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May 20, 2022 | Posted by Jeremy Thomas
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What’s up, AEW watchers? It’s Friday evening and AEW is at least airing at 7 PM instead of 5:30, so yay for that! Still, we’re airing early and that means you’re you’re getting yours truly, Jeremy Thomas, providing your live coverage. For real, sports playoffs ending soon please? Anyway, tonight we have the final quarterfinal in the women’s Owen Hart Foundation Tournament, as Red Velvet takes on Kris Statlander. In addition, the House of Black will take on Evil Uno, 10, and Fuego del Sol while Jon Moxley and Bryan Danielson face off against Dante Martin and Matt Sydal. Plus more in the HOOKhausen saga, so that should be fun. We have a lot to get into as always, so let’s jump to it.

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* THIS IS RAMPAGE, BABY! (aka Theme Song)

House of Black vs. Evil Uno, 10, & Fuego del Sol

Evil Uno and Brody King start off, UNo with a chop to King who no-sells it. Uno off the ropes with a rana and then a chop in the corner, he comes off the ropes and gets dropped with a body block. Black tags in and lays in strikes to Uno, who fires back. Black into the ropes and gets run over, wristlock by Uno and 10 tags in. Double whip into the corner, Uno gets whipped into Black and throws him to 10 for a belly-to-belly, cover gets one.

Black in the corner now and fights his way out, he grabs 10 and locks in a heel hook but 10 fights his way out. 10 grabs a kick and lays in chops, Fuego tags in and gets nailed with a big armdrag. Fuego with shots but gets thrown into the ropes and run over. Matthews tags in, off the top with a stomp to the shoulder.

Matthews now with an elevated wristlock, he sends Penta a message and does an arm snap. Fuego escapes and tags in Uno, who comes in with strikes but Mlack with a blind tag. Uno dropped and King with a senton off the ropes, stereo kick by Matthews and Black, 10 knocked off the apron. King grabs Uno, picks him up for a backbreaker but Uno slides down the back. Fuego makes the tag but gets knocked off the apron as we go to PIP break.

We’re back with Fuego elbowing his way out of a waistlock, and he hits a STANDING SPANISH FLY on Matthews! 10 and Black tag in, 10 nails Black and hits a pump kick to King. Back suplex to Matthews, he fights out of a waistlock by King and clotheslines him over the top. He ducks a kick, catches Black in a wheelbarrow, Uno catches Black on the ropes into a wheelbarrow suplex! Cover for two.

Black fighting back now and hits a rising knee, 10 grabs him by the throat but Matthews runs in for the distraction. Black locks in a kneebar on 10, he’s going for the ropes but Uno in to make the save. Black kicks Uno and tosses him, 10 with a lariat. Uno and King tag in, Uno with a big boot and then a basement dropkick to the knee, he comes off the ropes repeatedly with kicks to the head! Uno signals that the end is near, he goes for a powerbomb but King counters with a back bodydrop.

10 tossed and King catches a charging Fuego, throwing him to Matthews for a DDT on the ramp! King turns Uno inside out with a backbreaker, GONZO BOMB and that’s it.

Winner: House of Black (9:23)
Rating: ***
Thoughts: Solid opener. I tend to think the House of Black should be getting more dominant wins than this as they build to their match with Death Triangle, but from an in-ring perspective it was very good stuff.

After the match, Death Triangle come out to the stagw where there’s a covered tombstone. Fenix and PAC leave, and Penta uncovers the tombstone — it says “House of Black” and Double or Nothing.

* The Gunn Club and Max Caster are backstage and we get a clip of Bowens being injured from this week. The Gunn Club and Caster all ask “What are we gonna do Daddy?” Gunn tells Bowens at home to get better and when he comes back, they’ll have a scissor party.

* Schiavone is backstage with FTR and talk about Roppangi 3K’s challenge. Cash says they accept the challenge because they want the other titles in the company and a win over them will get FTR closer to the IWGP Tag Team Titles.

Shawn Spears vs. Big Damo

Nice to see Damo on national TV again. Damo charges at Spears, who bails to the outside. Damo chases but Spears runs inside, kicks him through the ropes and leaps to the apron where he kicks Damo to no avail. Damo hits a big crossbody on the floor and rolls Spears in.

Spears nails Damo with a shot, springboard dive but Damo moves. Big slam by Damo and a cannonball senton. He goes for the Vader bomb but Spears dodges. The kneepad is down, he hits Damo with a knee to the face and hits the C4 for three.

Winner: Shawn Spears (1:36)
Rating: N/A
Thoughts: RIP Big Damo.

After the match, Spears says he’s Wardlow’s Kryptonite and left him laying in the ring, proving he’s not Superman. Spears says next week, Spears isn’t in a steel cage in Wardlow – Wardlow is in a steel cage, with nowhere to go, with Shawn Spears, giant killer.

* The Elite are backstage and berate Cutler, then Adam Cole says Kyle O’Reilly is on fire. He thinks it would be poetic to see Cole and KOR in the finals. O’Reilly says he knew Cole would love what he did with Sting and jokes about the Fingerpoke of Doom, but says it will be an honor to face him.

Meanwhile, the Bucks say that the Hardys’ schedule is free and challenge them to a Superkick Party at Double or Nothing.

Women’s Owen Hart Foundation Tournament Quarterfinal Match
Red Velvet vs. Kris Statlander

Ruby Soho is on commentary. Kris and Velvet lock up, Kris backs Velvet into the corner and Velvet with a slap and kick to the chest. But Statlander shrugs it up, picks Velvet up in a Gorilla press slam and drops her. Velvet into the ropes, she comes off with a spinning headscissors but Statlander tosses her off. She slides for a baseball slide dropkick but Velvet catches her in the ring apron and nails her a few times. She leaps off the apron but Statlander catches her and slams her onto the apron in front of Jade and Kiera as we go to PIP break.

Back from break with Statlander hitting a knee to Velvet in the corner and a big German suplex, cover for two. Statlander picks Velvet up for a suplex, Velvet hits a knee tot he head to escape, kick to the head, Final Slice! She covers for a nearfall.

Velvet mocks Statlander and nails a couple strikes to the chest, but Statlander ducks the third and hits a Blue Thunder Bomb for two. Velvet to the apron, Statlander tries to grab her but gets snapped against the ropes. Wheelbarrow slam and a cover by Velvet for two and a half. Velvet lies in wait, Velvet goes for a spinkick, caught by Statlander, lariat, Friday Night Fever countered into a sunset flip, countered into a pin by Statlander.

Winner: Kris Statlander (7:51)
Rating: ** 1/2
Thoughts: A technically solid match for the most part but it didn’t exactly elevate to the next level. It was fine but not particularly memorable on any level.

The Baddies attack after but Soho comes down to make the save. Cargill comes in and grabs Soho, yanking her to the mat. Thet go to grab Statlander — AND HERE COMES ANNA JAY with the crutch! She nails Sterling and the Baddies bail.

* We get a vignette in which HOOK and Danhausen train while Tony Nese trains Smart Mark Sterling for their Buy-In Match.

* Men of the Year are in the ring. Ethan Page says bad things happen to people when they cross pass with the Men of the Year and ATT. He’d say to ask the Inner Circle, but they don’t exist anymore. Better yet, see what happened when they exposed Sammy and Tay as the real-life pieces of shit they are. Sky says he didn’t come out here to talk and tells Sammy to come out with his belt or he’ll bury Sammy like he buried SCU.

Sammy and Tay are in the parking lot with the camera and a sledgehammer. He demands a title shot and Lambert says no, so Sammy takes the hammer to the title. Kazarian walks in and says that Sammy needs to shut up, this is why everyone hates him. He then takes the hammer to the title as an example of what he’ll do to Sky. Sammy says no whether Dan likes it or not, the match is happening.

* Schiavone is backstage with Britt and Toni. Britt says it’s a big match next week and asks if she can handle the pressure. Storm asks the same of Baker and says that if there’s any funny business in their match, she’ll rearrange Britt’s teeth and become her DMD. Britt is speechless and walks off.

* Mark Henry asks Dante Martin and Matt Sydal why they asked for a match against BCC. Martin says he’s looking for one of his biggest wins to date. Sydal says he wants to show Martin what it means to be a mentor and will avoid being monsters.

Bryan Danielson says he loves peace and love, but he loves violence too. And they’ll see violence tonight. Moxley says they’re not just wrestlers; they’re teachers. And the most important lesson Dante and Matt will earn tonight is when you enter the ring with the BCC, abandon all hope.

* We get Excalibur’s rapid-fire preivew for next week’s Dynamite, Rampage, and Double or Nothing. My fingers aren’t that quick.

* Backstage, Jade dismisses Tony Schiavone and tells Anna Jay that since she thinks she can step up, she can get her ass beat at Double or Nothing. That match is official.

Dante Martin & Matt Sydal vs. Bryan Danielson & Jon Moxley

Moxley and Danielson attack before the bell. Danielson with a Euro uppercut to Martin on the inside and sends him into the corner, Moxley tags in for short clotheslines. Snapmare and kick to the chest, cover for one. Vertical suplex by Mox and a cover for two. He logs in a single leg lock and tags in Danielson, who hits a kick and then folds Martin into an elevated surfboard. He drops Martin down and lays in shots to the side of the head, cover for two.

Moxley tags in, takes a jab on Martin and then batters him into the corner and down. He backs up and charges in, Martin dodges and tags in Sydal who rolls Mox up, then hits several kicks. Off the ropes, he hits a tilt-a-whirl inverted leg DDT, cover for two.

Moxley and Sydal now trade chops, Mox into the ropes and Sydal leaps — caught by Mox and dropped onto the ropes next first. Danielson tags in, Sydal sent to the outside and Danielson with a leaping knee strike off the apron as we go to break.

We’re back with Martin in contro0l, he knocks Danielson off his feet and does so again with a dropkick. Danielson to the outside, Martin leaps over the top and lands on both men! Big springboard crossbody, cover for two but Mox breaks it up.

Sydal leaps at Mox on the outside but he gets caught in a sleeper, while in the ring Danielson kicks Martin who is on the corner. He goes up top — GUTWRENCH DOUBLE UNDERHOOK SUPERPLEX! Right into the LaBell Lock in the center of the ring. Martin is crawling slowly to the corner but Danielson transitions the hole — Martin still gets his foot on the bottom rope.

Danielson starts in with the repeated kicks to the chest, then the big one to the head. He tags in Moxley, who picks Martin up. Danielson off the ropes — nailed with a spin kick by Sydal! Martin and Sydal with stereo kicks to Moxley. Sydal goes up top, Meteora on the ring apron to Danielson! Sydal off the top and lands on Moxley, cover but Danielson breaks it up!

Sydal yanks Danielson out of the ring, Martin grabs Moxley — kick to the gut, Paradigm Shift countered. Moxley rolls Martin up but he kicks out. Martin up top, goes for a dropkick, countered by Moxley, piledriver, cover — NEARFALL. Moxley lays in elbows to the side of Martin’s head, Danielson now has Sydal in a bodyscissors laying in elbows, Paradigm Shift and the pin on Martin by Moxley.

Winner: Blackpool Combat Club (12:05)
Rating: *** 1/2
Thoughts: A very good match as we might expect. Honestly, a bit under what I expected given the talent involved, but that’s on me and not the performers. Everyone brought it in the ring, and I can’t complain about that.

After the match, the JAS comes out and attacks Moxley and Danielson. BCC’s allies out and it turns to chaos as we’re done for the night

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