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November 26, 2021 | Posted by Lee Sanders
AEW Rampage

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Happy TGIF everybody! Lee Sanders here! From my family to yours and from all of us here at 411mania, we hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving/Holiday. Tonight’s Black Friday AEW RAMPAGE sees Eddie Kingston vs. Daniel Garcia. AEW Women’s Champion Britt Baker vs. Riho in a Black Friday Deal match. If Riho wins then she gets a shot at Baker for her Women’s championship. Also, Orange Cassidy and Wheeler Yuta vs. Adam Cole and Bobby Fish.

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Venue: Wintrust Arena
Location: Chicago, IL
Commentators: Excalibur, Ricky Starks, Chris Jericho, and Taz

MATCH 1: Adam Cole and Bobby Fish vs Orange Cassidy and Wheeler Yuta

Fish and Yuta begin locking up and exchanging a few holds. Cassidy is tagged in as the two double team on Fish. Cassidy gets in a lateral press for a one count. Fish tags in Cole. Cassidy is about to put his hands in his pocket when Cole stops him and does his ADAM COLE BABY CHANT! Cassidy is about to put his hands in his pocket when Cole stops him. Cassidy and Cole exchange a series of stand and switches as Cassidy continues being obsessed with his pockets. Crucifix pin attempt made by Cassidy as he picks up a near fall. Tag is made to Yuta as he throws in a series of flying elbows. Cassidy slowly walks to Cole and sends him into Yuta. Yuta gets in a scoop and a slam for a pin attempt setup. It’s only a two count as the match continues. Yuta gets distracted by Bobby Fish which sets up Cole to get the advantage. Fish tags back in as he’s going in with kick strikes and punches to Yuta. During the commercial break Fish and Cole put a hurting on Yuta. Hot tag is made to Cassidy who goes in with a double hurricanna followed by a spinning DDT on Adam Cole. Cassidy and Wheeler go crashing into both men from the top ropes. Near fall on Adam Cole as he fights both men now. Yuta gets in a German suplex as Cassidy follows up with a jackknife pin on Cole for a near fall. Fish gets in the ring and uses an exploder on Cassidy. Flying knee strike on Cassidy by Cole as Fish gets in a cover for a two count. Fish gets Cassidy in a kneebar as Yuta tries to help but Cole superkicks him. Cassidy gets in a kick of his own on Cole. He tries looking for his orange punch but Fish connects with an exploder. Cassidy is able to tag in Yuta without Fish knowing it as he gets in a northern lights on Fish. Yuta tries going to the top but gets yanked by Adam Cole as Yuta hurts his Crown Jewels. This sets up Bobby Fish for an avalanche falcon arrow on Yuta from the top rope for the victory.

Winner: Bobby Fish and Adam Cole (12:00)
Rating: ***
Thoughts: Solid tag team opener between all these guys tonight. It was a fun start to RAMPAGE. Cassidy continues to amaze me as he has a Andy Kauffman meets Charlie Chapman vibe when wrestling. It’s really something as the fans continue to be entertained.

Tony Nese is interviewed by Tony Schiavone. Nese feels none of the other men who’s challenged Sammy Guverra so far have what it takes. He feels the men before him didn’t do good scouting as he’s confident he can beat Sammy. Sammy overheard him and gets into a heated exchange. Nese tells him to calm down and instead accept his challenge to face him for the TNT Championship next week. Sammy accepts but is soon attacked by Nese who leaves him laid out.

Recap of FTR and Lucha Bros is shown as next week FTR wants Lucha Bros in a 2 out of 3 Falls match

MATCH 2: BLACK FRIDAY DEAL-Britt Baker vs Riho

Sorry but this is a match hard for me to call. Seeing 90lbs of Riho versus Britt is how you say…Not really a match? Let’s try anyway! Riho gets in two dropkicks on Baker. Baker makes her exit as Riho goes to the top and delivers a flying cross body on Baker and Rebel to send them crashing to the canvas. Riho throws Baker back in the ring and connects with a running elbow strike. Riho gets sent face first into the turnbuckle pad. Baker follows up on stomps to the back of Riho’s head. Back from commercial break as Baker connects with a sling blade to get a near fall. Baker Irish whips Riho into the corner and follows up with a few stomps. Hammer throw into the corner by Britt. Britt walks into the boots of Riho as she follows up with the leg scissors on Baker. Britt suplexes Riho into the corner as Riho’s legs got damaged in the process. Riho counters with a release suplex as she goes for the cover and gets a near fall. Riho now to the top rope and misses as Baker counters with a ripcord elbow followed by a pin attempt and it’s a near fall. Riho gets in a pin attempt of her own but it’s a near fall. Riho gets in a double foot stomp but only gets a near fall. Get series of counters by both women as Baker tried to get in a Fisherman’s carry neckbreaker but Riho counters with a cradled pin attempt for the victory.

Winner: Riho (9:00)
Rating: **
Thoughts: I know I’ve seen Baker and Riho against each other before but it was pretty sloppy. This encounter was pretty smooth and both girls clicked here. Honestly their best match with one another to date. I love the idea of if anyone has had Britt Baker’s number in the past it’s Riho as in the future we will see them collide again. Remember the stipulation for this match was if Riho wins then she’ll get a shot a Baker’s championship.

MATCH 3: Eddie Kingston vs Daniel Garcia

Daniel Garcia getting owned off the break by Eddie who then rolls out of the ring to regroup. Garcia gets back inside and thinks he can go in with strikes on Kingston. Bad move as Kingston unloads on Garcia before 2point0 pulls Garcia out of the ring. Kingston attacks both members of 2point0 and gets in the ring when Garcia returns with a stomp to Kingston’s chest, followed by an uppercut. Garcia gets in a pump kick and tries to strongwhip Garcia out of the corner but Kingston isn’t budging. Kingston comes in with a series of chops before Kingston does a poke to the eye of Garcia. Kingston plants Garcia in the back of the head with a knee strike from the top rope.
Kingston pulls a Mike Tyson and bites on the ear of Garcia as the ref is warning him of a disqualification. During a Picture in Picture break, Garcia has been on offense as he’s planting his boot in Kingston’s face multiple times. Kingston’s knee is buckling out on him as he’s trying to fight through the pain. Garcia does a nice fireman carry followed by a roll through and applies a knee bar. Eddie manages to get to the ropes but not by much. Garcia smells blood as he twists Kingston’s leg. Eddie manages to get in a one legged powerbomb as both men are struggling to get up. Kingston smacks Garcia’s back as Garcia comes right back with a great heelhook hold. Garcia is now delivering open ridge-hand strikes as he chops Kingston’s chest. Garcia tries going into the ropes and off looking for a strike as Kingston counters with a snap German suplex. Garcia goes right towards his guys in 2point0. Both men are now trading palm strikes left and right. Garcia wins the battle with a lariat that has Kingston laid out. More strikes exchanged as Kingston gets in a suplex followed by a flying backfist for the victory. 2point0 attacks Kingston as Chris Jericho runs down the ramp and takes out Parker of 2Point0 as they and Garcia retreat.

End of Show

Winner: Eddie Kingston (14:00)
Rating: ***
Thoughts: Solid storytelling by both men. 2point0 really didn’t do much in this match which was good as it was able to breathe. At times I felt as though I was watching a young Bryan Danielson facing Tommy Dreamer of today. Honestly they made something special here tonight and with Jericho now in the mix, it seems it’s going to get only better.

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