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March 1, 2024 | Posted by Lee Sanders
AEW Rampage 3-1-24 Image Credit: AEW

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Hello friends! A tired and sick Lee Sanders is back with you all this week. I’m still recovering from a nasty viral cold last week. Recovery is slow, and I’ll know more after seeing my doctor this weekend. Please keep your fingers crossed for me. AEW REVOLUTION weekend is here, and with it comes Sting’s final wrestling match. As many know, I’ve been a longtime Sting fan for a few decades. I will be sad and weird after Sunday not picturing Sting in a ring again. The Icon has always been constant when you think about the wrestling industry. AEW Revolution should be a great night overall, with some surprises! First, we must get through AEW RAMPAGE and AEW Collision!

Speaking of Rampage, let’s jump into the action already!

Location: Springfield, MO
Venue: Great Southern Bank Arena
Commentators: Tony Schiavone, Nigel McGuinness, Matt Menard

MATCH 1: CMLL’s Rugido vs Claudio Castanogli

Lockup to begin this one as Claudio shakes off the CMLL star from the break. Claudio’s power dominates early on as Rugido returns, trying to go for some grounded moves. There are a series of reversals from both men as they attempt to get to a vertical base. We finally see a stalemate as Rugido sweeps the legs for a takedown. It’s followed up with leg scissors that send Claudio to the ropes and the outside. Rugido follows up with a botched tope between the ropes as his foot catches the ropes. Oh, that’s not good! Somehow, the CMLL star rebounds to go to the top for a diving crossbody. Claudio immediately pops up and clotheslines him into next weekend! Claudio follows up with stomping before going for a single-arm lock. Rugido is tossed outside the ring and sent to the barricades. The referee counts Rugido down as he gets into the ring in time. Claudio tries for a pin, but Rugido kicks out. Rugido is firmly whipped into the corner as it’s followed up with an arm drag to send us to our first set of commercials. We are back as Rugido hits a pair of dropkicks. Rugido follows up with a back moonsault to crash into Claudio on the outside. Rugido tries going for a cover, but there’s a kick out. Claudio with an uppercut and a cover attempt as somehow Rugido kicked out. Rugido with a back-heel kick and a couple of clotheslines. Rugido has a cover, but it’s only a near fall. Rugido hits a power slam for a near fall as he follows up with a pretty arm drag. Claudio reverses the hold and hits the giant swing to receive a kickout. Claudio follows up with elbow strikes to the face and the neutralizer to end this match.

Winner:Claudio Castanogli (10 minutes)
Not too shabby but timing was off throughout this match. As result some bad miscues and sloppiness. Claudio did his best to make this match good but Rugido never quite got to his level.

Claudio tries to show Rugido some sportsmanship but ends up placing his knee between Rugido’s groin and the luchador, who lies on the canvas howling! Claudio follows up on his attack with more strikes when a fellow CMLL star comes to Rugido’s rescue. This move sends Claudio fleeing as we head into another set of commercials.

We are back as we get a video package highlighting Samoa Joe vs Mustache Hangman Page vs Swerve Strickland at the PPV this weekend.

MATCH 2: Lance Archer & The Righteous vs Luke Langley, Anaya, Vaught

Dutch is one impressive big man as Luke catches a blog boss man slam! Anaya is sent to the outside by Archer as he follows up absolute destruction on all three men. Blink, and you missed it.

Winner:Lance Archer and The Kingdom (2 minutes)

Video package highlight of Toni Storm and Deonna Purrazzo’s feud is shown.

MATCH 3: Riho vs Trish Adora

Adora seems to have a dollar bill tucked between her fishnets. Is that her Starbucks money? Anyway, Riho takes to the top rope for a diving crossbody on the outside. Back inside the ring, Riho goes for a cover, and it’s a knockout. Adora misses a clothesline but rebounds with a spinning slam onto her knee as we head into another set of commercials. We are back, folks, as Riho takes to the sky and hits a big crossbody but can’t keep Trish down for the pin. Riho with a head scissors takedown, followed by the 619! Riho was trying for a full Nelson, but Trish wasn’t budging. Riho tried to go for a Northern Lights suplex pin with a bridge. It’s another near fall as Riho tries for a running attack but is caught by a big pump kick to the face! Trish misses a senton as Riho hits a crucifix pin for a near fall. Riho follows up with a running knee strike for the victory.

Winner:Riho (8 minutes)
Now that was good. That was DAMN GOOD. Great effort by both girls and I must admit I missed Riho. Where has she been for the last little bit? Chat me up to speed.

Backstage, we see Ruby SoHo and Angelo Parker about to go on their date when Saraya appears. Ruby wants to know the Hell Saraya’s problem when Saraya’s brother Zack attacks Angelo from behind with a foreign object. Dude went Tonya Harding on that kneecap as Saraya tells Ruby she needed her…BI*CH! Oh my!!

MATCH 4: Qualifying match for All-Star Scramble at AEW Revolution-CMLL’s Magnus vs Matt Sydal

Let me see if I got this straight, folks. We come back after watching that horrific attack on Angelo Parker. We don’t even have Schiavone, and Nigel asks Matt Menard if he’s okay. Ask the man if he wants to check on his friend or something. I rewind my TV to ensure I got everything, and the attack wasn’t acknowledged. Come on, man! Anyway, barely two minutes into this match, and we’re already on a commercial break. No bueno! And we are back as Magnus hits a falcon arrow on Sydal for the cover. Sydal kicks out as Magnus tries for a pickup slam, but Sydal reverses it for a lateral pinning predicament. Another near fall as Sydal goes for his trademark kicks to the body. It’s followed up with jumping kicks to the body and another pin attempt. Magnus kicks out as Sydal is livid. Sydal, both men are now exchanging forearm strikes to the face and body. Sydal with a kick to the back of the head as he tries climbing to the top rope. Magnus stops him as he tries for an avalanche slam but falls off as Sydal hits him with a meteora for a near fall. Magnus had a significant leg drop as he climbed to the top, but Sydal derailed him. Somehow, Magnus escapes a hurricane attempt as Sydal dangerously falls on his ankle. The spot was scary as Magnus hit him with a double knee to the face for the victory.

Winner:Magnus (10 minutes)
Was rooting for Sydal there folks. Maybe next time. I have a feeling that Claudio and Magnus will but heads this Sunday. Be a smart move, right? We shall see.

End of Show

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