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Join 411’s Live AEW Fyter Fest (Night Two) Coverage

July 8, 2020 | Posted by Tony Acero
AEW Fyter Fest

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Night Two of Fyter Fest, and if Orange Cassidy doesn’t somehow win every title on the show, including the women’s, we riot!

Night Two starts with Private Party’s tag team title match!

Match 1: AEW Tag Team Championship Match
Private Party vs Kenny Omega and Page

Quen and Omega to start. Omega works the left arm. Quen with a leg scissors. Takedown. Both men up. Lockup and a side headlock from Omega. Hammer lock from behind by Quen, reversed, drop toe hold off the ropes from Quen. Standing shooting star into the knees of Omega! Omega kicks and tags in Page. Page knocks Kassidy off the apron. Chop to Quen. Omega in to chop as well. They go back and forth, trading attacks to Quen’s torso. Page lifts Queen with a pumphandle into a fallaway slam pin for 1..2…NO!!! Page drags Quen to the corner and tags in Omega. Quen blocks a driver, drops Omega, attacks the head, then tags in Kassidy. Double team, but Omega sends Quen to the apron, Kassidy bounces off, Silly String! Hangman on the outside grabs Quen and powerbombs him into the crowd!!! Baseball slide from Kassidy sends him over the barricade!! Page struggles to get up. Kassidy in the ring. Springboard, front flip, into a cannonball onto everyone outside!!! Omega on the mat. He tries for a senton, but Kassidy eats knees!!!! Snap German from Omega!!! In comes Quen, Full Nelson, Quen escapes. Pele kick! Hangman in! Huge clothesline! Private Party in the corner. Splash from Page, another one from Omega. He sends Quen into a discus, German! Double Spanish Fly out of nowhere from Private Party, and Kassidy covers for 1…2..NO!!! Kassidy with a forearm to Omega. Omega gets one, Kassidy replies with one. Right hand from each. Kassidy gets the face flurry, attacking head and body. He hits the ropes, Omega with a chop. He hits the ropes, Kassidy with a slingblade into a back breaker for 1..2..NO!!! Both of private Party in the ring. Omega is fighting both off, but Kassidy blocks a boot and gets an Enziguri. Kassidy whips Omega, reversed into a Firemans. Rolling senton into a toss from Omega to Quen. Page with a tag. He lifts Quen and powerbombs him onto Kassidy! Pin for 1..2….NO!!!! Quen floats over Page, shoves him into a kick from Kasiy, right from Quen, right from Kassidy on the apron. High kick from Quen. Kassidy with a moonsault off the apron onto Omega!

Quen to the top rope! He flies for a 450, lands on his feet, Page on the apron. Kick to Quen. Page springboards, but Kassidy in to flaot him back over, preventuing the Buck Shot. Kassidy with a rolling tornado DDT onto the ramp! Quen back to the top rope! Shooting Star Press. Pin for 1…2….Omega flies through the ropes to shove Quen off!

They sit Page up on the corner, looking for Gin and Juice. V-Trigger out of nowhere to Kassidy!! Liger Bomb off the corner from Page!!! LAST CALL from Omega and Page!

Winners: Kenny Omega and Adam Page
GAAAAH-LEEEEE was this shit hectic! I mean that for all the right reasons. It was ten minutes, but felt like five, as all four men killed it. I know Private Party can be a bit botchy, but they were crips tonight, and Omega and Page continue to prove that they can do just as much awesome shit together as they can by themselves.
Total Rating: ***3/4
Match Time: 10:31

Lance Archer comes out with Sonny Kiss on his shoulders. He tosses Sonny onto Joey in the ring and the bell sounds.

Match 2: Joey Janela vs Lance Archer

Archer beats Joey’s ass to the outside. He sends Joey to the barricade, then chops the chest hard. Lance sends Joey into the ring. Joey fires with a right to the face. He hits the ropes. Dropkick through the ropes. Joey to the top rope. He dives. Huge splash to the face! Joey lifts the ring apron and grabs a table. Chop to the back of Lance. Joey attaks the back, rolls in to break the count, then back out to grab a chair. Joey to the top rope. Lance is up! He grabs Joey and drops him down hard to the mat!!! Lance chokes Joey up on the top rope. He hits the ropes and punches the back of th Joey. Stomps to Joey in the corner, grinding the heel of his boot into the spine. Lance chops Joey in the corner. Whip to the corner, hard. Chops from Joey. Lance eats them like candy. He smacks the chest of Joey. Lance from above, grabs Joey and clubs the chest. Lance attacks the back as we go to break.

We are back and Joey is punching for his life, but Lance hits one of his own and we see that Lance tosses Joey over the barricade during the break. Kiss distracts. Joey slaps the shit out of Lance three times, hits a rolling elbow, hits the ropes, clothesline but Lance is still standing. Joey goes for another one. Still standing. Joe hits a kick to the legs. Another. Hits the ropes Another clothesline, another, ANOTHER! Lance shoves Joey over the top rope to the apron. Soulder from Joey. He flips over Lance, hits the ropes, tilt-a-NO! He lifts Joey in a reverse razor’s edge but Joey floats forward and hits a clothesline and a pin for 1….2…NO!!!! Joey hits the ropes. Firemans. Joey falls off. Superkick. Joey with a running knee to Archer!!! Jake The Snake is on the apron with the bag! Joey up top! SEATED SENTON!!!! Sonny with a 450 Splsah!! Joey covers! 1…2….NO!!!! Joey to the top rope. Lance with a chop to the chest! He grabs Joey, lifts him for the finisher. He walks the apron.

BLACKOUT THROUGH THE TABLE!!!! Lance bounces his head a few times onto the table, rolls him into the ring, and covers for 1…2….3!!!

Winner: Lance Archer
What a beautiful squash. Joey took some BUMPS for Archer, and Archer looked like a monster. They didn’t diminish Joey as a wrestler, yet still made Archer out to be just too strong/evil. Perfect.
Total Rating: ***
Match Time: 11:10

Video from Darby who brings up Brian Cage, saying he has no better way than to return back to the ring to practice coffin drops than to head to The Foam Rubber Wholesalers Convention.

Tazz and Cage are here with Tony. Tazz has something wrapped up in black velvet. He brings up what was supposed to happen, but Moxley went all Covid on us. Cage will be crowned next week as champion, but that’s what brings Taz to this. What’s in his hands is something he created decades ago. It’s the FTW World Championship.

He says wrestling fans worldwide recognize the respect for the man who holds this title. The man who holds this title is the baddest son of a bitch in wrestling, and that man will not go into Fight for the Fallen without a title, because that man is The Machine, Brian Cage. Cage is the FTW champion.

Tazz says Moxley’s ass is one, buddy.

Kayfabe wise, it’s not unlikely that Tazz would be delusional enough to think that his title is worthy of praise, and Cage is worthy of holding said praise, but from an outside point of view, I don’t see that title as meaning anything at all, and this comes off as more of a detriment to the “legitimacy” of Brain Cage that Tazz has been trying to put over for the past few weeks.

Match 3: Lucha Brothers and The Butcher and The Blade vs FTR and The Young Bucks

Nick and Pentagon Jr. to start. Tag to Dax. Pentagon with a chop. Right hands from Dax. Chops back and forth. Right hands. Dax with a kick. He whips and hits a back elbow. Dax with a leg drop. Dax works the arm, tags in Cash. He drives a knee into the arm. Chop to Penta. A right hand to the face. Snapmare. Tag to Dax who comes in to stomp the leg like four times. Dax with a whip. HUGE CHOP from Pentagon. Kick to the leg. He grabs the side of the head. Right hand. Tag to Fenix. They just go buck wild on Dax, resulting in a stomp from Pentagon and a kick to the bak of the head from Fenix. Pin for 1…NO!!! Cash stops it. FTR double team to drop Fenix, but Matt gets himself a tag. He holds Fenix so that Cash can attack him. Matt sends Rey into the ropes, he goes 619, tags in Blade, who gets arm dragged. Tag from Nick. He’s in and hits a gut buster then Matt with a neckbreaker into a backbreaker. Double dropkick to Fenix. Double dropkick to Butcher. Nick misses a splash in the corner. Kick from Blade. Butcher with a gutbuster, he firermans, sends him into a gut buster to Blade, who hits a gutwrench into a powerbomb for 1..2…NO!!!! Pentagon in off a tag, holds Nick for a piledriver, but Fenix slides through his legs to hit a kick to the face. In comes Blade who drops Nick down. Pentagon covers for 1..2…N!O!! Tag to Rey. Uppercut to Nick. Rey laces the fingers. Kick from Nick. Fenix trips Nick down, he bounces back up to the 2nd rope. Nick jumps to the top rope. Hurricanrana off the top rope. Cover for 1…2…N!O!!! Blind tag from Cash, who seats Fenix on his shoulders. Nick flies, Rey dodges, Full Nelson from Dash, Superkick from Nick! INTO A GERMAN!!! Shit goes to hell as all men enter the ring and we get a commercial break.

We go picture in picture, but I don’t realize it until a commercial tries to sell me on a Shaq-sized pizza.

Rey is laying in punches in the corner. He pulls Cash out of the corner and tags in Blade, who whips cash into the corner back first. The Butcher clothesline the shit out of Dax on the outside while The Blade covers for 1..2…NO!!! Chinlock from behind into a side headlock. Back Body Drop to Blade!!! He flies for a tag! He tags, reluctantly, to Matt, who dives off onto Lucha Bros. They ouble team, Matt hits a flying clothesline to both. He dives through the ropes to Butcher and Blade, skins the cat, grabs Pentagon, Standing Sliced Bread. Body slam to Rey. He’s up to the top rope, looking for a moonsautl, but dives forward onto Penta, Blade, and Butcher! He runs back up, flies with an elbow drop to Rey and a cover for 1..2…NO!!!! Rey with a surprise kick to Matt. Tag from Dax. He gets elbowed out by Blade. Blade sends Matt to the corner. Matt fakes a Superkick, Blade holds back, but Dax is there to hit a DDT!!! In comes Butcher to attack both, but he eats a double superkick!!! Rey flies off the top with a missile dropkick to both! Goodnight Express from Wheeler, but it’s Nick that helps him with that!!! In comes Dax. He grabs Blade, Butcher on the apron to knock Cash off. Dax has Blade set up for a piledriver, he turns towards the face corner. Nick is on the corner! He flies off for the assist! Cover for 1..2..N!O!! Pentagon saves i! But Dax is there to send Pentagon int othe barricade into the crowd. Dax back in the ring. He sits Blade in the corner. Tag to Matt, Tag to Cash, tag to Nick! Double Superplex! Splash from Cash. Senton from Matt!! Cover for 1..2..N!O!! Rey flies with a crossbody to Nick into the pin! Holyy shit.

Matt Jackson in the ring. Pentagon in the ring. Pentagon chops. Matt lets him have it. Right hand from Matt. Pentagon kicks the leg hard. Matt with a right, Pentagon blocks. He turns it into a piledriver, but ey walks the fucking ropes to kick Nick!! Matt sent to the outside! Pentagon hit with an elbow. Nick with a high kick. He goes to grab Pentagon, but Rey is there to run OFF THE FUCKING BACK OF PENTAGON AND HIT A CANADIAN DESTROYER ONTO THE MEN OUTSIDE!!!! Rey back to the top.

Dax knocks Rey on his ass. Pentagon grabs him. Superkick from Matt. IT HITS DAX!!!! Rey in the ring. Pentagon grabs Matt! Rey grabs the legs. Pentagon locks the head. “A YOU ARE DEAD” DRIVER! Pin for 1…2…3!!!

Winners: Lucha Brothers and The Butcher and The Blade
Holy shit…my biggest gripe, since my lone days at PWG. Watching The Young Bucks, is that they LOVE to do the flurry of finishers that deny the minutes of work previous to said finishers. We didn’t see that tonight. The story was the new team of FTR and Bucks being able to, not only work side by side, but also together, and although it was obvious, it wasn’t blatantly obvious. They worked together because they are a tag team before they are a prideful duo, and that’s just good story-telling. This was, also, their downfall, as they trusted each other a bit too much. ALL OF THIS while still having an amazing match. HUGE props to Dax, who I think was the superstar of this thing. He was the glue, for sure.
Total Rating: ****
Match Time: 15:42

Outside of the arena, Big Swole has been served. She is also not let into the arena. She knows who did this; that trick Britt “Basura” Baker. She said they could have called her for this, or faxed it. Three and a half hours she drove just to be told she couldn’t come in.

Match 4: Nyla Rose vs Kenzie Paige and Kilynn King

Nyla with a body slam then a leg drop. She sends Paige into the corner and hits a headbutt then some shoulders. Nyla tosses her away. King in the ring. She ducks and gets a wiast lock. Hard rights to the back. A choke hold from behind, hopping on the back. Nyla sends her into the corner. In comes Paige to be sent int King. German to Paige. SPEAR TO KING! She lifts Paige and swings her into King then hits a Fallaway Slam INTO King.

Nyla drags Paige over to King, hits a powerbom onto King, then covers both for 1..2….3!!!

Winner: Nyla Rose
The important part of all this is that Hikaru Shida is beautiful.
Total Rating: NR
Match Time: < 3 Minutes

Nyla believes actions speak louder than words, and het actions here tonight spoke for themselves. She looks in the back and she sees all these great wrestlers with managers, so she has taken it upon herself to hire a manager. She isn’t ready to tell us who it is. All the people with managers have something in common – championships. Her manager will ensure that she leaves AEW as the Women’s Champion, very soon. She directs this to Shida, who holds her fist up, ready for the fight.

Backstage, Colt is all bruised up. The med team announces his concerns but allows him to wrestle. Lol.

Lee comes in to assure Colt that with him watching Colt’s back, these kind of accidents won’t happen anymore. Tonight, they have a 6-man, and Lee expects Colt to get up and go get ready.

Colt says, “You got it Mr. Brodie.”

Dark Order makes their entrance. Colt walks up behind. Lee has a spot to his side for Colt. Colt takes it up and stands next to Lee.

Match 5: The Dark Order and Colt Cabana vs SCU

Daniels to start with Grayson. Daniels doesn’t fare too well as Grayson takes the lead. He chops. Side headlock from Daniels, who hops over, then eats a dropkick from Grayson. Cover for 1. It’s a No. chop to Daniels. Whip and Daniels gets a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Tag to Kaz. They drop Graysno to his knees. Kick then stomp from Kaz. Grayson with a right hand. Whip to Kaz, drop toe hold to Grayson. Kick from Sky. German from Kaz. Cover for 1..2..N!O!! Kaz works the arm. Tag to Sky. He’s ni, they chin check Grayson down hard. Sky covers for 1…NO! Sky locks the had, Grayson floats over, Grayson ducks under a clothesline, kips up, hits a dropkick. Nice. Tag to Colt who comes in and sends Sky to the corner. Reversed, Colt bounces off the corner, goes under, locks up, Sky reverses and Colt breaks the hold because his side hurts. Grayson yells for him to get it together. Brodie is bothered. He yells at Colt. Colt locks the side, works the arm, backs into the ropes, ducks. Clothesline, another, gets kicked by Sky in the face. Whip to Sky, and Grayson is there to kick him in the back. Kaz and Daniels in the ring. Grayson and Lee in, too. Kaz flies over the top rope to some of The Dark Order. Lee in to full nelson suplex Scorpio Sky! Colt covers for 1…2..NO!!! Colt favors his gut. Tag to Lee. Lee in with a punch to the gut. Another. More. Uppercut to the chin. Chops to Sky in the corner. He guillotines Sky with the bottom rope then tags in Colt. Colt kicks Sky while he’s on the ground. Stomp to Sky. Another. Tag to Grayson. He comes in with a kick to the chest while Colt holds him. Grayson mounts and punches over and over. Sky fights out with some rights. He hits the ropes, but Grayson stops him in his tracks. Grayson locks the head and sends Sky into the corner. Tag to Lee. Lee with a huge chop. Lee drives his forearm into the bak of Sky. Again. Tag to Colt. Lee with a half nelson. Colt punches Scorpio a few times. Tag to Lee again. Whip to Sky. Colt with a splash in the corner, he sends Sky into a body slam from Lee. Grayson off the top rope onot Sky. Looks like he was the legal man. Pin for 1…2..NO!!! Grayson locks the head. Tag for Colt. Doule team to Sky who gets sent into the corner. Colt whips Grayson. Grayson gets sent over the top and his chin hits the apron. Sky attacks the mid section of Colt, Colt favors the bruises. Neckbreaker to Colt. Tag to Kaz. Tag to Lee. Kaz in with a bunch of punches. Lee misses a right. Dropkick to Lee, he ounces back, Kaz with a springboard DDT! Cover for 1….NO!!!! Grayson punches, Leg drop from Kaz! Huge kick from Lee to Kaz. Whip to Kaz. Kaz hops over into a catch. Daniels kicks and Kaz gets a pin for 1..2..NO!!! Kaz locks the head .Tag to Daniels. Whip to the ropes, Lee breaks a clothesline, kick to Daniels, one for Kaz. Tag to Grayson. Sky in, Lee hits an elbow, goes for a right hand, but Sky hits a dropkick. Grayson with a off looking driver. Grayson on the apron. He flies in. Cutter from Kaz. Black Hole Slam from Lee! Daniels sends him to the outside. Siuicde dive from Daniels! Grayson gets shoulders, Daniels floats over, roll through, Grayson misses a kick, rock bottom from Daniels.

MOONSAULT from Daniels! COLT IS IN TO STOP THE PIN! Colt says he had to. Daniels hits a right. Lee in the ring. Spinning Discus Lariat! Lee tells Grayson for Colt to tag in. Colt covers. 1…2…3!!!

Winners: The Dark Order and Colt Cabana
Admittedly, I’ve seen Grayson wrestle all of two times. Tonight, he shocked the hell out of me. Similar to Dax, he was the definitive glue that held this match together. He handled the wrestling while Lee and Colt told the stories they were attempting to tell. Lee’s manipulation is coming to full fruition, while Colt is reaping in the benefits of joining the Dark (side) Order.
Total Rating: ***1/2
Match Time: 12:02

Britt is chillin in her Rolls Royce. Swole is here in disguise. She talks shit to some security. Swole says today is trash day. She tosses a balled up piece of paper, and Britt screams like she’s just been attacked by a thousand bees.

Match 6: Orange Cassidy vs Chris Jericho (w/ Santana and Ortiz)

Orange Cassidy is furious! He calls for the Test of Strength, but it’s a fake out! Hands in a pocket! HEADBUTT!! Jericho swings, misses, Orange hits the ropes, floats over Jericho, Droppkick!!! Cassidy hits the ropes FLYING ORANGE!!! Right hands to Jericho on the outside. Whip to Jericho into the barricade. Cassidy grabs Jericho and sends him back into the ring. Cassidy to the top rope. He dives off with a crossbody going full FIRE ANT, ducks under a clothesline, spins for a DDT, but Jericho drops him and looks for the Walls. He gets it!!!! Orange reaches the ropes. Jericho breaks the hold. Oooo Ortiz with a cheap shot. Jericho with a pin for 1..2..NO!!! Jericho with a back suplex. Orange tries to fight from below, but Jericho kicks him away. Right hand to the face. Jericho with a backbreaker to Orange. Jericho with stomps in the corner. Whip to the corner, and Orange falls hard. Another whip to Orange. A third whip sees Orange float over the apron, fly over the ropes with a rolup for 1..2…NO!!! Inside Cradle for 1..2..NO!!!! Orange arm drags into another pin for 1..2..NO!!! Kick from Jericho. Whip, and Orange drops down, Jericho eats the top buckle. Orange goes for a Superman Punch, but Jericho ducks and Orange rolls to the outside. Baseball slide from Jericho into Orange on the outside.

Jericho grabs a book from the crowd and smacks Orange with it. Shit, I think it’s a book. Jericho enters the ring to gloat while Orange struggles on the outside. He’s fuming. He stands and enters the ring with some help from Jericho. Jericho locks the head and suplexes Orange into the ring. Cover for 1….NO! Jericho with a chin lock from behin.d Orange reaches the ropes with his boot. Orange with some chops! Jericho hits a clothesline, slowing him down. Cover from Jericho. 1..2..NO! Jericho kicks Orange’s hand awaya few times, then his head. He lifts Orange for another back suplex and hits it. Backbreaker across the knee. Abdominal stretch from Jericho. He uses the rope. The ref breaks it. Jericho does it again so Aubrey kicks his arm. Lol. Orange with an arm drag. Jericho with a right. Orange hits one. Another. Another. Another. He hits the ropes, Jericho holds the ropes, Orange floats over, lands on the apron, Jericho with a tackle! He sends Orange flying. Jericho to the outside. He sends Orange into the barricade. Chop to Orange. Jericho sends Orange into the ring. Jericho with a cocky pin for 1..2..NO! Jericho with rights to the head, going straight for the ear.


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