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September 23, 2022 | Posted by Lee Sanders
AEW Rampage Image Credit: AEW

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What’s good ya’ll! Lee Sanders here and it’s FRIDAY! We got ourselves a stacked edition of AEW RAMPAGE as Grandslam concludes tonight! I’m too excited folks! Let’s get right to the action!

Commentators: Jim Ross, Excalibur, Tony Schiavone, and Chris Jericho

MATCH 1: NO Disqualification-House of Black’s Buddy Matthews & Brody King vs Sting & Darby Allin

House of Black make their entrance first but little do they know is that Sting and Darby are behind them to jump them! Action spills to ringside as Buddy rams Sting into the steel steps. Meanwhile, Brody is setting up a couple of tables beside the ring. Brody and Darby end up fighting one another inside the ring briefly as Brody chops Darby so hard that it sends the young man over the top rope. Brody continues his onslaught as he focuses on Sting now as soon Buddy joins him for a 2-on-1 beatdown. Sting puts up a valiant effort as he delivers a couple of body splashes onto both men. Brody misses a lariat and inadvertently attacks Buddy. Brody manages to avoid Sting’s next series of attacks as he beats him down in the corner. Darby comes from behind to setup Brody from behind with a code red for the near fall. Meanwhile, Sting and Darby are fighting as Sting hammers down Buddy with strikes to the face to leave him laying on the tables. Sting is looking for a stinger splash when Brody pushes him off the top as Sting crashes through the tables! Buddy moved out the way just in time as Julia Hart enters the ring to handcuff Sting as we head into a picture in picture break. House of Black manages to continue their atacks on Sting as Darby Allin tried to help but to no avail. Darby is being punished by House of Black as they beat him down over by the ramp and stage area. They try to go for Dante’s Inferno but Darby evades it as he climbs up on some structure to deliver a Coffin Drop on Buddy! That was easily ten feet in the air! Good GAWD! Darby looks for a coffin splash as Brody catches him in a rear-neck choke as he sends himself and Darby crashing through some tables and stage equipment. Meanwhile Buddy grabs a steel chair and sits Sting on it as The Icon is laughing at him. The lights go out right as Buddy was about to crack him upside the head! What’s going on here? We soon find out as we see the Japanese legend…THE GREAT MUTA!!! Muta and Sting go way back but who’s side is Muta on as he slithers his way to the ring. Buddy steps to the side as Muta locks eyes with Sting. Muta draws closer to The Icon until he turns to Buddy and sprays his trademark green mist into the face of Buddy. Buddy unintentionally bumps into Julia to send her crashing through the other table as Sting gets Buddy in the scorpion deathdrop for the victory.

Winner:Sting and Darby Allin (15:00)
Rating: ***
Old man Sting is still undefeated in 2022. Remind me why he hasn’t had a shot at the AEW World Champion again? Marinate on that folks. Regardless, fantastic opener to RAMPAGE. Having an appearance by Great Muta was a nice touch as it was unexpected. I wasn’t expecting for anyone fresh and new to appear. Brody King continues to look like a fricking beast and I for one have enjoyed him and Darby engaged in this ongoing feud. They’ve been at it now for a few weeks. It doesn’t feel like it’s over with all of these men, not by a longshot. Curious to see where things go with Muta going forward. For sure he’ll mix it up with House of Black but I’m looking past that. Could we possibly see Sting and Muta one more time? I mean if Ric Flair can wrestle, and Ricky Steamboat can come out of retirement, why not Sting and Muta one more time?

MATCH 2: “Daddy Magic” Matt Mernard & “Cool Hand” Angelo Parker vs Action Bronson & HOOK

I’ve never seen Action Bronson before but yoooooo I’m liking this dude! Good, strong rap game! Put him and Max Caster in the studio ASAP! Taz is joining the boys on commentary for this one like a proud papa! HOOK delivers a judo throw on Parker, followed by a nice gutwrentch suplex after a series of counters. Parker tags in Mernard as Mernard demands to get a piece of Bronson. The big man Bronson gets the tag as both men shove each other for a bit. Bronson comes off the ropes and shoulder tackles Mernard and Parker. HOOK with the tag now as he delivers a northen suplex on Mernard. Parker interrupts a cover attempt as the dup gang up on HOOK for a bit. Cover attempt made as HOOK kicks out. Mernard now the legal man as he clubs on the back of HOOK before Parker gets tagged back in. Great isolation game by Parker & Mernard on HOOK. Couple of near falls on HOOK as the kid is still in this one. HOOk into the ropes now as he delivers a clothesline to Mernard. HOOK desperately pulls off a suplex on Parker as Bronson gets the tag now! Bronson with a scoop on Parker as Mernard comes in swinging!Bronson into the ropes for a pounce on both men. HOOK with the tag now as he delivers a lariat to Mernard and the REDRUM on Parker as Bronson gets a REDRUM on Mernard. Both men tap out at the same time to end this one.

Winner:HOOK & Action Bronson(6:00)
Rating: **
This was my first time seeing Action Bronson and I love this guy already. I’m almost happy that HOOK didn’t get paired up with Danhausen on a regularly basis a while back. These two guys click very well together as a tag team. Mernard and Parker bumped big time for these guys but they looked pretty good doing it. To the point you can understand why Chris Jericho went to bat for them and his them part of his stable. Seeing a lot of promise in them going forward as a tag team mingling with Sting & Darby, The Acclaimed, Hardy Boyz and a few other tag teams. And HOOK? HOOK is HOOK as always and has continued to impress me.

We’re back from a commercial break as Smart Mark Sterling is talking hot trash before funeral arrangements are made for his guys Tony Nese and Josh Woods…

MATCH 3: Wardlow & Samoa Joe vs Tony Nese & Josh Woods

Joe and Wardlow don’t waste any time as they go for Nese and Woods. Inside the ring Woods and Wardlow are exchanging punches. Woods connects with a suplex as Wardlow comes back with back to back bely-to-belly suplexes. Woods tries to punt the head of Wardlow but gets clotheslined as the two spill to the outside. Meanwhile, Joe and Nese fight their way back inside the ring. Nese tries to look for an attack from the top rope but crashes as Joe moves out the way. Chop to the throat of Joe now, followed by using the top rope to ram to deliver damage to Joe’s neck. Nese gets back inside now as Joe delivers a couple of chops, followed by the muscle buster to end this one. Post-match Josh Woods attacks Samoa Joe as Nese joins in. Wardlow comes in and clotheslines them both as the big man calls for his powerbombs. Smart Mark Sterling attacks Wardlow from behind with the TNT title but Wardlow no-sells! Wardlow gets him in a powerbomb to the excitement of fans as Samoa Joe sends Sterling into Wardlow again for another powerbomb! Fans demand one more powerbomb as Wardlow obliges.

Winner:Samoa Joe & Wardlow (3:00)
Rating: NR
Glorified Squash match but Joe and Wardlow looked good destroying Woods and Nese. Smart move having Nese be the one to eat the pinfall.

MATCH 4: Jungle Boy vs Rey Fenix

Fenix with a nice uppercut on JB as he tried looking for the black fire driver but JB fights him off to deliver a dropkick to Fenix. A lockup now as Fenix jumps off the ropes and does a nice takedown on JB. Hammerthrow into the ropes JB as Fenix puts on the brakes and comes back with a spinning kick to send JB outside the ring as we head into a commercial break. We’re back now as both men are trading chops that’s sounding like a shotgun. Back elbow by JB, followed by a lariart from the ropes. JB follows up with a brainbuster and a pin attempt as Fenix kicks out. JB into the ropes now as he crashes into Fenix from between the ropes. Fenix gets a thrust kick, followed by a hurricarana as Fenix comes back with a cutter. Once more both men trade strikes as Fenix gets JB in a double underhook that gets reversed to a near fall for JB. Jungle Boy follows up with a dropkick as Fenix delivers a spinning wrist lock onto Jungle Boy onto the apron. JB connects with a forearm strike. Fenix tries to go for a rolling body splash as JB has it scouted with a thrust kick to the face. We head into another picture-in-picture break as both men struggle to get back into the ring. Both men are killing time during this time as they are on their knees trading off chops to the chest. We’re back now as JB continues chopping Fenix as they both now are trading shots. Fenix with JB on his shoulders as he delivers a cutter for a two count. Fenix with a corkscrew kick now as he heads towards the ramp. An esclara is what Fenix was thinking apparently as he’s successful but it’s another near fall. JB delivers a powerbomb for a near fall as he’s looking on frustrated. JB hits Fenix in the back of the head as referee counts a near fall. Fenix with a great upkick, followed by a thurst kick, and the three amigos. JB manages to get in a cradle shock on Fenix third amigo attempt for another near fall. JB to the top as Fenix swipes his legs out. Fenix making the climb now as he looks for the frog splash! At the last possible second, Jungle Boy kicks out! Fenix now with a step-up spinning kick, followed by maybe a muscle buster attempt as JB counters to get a leg-hook pinfall!

Winner:Jungle Boy (18:00)
Rating: ****
Fantastic, absolutely fantastic! Great chemistry between both of these kids. I could watch them all day I tell you. Fenix is coming along quite well and I still feel this masked man can be AEW’s Rey Mysterio with the right marketing. One of the best matches I’ve seen from both men this calendar year so far as far as singles matches. Truly one of the highlights for this episode so far.

Post-match Christian Cage appears, arm in a sling and all! JB is fixated on Christian as Luchasaurus comes from behind and attacks! JB is laid out as Christian tells the crowd to do what they do best and sit down like the bitches that they are while he conducts business! Speaking of bitches…Christian tells JB he squashed his ass and that he’ll never outnumber him or beat him. Christian’s right arm may be gone but his right hand of destruction in Luchasaurus is there for the save as the big man chokeslams JB.

Exclusive footage is shown of the Jericho Appreciation Society celebrating as apparently there’s going to be a party on next weeks DYNAMITE. Daniel Garcia wants to have a word with Jericho but he’s not having it as he’s in celebration mode. Jericho tells Garcia it can wait.

MATCH 5: Sammy Guevara vs Eddie Kingston

Sammy grabs a microphone to apologize to Eddie. He’s sorry that Eddie is a FAT PIECE OF *** as Eddie starts slugging away at Kingston! Sammy connects with a back body frop on Kingston, followed by a kick to the head as we head into a picture-in-picture break as Sammy distracts the ref. Tay kicks Eddie in the midsection as Sammy does snow angels in the middle of the ring. Sammy calls for the ref to count down Eddie. Kingston gets into the ring in time as Sammy is quick to get on top of Kingston with chops, forearms, and pump kicks. Kingston tries to exchange strikes with Sammy but Sammy is relentless as he connects with a suplex. Guevara to the top as he misses a shooting star. Kingston tries to bounce off the ropes as Tay sadly misses swiping the leg of Eddie. YOU HAD ONLY ONE JOB TAY! That spot was too funny. Sammy connects with a step-up kick to the face, followed by a double-jump cutter that’s on target! Eddie still has life in him as he kicks out. Sammy is thinking GTH as Eddie delivers a perfect lariat, followed by machine gun chops! Sammy sent into the corner as we see some sloppiness from Sammy as he tried looking for something from the top as Eddie delivers a back drop. Odd execution from Sammy here as Eddie tries looking for a backfist. Sammy dodges it with successful knees to Eddie’s face. Swing and a miss by Sammy as Eddie connects with a half & half! Eddie delivers three spinning backfists in a row as Sammy is laid out cold! Eddie applies a stretch plum to end this one as he’s not letting go of the hold. Jerry Lynn comes out to reason with the man as security staff come out to break this up. AEW Senior Referee Paul Turner reverses the decision to award Sammy the win as Eddie explodes on the security team. Jerry tries to talk to Eddie as we head into replays from this past weeks DYNAMITE.

Winner:Sammy G. (10:00)
Rating: **
This match was on its way to a three stars and more for me but got a couple of minuses because of sloppiness I mentioned from earlier. Sad too as this one was pretty decent.

MATCH 6: TBS CHAMPIONSHIP-Jade Cargill(c) vs Diamante

Diamante with a couple of chops to Jade, followed by a shotgun dropkick. Diamante climbs on top of JAde to deliver punches to the face. Jade picks her up and is looking for a powerbomb when Diamante escapes to apply a rollup. Champion kicks out as Jade follows up with a pump kick! Jade sends Diamante into the ropes as Diamante delivers a sliding dropkick to Jade to send her outside the canvas. Diamante now with a diving crossbody as Jade catches her and delivers a spinning alternate version of the F5. Diamante lands face first on the canvas as Jade follows up with JADED to get 38-0.

Winner: Jade Cargill (3:00)
Rating: NR
You just knew the title wasn’t going to change hands. Which is why I called for there to be friction between Diamante and Kiera. In real life they are a couple and it would’ve been interesting to see Kiera question what Diamante was doing and how it was a bad decision to go after Jade. Don’t make Kiera choose between Jade and their relationship. Eh, it is what it is I guess… A lot of these wins feel so damn hollow…

Post-match Trina smacks the Hell out of Diamante as she joins Jade and the Baddies in celebration.


Participants: Danhausen, QT Marshall, Matt Hardy, Lance Archer, Butcher, Blade, Rey Fenix, Hangman Adam Page, Brian Cage, W. Morrisey, Jay Lethal, Trent Barretta, Dante Martin, Chuck Taylor, Jake Hager, Evil Uno, Dalton Castle, John Silver, Alex Reynolds, Penta Oscuro, Isah Kassidy, RUSH, Marc Quen, and Lee Moriarty

FINAL FOUR-Penta, Hangman Page, Jay Lethal, and RUSH
FINAL TWO-Hangman Adam Page and RUSH
Winner: Hangman Adam Page (17:00)
Rating: NR
You’ve seen one Battle Royal, you’ve seen them all. Now as far as the winner of this one, I’m not sure how I feel about Hangman Page winning to be honest. Personally I think it would’ve been more interesting to see RUSH win this match and for he and Andrade to mingle a bit with MJF. All that hype and build-up of Andrade and RUSH talking about winning this and when all is said and done they came up flat. Don’t get me wrong people, Moxley and Hangman will have a great match but this pick only makes sense for me if there’s some continuation. Something in the form of Don Callis following up with Hangman from a few weeks ago or maybe some party crashers in the form of UNDISPUTED ELITE. We shall see…

MATCH 8: UNSANCTIONED LIGHTS OUT-Powerhouse Hobbs vs Ricky Starks

Both men come out of the gate swinging as Ricky bounces off the ropes to land on Hobbs with flying fists. Hobbs heads out to the ring as Starks gives chase and delivers a clothesline to the big man. Starks sends Hobbs crashing into the steps before tossing him back into the ring. Hobbs picks him up and delivers a neckbreaker after scouting Starks’ roshambo attempt. Hobbs brings a table into the ring and throws it onto the back of Starks. Jericho just named HOBBS his MON-STAR Sports Entertainer of the Week. Hope that doesn’t come back to hurt Jericho in this same match. Hobbs gets Starks back into the ring as we’re in our final picture-in-picture break as Hobbs rips the belt off the pants of the timekeeper. Hobbs is whipping Starks back with it briefly before Starks gets hold of it to whip Hobbs like a mule. Starks gets slammed to the canvas back first as Hobbs sets up a chair in wedged in the corner. Hobbs grabs another chair and rams it in the back of Starks, followed by shots to the body. Scoop up now as Starks is rammed into the corner. Hobbs tries to go for the other corner but Starks wiggles his way off the big man to send Hobbs crashing first. Starks connects with a ddt for a near-fall. Starks tries taking the steel chair to Hobbs but Hobbs low blows him out of desperation. Hobbs sets up two chairs, opened and next to each other as Starks delivers his own low blow to Hobbs. Starks sets the chairs besides each other back-to-back as Hobbs counters the roshambo to send Starks crashing onto the chairs spine first. If that’s not a torn disc…Hobbs delivers a running powerslam of Starks onto a pile of chairs for a two count. Action spills to the ramp where both men are trading off strikes. Starks has taken such a beating in this match as Starks fires off with an elbow strike. Starks tries to go for a spear but Hobbs side-steps to send Starks crashing into some light structure. Hobs grabs a piece of the light structure as he’s stalking Starks back into the ring. Hobbs misses a wild swing as Starks connects with a spear that sends Hobbs through a wooden table in the corner. Starks grabs the light fixture beam as he cracks the face of Hobbs, followed by the roshambo for the dub! GOOD GAWD ALMIGHTY!!!!

Winner: Ricky Starks (12:00)
Rating: ***
Solid main event to put an end to GRANDSLAM week for AEW. This match was worthy of closing out RAMPAGE for this week. Starks and Hobbs make for better enemies than allies. I personally hate watching them fight each other cause I like them both. These two are without a doubt future AEW World Champions and AEW megastars in the making and I’m not just saying that. The only way they can fail at obtaining these heights is if Tony Khan doesn’t pull the trigger. Well thought-out match with just the right level of brutality as Starks sold his neck issues big time while making Hobbs look like an absolute beast in the process. Now it’s time to separate these two and have them move on to new rivalries. By the way, Jericho’s Superstar of the Week backfired…

End of Show

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