICK ASS POWERBOMB!! Cover for 1….2….NO!!! Orange rolls to the outside.

WE come back and Don has a mic. He’s yelling at Pac, telling him he and Omega want a winner. Please get this thing going.

Omega runs into the ring and hits Pac in the back of the head with the belt!!! Ref doesn’t see. Ref starts the count. She gets to 9. Double Countout.

Winner: Double Countout
It’s a rare misstep for AEW to overbook to the point of convolution, but that’s precisely what this is. Pac and Orange were having a nice little banger that was interrupted twice by a commercial then ended in a double countout when we’ve seen both these men go through FAR FAR worse and get up and go. I’m all for the triple threat, but the road getting there was a little awkward…
Total Rating: *
Match Time: 14:02

Don has the mic, says he’s not a ref, but this means they don’t have a winner, which means they don’t have a match at Double or Nothing. Kenny wants to go on a road trip. What we have here is two losers.

Here comes Tony Schiavone to let them know. He says that May 30, at Double or Nothing, there will be a world title match, and it will be a Triple Threat.

WE ARE BACKSTAGE, and The Young Bucks and Good Brothers are pissed, standing over their pile of junk. This is their sanctuary, where they pray. Bucks say they are the best, and just put SCU out to pasture without even batting an eyelash. Next week, they want the Number One Contenders, The Varsity Blondes. Matt cries, asking Pillman if he wants to be like his daddy.

Let’s talk about the most selfless Christian men do something for themselves and settle a personal grudge. Moxley, Kingston, whatcha doin at Double or Nothing?

WE RETURN to Page and Dark Order talking about Page’s fall from grace. He brins up Brian Cage, says he wouldn’t be satisfied. He says leave Taz and Co and meet just Page in the ring, and earn it. Earn his spot.

WE HEAD BACK TO THE RING for a celebration!

MJF is in the ring with his homies and some hot chicks. He told us he would take jerichos spot and crowd, and now he is the demogod, the king of AEW. We wil refer to him as The Greatest of all Time. Don’t boo, bow. Bow to the greatest group of men who ever existed. He gives some love to the Canadian God, Shawn Spears.

Speaking of The Inner Circle, they’re down two men. One of them, an absolute coward, stabbed him, and the other tripped and fell. This is why MJF is perplexed. MJF says no to the rematch.

Tully asks if we know what it’s like to be at the top, looking down on all the other talent. He’s been there many times. This group took everything The Inner Circle could dish out, and at the end of it all, they gave up to save Chris. They quit. When you quit, you stinkin quit. He has gifts. He bought watches for all of them. Every time they look at this on their wrist, think of Tully and think of The Pinnacle.

A honking horn interrupts Tully.

MJF wants to know who is honkin. It’s Sammy, Hager, and Ortiz driving some type of truck with a bed in the back. There’s a banner that says, “A Little Bit of the Bubbly.” MJF tells them he meant every word; they are done with them. The Inner Circle is dead.

It’s Jericho!!!! He’s in the back! He’s wearing a brace on his arm. Jericho asks for a rematch, yes or no.

MJF says one more time, he’s not going to. His answer is no. Jericho wants clarification. MJF says no.

Sammy has the gun. He sprays them with champagne. MJF finally gives in, says they’ll take them in on the same match Jericho lost last year; Stadium Stampede. MJF says nothing is funny, if they lose, The Inner Circle must break up.

A phone call interrupts the show, and I miss Thunder Rosa defeating a jobber. I mean no disrespect towards Rosa, and if I can go back and recap this before the end of the night, I will.

UP NEXT: Darby vs Miro.

Miro attacked before the bell and tossed Darby across the ring, then takes him to the outside and flings him onto the mat hard, then into the barricade. Miro grabs the head of Darby, asks if he is underwhelming? Miro grabs Darby, sends him into the barricade AGAIN. Miro tosses Darby into the crowd then smirks at Sting. Miro rolls Darby back into the ring. Ref tries to check on him, but Miro runs with a knee to the corner. Ref checks on Darby. Darby removes his jacket. He’s ready for it. Miro awaits. Bell rings!!!

Match 4: TNT Championship Match
Miro vs Darby Allin

Miro clocks Darby across the face! Cover for 1..2…..NO!!!!

Miro leaves the ring and BOOM goes Darby with a shotgun dropkick!!! Another to Miro!! He attacks Miro with rihts and lefts!!! Darby flies over he head, lands on his feet, shoves Miro into the ringpost!!! SUICIDE DIVE BY DARBY!!! HOLY SHIT!!!! Darby to the top rope! COFFIN DROP! MIRO CATCHES HIM!!! GERMAN!!! Miro screams.

WE are back and Miro deadlifts with a gutwrench and slams Darby down hard. BEAR HUG from Miro! Elbow from Darby. Another. Kicks, but Miro swings it, back suplex, Darby lands on his feet. SLEEPER!!! Miro falls into the ropes to break the hold!!! Darby has his belt in his hands. Miro rolls outside. Darby with another sleeper!!! He hits some crossfaces!!! Miro grabs the title belt nearby. The ref takes it away from him. Darby pulls on the nose. Miro gets a running start and smashes Darby into the wall by the ramp!!!

Back into the ring. Miro stands in the middle of the ring. Darby with a huge slap! Miro no sells it. Clips the leg!!! Darby with a go behind, floats over, CUTTER!!!! Rollup!!! 1..2….NO!!!! Miro up. Misses a clothesline. Firemans, another stunner!! Darby to the top rope! He’s hurting!!! COFFIN DRP!!! INTO THE ARMS OF MIRO!!!! WAIST LOCK GERMAN, DARBY LANDS ON HIS FEET!!! He sends Miro into the corner, rollup for 1..2…NO!!!! Check to the gut, flies over, DESTROYER!!! 1..2….NO!!!!!! Darby pulls back on the arm!

REVERSAL!! MIRO WITH THE GAME OVER!!! HE PULLS ALL THE WAY BACK, on his shoulders! Ref stops the match!!!

Winner: Miro
When Miro first started, there were tons of people that claimed they were doing nothing with him. I even claimed that his first match here wasn’t really all that great. It was sluggish and lethargic. This was the polar opposite. What a match, and even tho his new trunks kind of telegraphed the win, it was time and I wasn’t upset.
Total Rating: ****
Match Time: 14:48

Sky and Page attack Sting!!! Sky kicks the back of Sting. Out comes The Dark Order to send them flying.

In the ring, Miro holds his newly crowned title. LANCE ARCHER IS HERE!!! He’s pointing to Miro. He wants it.

End Show

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