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Join 411’s Live AEW Fyter Fest (Night One) Coverage

July 1, 2020 | Posted by Tony Acero
AEW Fyter Fest

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It’s night one of Fyter Fest. What is Fyter Fest? I don’t know! Why do they spell it that way? I don’t know!

We start the show with Jericho and the swankiest jacket north of the Americas! It’s donned with a checkered white and red squares, some with the Canadian maple leaf. It’s more awesome than I just described. Schiavone is pulling a full on Wayne Knight in Jurassic Park, which is nice considering Luchasaurus will be out shortly.

MJF gets some promo time saying he’s beaten Jungle Boy over and over again, dven giving him the best match he’ll ever have in his career. He brings u Jungle Boy’s daddy’s money. Damn…ain’t he dead? Lol. This match is happening because we are in a ratings war, and how does one expect to get a W without MJF!?

Match 1:

Jungle Boy and MJF to start. MJF hits a knee, but Jungle boy clotheslines him hard. On the apron, Jungle Boy tries for a reverse hurricanrana, but Wardlow grabs him with a boot to the face then sends him into the ringpost. He sends Jungle back into the ring and hits a belly to belly. MJF struts ala Flair as Wardlow chokes up Jungle. Tag to Wardlow. He comes in and attacks the back. Huge suplex to Jungle Boy. Tag to MJF. He eats buckle off the whip from Jungle Boy. Jungle Boy kicks Wardlow, runs for a tag, but MJF drop toe holds him down and gets a front-face lock. Wardlow runs around the ring and attacks someone. Unsure who. Jungle gets a tag, but the ref is distracted. MJF hits some shoulders in the corner. MJF with a hard back suplex. Cover for 1..2..NO!! Tag to Wardlow. Wardlow in with a back suplex of his own. Tag to MJF. Jungle Boy is able to get a quick tag. In comes Lucha with a kick to MJF,one for Wardlow, another. Chop to MJF. Chops to Wardlow into the corner .Whip is reversed. Clothesline out of the corner. MJF is sent down then kicked in the face hard. Wardlow misses a clothesline. Superkick from Lucha. Another kick to the head. Leg sweep. MJF in the corner. He turns. CHOKESLAM is blocked! Kick to the corner. Wardlow for the tag. GOOZLE! Wardlow in to shove Lucha. They go head to horn. Right hand from Lucha. Right from Wardlow. Lucha with one. Kick to the side of the head from Lucha. He locks the head, but Wardlow with a suplex toss! Firemans from Luha and a modified death valley driver! Tag to MJF. Tag to Jungle oy. He sends MJF to the outside. SUICIDE DIVE!!! ANOTHER!!! A top tope con hilo!!! Wardlow to the outside. He sends Jungle Boy over the barricade. Jungle Boy with a high kick to Wardlow!! Wardlow turns! Lucha! He dives over the ropes and flips, using the rope for assistance!!! MJF back in the ring. Jungle Boy sends him into the arms of Lucha. They double team with a cutter. Pin for 1..2…NO!!!!! Wardlow there to stop the pin!!! Wardlow gets Lucha on his shoulders. Wardlow hits the ropes. Stepup rana!!!! Jungle Boy shoots for one, but Wardlow gets him on the shouldesrs only for Jungle Boy to drop him headfirst with a rana! Wardlow up. HUGE CLOTHESLINEEE!!! MJF in, eye poke to Lucha. Pump kick. Stunt distracts the ref. Powerbomb from Lucha. Kick to Lucha! All men down! Jungle and MJF kip up! Lucha and Wardlow do the same. All four are up. Double clothesline in the middle of the ring, both Luha and Wardlow on their hands and knees. Jungle Boy runs across both. Canadian Destroyer to MJF!!!! Jungle Boy flies off the buckle onto Wardlwo. Wardlow sends MJF into Lucha. He drops Jungle. Big kick to the face of Jungle Boy WHILE HOLDING MARKO STUNT!!! Wardlow tosses Stunt onto Jungle!!!

IN the ring, MJF rolls Lucha up for 1..2….NO!!!! Tag to Wardlow. Wardlow to the top rope! SWANTON BOMB!! Pin for 1…2….NO!!!! MJF sneakily puts his ring on as Wardlow holds Lucha up. MJF swings, Lucha ducks, he shoves MJF into Wardlow. MJF clocks Wardlow with the ring by accident. Jungle Boy pulls MJF out of the ring. Kick t othe head. Another. Jungle with a swinging DDT from the outside to the inside.

Lucha with a chokeslam! WARDLOW shoots up like Taker. Huge kick from Lucha. Standing Moonsault. Pin for 1…2….3!!!!

Winners: Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy
I used to give Lucha a lot of flak for being incredibly athletic but somewhat sloppy. I saw NONE of that tonight, and Wardlow is a a beast amongst men. This was an opener if there ever was one, and you got the feeling they could have done so much more had this been an actual PPV event and not a televised one. Amazing work from everyone. MJF, you’re a gem.
Total Rating: ****
Match Time: 11:03


The music hits, and a buncha PUPPIES make their entrance! They fill the ring. Buddy attacks Rex in the corner. Looks to mount for a pin, but Max is there to stop the pin! He rolls over Rex, and here comes Milo! OH MY GOD! Teddy bumps into the ref!!

The Puppy Battle Royal next week on AEW!

Archer is being a big ol bully in the crowd, attacking Joey Janela. Sonny is here to try and hold Janela back as he struggles to remove his shirt. Jake goads on Joey as Knox and another ref try to diffuse the situation.

Shida shoves Kip before the match starts, and Aubrey is there to eject Sabian!

Match 2: AEW Women’s World Championship
Penelope Ford vs Hikaru Shida

Hikaru with a knee to the face immediately!!! She goes for the Falcon Arrow but Ford escapes. Shida runs with a knee, Ford drops back then rolls up for 1..2..NO!!! Heel kick attempt but Shida hits an elbow. She whips Ford and she goes to the outside. Kick from Shida to Ford’s face on the outside. Shida sends Ford into th-NO! Ford sends her into the apron face first. Whip to the barricade for Shida! Shida with Ford on her shoulders. She drops her onto the apron. Shida runs with a knee lift to the hanging Ford. Back in the ring, Shida grabs the arm and whips Ford, but it’s reversed. Ford goes for the corner, Shida hangs her up on the corner. Shida runs with a knee, but misses, and Ford kicks her. Ford grabs her head and sends her into the post a few times. Ford flips her way into an elbow splash in th corner. She hits the ropes and gets a running boot then a German into a pin for 1…2…NO!!! Damn, that was close.

We are getting a commercial, according to commentary, but we stay on the match. Ford chokes Shida on the ropes. Shida pulls Shida into the rope neck first. Cover for 1..2..NO!!!! Shida with some rights, trying to fight from her knees. Ford grabs the arm and bends it back behind Shida. Ford hangs Shida on the bottom rope, choking her up. Ford grabs Shida as Jericho calls himself one of the greatest heels of all time. Ford with a kick to the back of Shida. Apparently, Big Swoll is talking shit from the crowd and Ford is retorting. Ford rakes her nails down the back of Shida, then steps on her hair and pulls her up by the arm. She kicks Shida in the head real quick then sends her into them at face first. Ford with a chin lock from behind, seated on the back of Shida. Shida crawls towards the ropes. She nearly gets it, but Ford pulls her back to the center of the ring. Shida finally gets to it. She is able to braek the hold, hit a knee, lift Ford up for a suplex, but ford escapes and slams her down hard for 1..2….NO!!!! Slap from Shida in the middle of the ring. Ford hits one. Shida fires back. Back and forth over and over. Shida locks the head, knees to the head. High kick to the side of the head. She hits the ropes. Ford with a huge pump kick!!! Ford grabs the hair, springboards, Shida with a sleeper! Ford tries to escape so Shida drops her on the knee and pushes on her jaw. She lifts Ford on her shoulder then hits a back breaker! Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Shida locks the head. FALCON ARROW!!! FORD REVERSES THE PIN! 1…2…NO!!!!! Shida is up. Ford is up in the corner. Shida with a runnin knee to the face. Shia goes for a missile dropkick. Ford goes Full Matrix, bending back! STUNNER! Pin for 1..2…..NO!!!!

Ford leaves the ring. She grabs the title. KIP SABIAN IN THE RING!! He attacks with the kendo stick, but Shida kicks him and he pops the kendo stick up! Shida smacks him one time with the stick!!! FORD BACK IN!! STUNNER! Pin for 1…2………NO!!!!!! Ford drags Shida towards the corner. Ford to the top rope back facing. She goes for a moonsault. Shida moves! Ford eats mat!

Shida with a running knee to the back of the head! Another!! Both from Shida! FALCON ARROW!!! Pin for 1…2……NO!!!! Another running knee to the head. Shida stacks Ford up. 1…..2….3!!!

Winner: Hikaru Shida
Definitely the best match I’ve seen from Ford, although I haven’t seen much. They took their time to get to the last three minutes, but those last three minutes were solid as Shida focused on the head, while Ford tried to survive. I especially love the numerous knees and the Falcon Arrow times two just to put her away. Solid work from both.
Total Rating: ***1/2
Match Time: 11:16

Tazz analyzes Moxley’s finisher, specifically the fact that he wouldn’t be able to get a double underhook on Cage because Cage is just too muscular. Lol. Sick.

Up next, Rhodes vs Hager

Let’s hope it’s better than this:

Match 3: TNT Championship Match
Jake Hager (w/ His Hot Wife) vs Cody Rhodes (w/ His Hot Coach)

Lockup and they go amateur for a bit before locking fingers. Go behind from Cody Elbow from Hager. Rope work and Cody hits a right hand to the face. Hager catches a kick and shoves Cody down. Ide headlock from Cody. Hager locks the hips but Cody cinches the hold and drops Hager down to his knee. Another waist lock into the ropes and Cody is off. Shoulder tackle from Hager. Off the ropes, Cody catches the head, but Hager sends him into the corner. Right hand to the face. Cody hits one of his own. Hager sends him back. Hits a few right hands. Cody leap frogs and rolls up for 1…NO!!! Hager reverses into an ankle lock, but Cody reverses and gets an ankle lock of his own!!! Hager stands out of it and is shocked. Anderson yells at Hager. Him: “We did our homework!” Nice. Hager hits a kick to Cody and goes outside to taunt Anderson, but Cody runs up the corner and dives off like a spider monkey onto Hager. Cody with a crossody in the ring, but Hager catches him. Cody drops. Drop toe hold. Leg lock from Cody. FIGURE FOUR FROM CODY!!! Cody breaks it. To the top rope. He dives. Hager catches and slams Cody down! Cody rolls to the outside. Hager follows. He attacks Arn, choking him down against the stage. Cody tries for the save. Hager switches. GERMAN!!!

Hager goes to flirt with his wife and Cody hits a chop. Another. Attack to the head. Another. Clotheslnie to Cody! Hager rolls into the ring to break the count, then back out. IN the ring, Hager lifts Cody and hits a body slam. Hager hits the roeps. Elbow drop to Cody. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Hager chokes Cody up on the ropes. Cody fights back with some elbows then gets tossed to the outside by Hager. His wife steps on the back of Cody with her heels. Cody is back in the ring, hits the ropes, dives, and goes for a splash, but Hager ducks and Cody falls to the mat. Hager with a right hand. Hager with a knee. He sends Cody to the outside. Hager follows. He grabs the head and sends Cody into the….nope. Anderson is there to stop it! Cody sends hager into the post!!! Cody grabs Hager, sends him into the ring. Hager up! SLEEPER!!! Cody runs up the corner and drops back turning this into a pin for 1..2.NO!!! Hager won’t let go, he turns it back into a sleeper. Cody with a jawbreaker. Cody runs up the corner, stands on the top rope, dives off with a cutter. Cody with a pump kick. Right hand. He drops. Right to the face. Cody whips to the corner is reversed. Cody hops up, runs away, SCOOP SLAM! Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Hger in the corner. Hager bomb! Cover for 1…2…NO!!! Hager grabs Cody. Tosses him across the ring. Cody is able to recover. He hops to the top rope. Hager is up!! He locks up, BELLY TO BELLY OFF THE TOP ROPE!! Cover for 1..2..NO!!!! ANKLE LOCK FROM HAGER!!! Cody reaches for the ropes. He gets to them! Ref holds Hager back. Catalina slaps Cody!!! Hager locks the hold in again!!! Anderson distracts!!! Dustin runs down the ramp. Hager punches him off!!

Hager with a uranage! Hager with the triangle! Cody floats over! Pin! Cody knocks out! But he’s in a pin. 1….2…..3!!!!

Winner: Cody Rhodes
A solid outing with a finish that I actually enjoyed. Hager punching a ref out of the loss makes him look like a loose cannon, and Jericho trying to defend him but struggling to do so only added to it. IF there’s one thing AEW does well, it’s give characters a consistency you could hold onto. Matchwise, it was average.
Total Rating: **1/2

Hager celebrates like he’s won until the announcer says he lost. Hager is pissed. He turns to the ref. The ref admonishes him.


Refs come out to make the save and hold back Hager as Dustin and Anderson check on the comatose Cody.

We received a video from Darby Allin showing his best impression of Video Days skating off of shit.


Cassidy opens up his chair and sits next to Excalibur. Jericho talks some shit, says he’ll be watching him. Cassidy is wearing the same shirt as last week, and that’s just so Cassidy.

Match 4: Santana and Ortiz vs Private Party (w/ Matt Hardy)

Let’s go! Immediately, Santana and Ortiz are sent to the outside so Private Party goes Poetry in Motion and flies onto the heels. Tag to Quen and he hits a standing moonsault for 1..NO!!! Up the ropes and another moonsault for 1..2..NO!!!! Tag to Kassidy, and we get an inverted atomic drop/enziguri to Santana. Pin for 1..2….NO! Santana chops Kassidy against the ropes. Another. Kassidy looks to springboard, but Ortiz stops him, tags, and Santana drops him hard.Kassidy is up. DDT From Ortiz. German from Santana. Ortiz with a roll up into a submission on the ground. Looks like an Octopus. Ortiz with a chop, sending Kassidy down. He grabs Kassidy, hits a suplex! Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Tg to Santana and he assists a suplex of Kasssidy. Cover for 1..2..NO!!! Quen looks to enter the ring. Ref tells him to back up. Santana kicks the head, so Kassidy chops from below. Antoher kick sends Kassidy t othe corner. Right hand to Kassidy. Kassidy shoves. He elbows Ortiz. Santana runs into some boots. Kassidy flies but Santana stuffs him in the middle of the ring. Kassidy flies over. Tag to Quen who hits a pele kick type move then knocks Ortiz out and flies over the top rope to the outside where Santana is! Quen to the apron. Sptingboard, Santa floats under, tag to Ortiz. He catches Quen, lays him on the ropes, Quen fires back, they roll through, and we get a kick from both Santana and Ortiz to Quens head!!! Ortiz with a Boston Crab to Quen while Santana has Kassidy on his back. He goes to stand atop Kassidy and pulls on the leg with Santana still having the hold!!!

Hardy helps Kassidy on the apron while Ortiz chops Quen down. He gets Quen on his back, tags in Santana, who chops Kassidy across the chest. Abdominal stretch to Quen. Santana lifts Quen. Tag from Kassidy. Tag to Ortiz. Kassidy runs in and takes Ortiz out then fights Santana in the middle of the ring with a bunch of forearms. He sizes up, turns, Santana shoves, and Kassidy hits a cutter off the ropes to Ortiz. Kassidy with a springboard moonsault, rolls through, hits the ropes, spinning burrito on the outside!!!! Huge Swanton from Kassidy to Ortiz in th midle of the ring! Pin for 1..2….NO!!! Tag to Kassidy. Quen stumbles off the ropes,. Ortiz kicks Santana into a roll which results in a cutter!! LIGER BOMB FROM ORTIZ TO QUEN!!! Santana drives his face into the corner. Santana hops onto the back of Ortiz ONTO Quen!!!! Another move and Ortiz covers for 1…2…NO!!!! Kassidy stops the pin. Santana sends Kassidy to the outside. Santana sends Kassidy into the barricade on the outside. Tag to Santana. Matt sees that we’ve got some bs goin on and takes the sock with stuff in it away from Santana. Rollup to Santana for 1..2..NO!!! Boot from Sntan to Quen. Another kick. Ortiz in.

Santana to the top. They want Street Sweeper, but Quen blinds Santana. Slingblade to Ortiz. Quen hops up TO SANTANA, hurricanrana. RELEASE! GIN AND JUICE!!!!

Winner: Private Party
There was some sloppinesss from the jump, but they recovered well. Private Party is nearly there with the balance of spots and drama. Santana and Ortiz continue to be great foils for anyone they face.
Total Rating: **1/2
Match Time: 10:48

Kassidy goes over to the announce table to do some dancing. Jericho is upset. He tosses some bubbly on Kassidy, then tosses more onto CASSIDY!!



Jericho flips out. He goes to attack Cassidy, but people are there to stop it. Cassidy strolls away nonchalantly while Jericho goes crazy!

Lol. I love Orange Cassidy.

Backstage, Omega and Page are chillin. Page says The Best Friends do deserve a title shot, but tonight when they are in the ring, the word deserve dries up. Omega says that week after week, they have defeated everyone. The result is always the same. This week will be no different. They will still be champs and bid us all adieu.

We are informed that Cage v Moxley will happen in two week.

Cage gets flames for his entrance and some new music.

Tazz stops the music and wants to talk. The cat is out the bag. Everyone now knows what they found out earlier today. Some may think that Tazz and Cage are pissed. No, they’re easy like Sunday Morning. Taz had a talk with Khan, and he heard that Mox is concerned about the health of everyone. But correct Tazz if he’s wrong. Hasn’t he ben tested twice, and both times it would be negative? And wouldn’t they be tested here at AEW? Because, as you know, WE DON’T RUN A SLOPPY SHOP!

Cage pulls the trigger cuz that’s a shoot.

Tazz says Mox is suffereing from the chicken shits. He is afraid of Cage. July 15, who better than Brian Cage to be AEW World Champ?

We come back to AEW to see Trent’s mom dropping off him and his best friends in a mini-van. Hahaha. She tells them to have fun before leaving. She gives Trent a kiss before leaving and wwishes him good luck.

Match 5: AEW Tag Team Championship Match
Kenny Omega and Adam Page vs The Best Friends

Omega and Chuck to start. They tango back and forth with a stale mate. Men of Low Moral Fiber smirk at each other. Tag to Trent. Tag to Page. Lockup. Side headlock from Page. Shoulder tackle to Trent but it’s a no go. Page tries for another. He finishes off with a right hand. Trent hits his own. Right from both men back and forth. They both drop each other! Trent with a kick to the back! Tag to Chuck. He comes in with some kicks. He locks the head. Nice suplex and a cover for 1..2…NO!!! Tag to Trent. Whip to Page, he breaks red rover, locks the head of Trent and hits a suplex onto Chuck. Tag to Omega. He knocks Chuck off the apron. Backbreaker into a pin for 1…2..NO!! Tag to page. Omega and Page kick at Trent. They take turns chopping him down. Omega with a fameasser to the back of the neck. Shooting star press from Page.

FTR comes out with some beach chairs to watch the match.

Omega with some stomps in the corner. Omega sends Trent into the corner. Tag to Page. Tag from Page who goes to the top rope and drops an axe on the back of Trent. Page swipes Chuck but misses. Snapmare to Trent and he pulls back on the arm. Page grabs Trent and whips him into the corner. Trent rolls up the corner hard, falls back down and eats a clothesline in the corner. Trent is able to hit a surprise clothesline off the ropes then locks head of Omega and hits a tornado DDT.

Chuck’s mom is in the crowd clapping. Huck sends Page to the outside. He dives over the top rope with a flip. He shakes the barricade. He attacks page on the barricade but Omega is there t okick the shit out of Chuck! Trent with a tope onto Omega! He sends him into the arms of Chuck and Chuck hits a belly ot belly, sending Omega INTO Page!!!!

In side the ring, Cshuck drops Page and covers for 1..2.O!!! Tag to Trent. He locks up from behind. Page breaks a combo and sends Taylor over the top., He dodges a right. Fallaway Slam to Trent. He flies over the top onto Chuck. Page rolls back in, hit the ropes, ducks a clothesline and hits one of his own. Yeesh! Tag to Omega. He’s on the top rope. He dives with a missile dropkick to the neck!!!! Omega locks the head. Fisherman’s!!! Cover for 1…2…NO!!! Rolling senton. He hops ot the top rope. Dives off. Trent runs. Hits a huge kick to Omega. Tag to Chuck. Chuck in and locks the head. Pile driver.Cover for 1..2…NO!!!! Page breaks it up. Elbow to Chuck. Another. Omega runs into a knee. Chuck misses a clothesline. Snap dragon suplex. Tag to Trent. Trent gets a suxplex, too!!! Chuck in. Half Nelson Suplex! Omega sens Chuck into the corner. Page runs in. Back elbow to both. Back elbow to both from Omega. He tosses Chuck into Page’s elbow. Pop Up Powerbomb from Page. Omega kicks the back of the head. Cover for 1..2…NO!!! Omega sets up Trent for Last call. Omeg pulled out but Chuck. Chuck to the top rope!! STRONG ZERO!!!! Pin for 1…2..NO!!! OMEGA STOPS THE PIN!! Omega and Chuck exchange blows. Omega with a knee. He gets Chuck on his shoulders for One Winged Angle, but Chuck reverses and drops Oemga on his head with a modified Falcon!!!


Page goes for a kick, Chuck sends Trent away. He eats the kick. Trent with a chop, Page sends him into the ropes. Rolling elbow strike. Again. Locks the head, goes for a powerbomb, Trent escapes, goes for …nope!! Page rolls him up. Trent drops into a pin! 1…2…….!!!!

Page drops Trent on his head! Pin for 1..2…NO!!!! Page removes his elbow pad. Buck Shot Lariat to Trent! Pin for 1..2…..3!!!!!!

Winners: Kenny Omega and Adam Page
A great main event, even though the ending was never in question. I will say that Trent’s mom being there did give some hop that they’d take it, but them losing didn’t effect me in the slightest. Page and Omega continue to prove that them as singles wrestlers translate incredibly well as a tag team.
Total Rating: ***1/2

After the match, FTR comes into the ring with some beers. They hand them over to Page and Omega. It appears Kenny is’nt a fan of the beer he was given. He pours the beer out. FTR takes offense. They get in the face of Omega, but out comes The Young Bucks to prevent any issues. Or, at least try.

End Show

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